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JEECUP Chemistry Question Paper 2018

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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JEECUP 2018 Chemistry Question Paper PDF Download

At Vedantu, we believe that the more you practice, the better you perform in the exams. That’s why we have provided JEECUP Chemistry Question Paper 2018 PDF here so that you become thorough with the question paper pattern. Practicing JEECUP Chemistry Question Papers has many advantages. One of the most important factors these papers address is the management of time. We have seen that many students would have studied hard and learned the concepts well, but still struggle to finish answering the paper. Our highly qualified teachers have curated these JEECUP Chemistry Past years question papers and provided you in PDF format that are available for free download.

FAQs on JEECUP Chemistry Question Paper 2018

1. What are the benefits of solving past year papers?

Candidates who plan to take the UP Polytechnic Exam must be familiar with the syllabus and exam format. Candidates will then have a chance to do well on the JEECUP. In order to prepare for the exam, students should immediately get the past solved papers from this site. Additionally, candidates can download the JEECUP test Previous Year Question Papers PDF for free.

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2. What is the exam pattern of the JEECUP paper?

There were a total of 100 math, chemistry, and physics questions. Groups range from A through K. Depending on the course's difficulty level, the base is either 10th or 12th grade. The level of the curriculum, therefore, matches the level of the course. The exam is administered by UPBTE ( Uttar Pradesh Board of Technical Education ).

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3. What is JEECUP?

The UP Polytechnic exam, commonly known as JEECUP (UPJEE) 2018, is administered by the Uttar Pradesh Board of Technical Education (UPBTE). Candidates who want to enroll at Uttar Pradesh's public and private polytechnic institutes must take a state-level test. Candidates will be able to fill out the application form online. Candidates must confirm their eligibility because only eligible candidates' applications will be considered.

4. What are the qualification criteria for JEECUP 2018?

The applicant must have completed grade 10 in order to apply.

He or she may still apply and take the examination if they have completed the 12th standard or is currently taking the intermediate exam and results are pending. A 35% score on the qualifying exam from the approved education board is required. There won't be a maximum age. The age requirement is 14 years old.

5. How to score well in JEECUP 2018?


  • Absorb the entire curriculum and pattern, then begin preparing accordingly.

  • Use the sample test questions from past years to prepare.

  • Take practice exams.

  • Prepare the notes and regularly review them.

  • Consult appropriate books that cover the complete curriculum. Look for a book that has practice problems from past years as well as additional solved and unanswered questions.

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