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JEECE Chemistry Question Paper 2017

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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JEECE 2017 Chemistry Question Paper PDF Download

At Vedantu, we believe that the more you practice, the better you perform in the exams. That’s why we have provided JEECE Chemistry Question Paper 2017 PDF here so that you become thorough with the question paper pattern. Practicing the JEECE Chemistry Question Paper has many advantages. One of the most important factors these papers address is the management of time. We have seen that many students would have studied hard and learned the concepts well, but still struggle to finish answering the paper. Our highly qualified teachers have curated these JEECE Chemistry Past year Question Paper and provided you in PDF format that are available for free download.

FAQs on JEECE Chemistry Question Paper 2017

1. What are the advantages of practicing JEECE test questions?

First, knowing the test questions of JEECE from the previous year will help you analyze the expected paper format and type of questions. You can use these to help you pinpoint your areas of strength and weakness. Using JEECE Question Papers is the best option to do your work promptly, accurately, and on schedule. By using these JEECE Question Papers, the students will be able to identify important topics and their proportional weight for each subject.

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2. What is the format of the JEECE exam?

There will be multiple-choice questions and answers on the JEECE Exam, which will be given offline (using paper and a pen). There are 50 questions in total for each subject, and the candidate gets 1 mark for each correct one. Furthermore, it employs a negative marking scheme in which incorrect responses are deducted one-fourth of a mark.

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3. What is the JEECE?

The Jharkhand Engineering Entrance Competitive Examination (JEECE 2017) is held to admit applicants to the BE/B. Tech degree programs are offered by state colleges in Jharkhand. JEECE has been available as a separate engineering test since 2017.

When a state recommendation is necessary, the JEECE entrance test is held for admission to first-year degree-level professional programs like engineering (B.E./B.Tech) at universities inside or outside Jharkhand State.

4. How Should I Study for the 2017 JEECE Exam?

Previous exam papers are the best source and should be studied and practiced. Throughout the process of making preparations, the applicants should review the exam's curriculum and format. When consulting the sample test questions, Vedantu often identifies the important topics and question patterns with ease. Take note of the questions you consider important or difficult. Students must possess more trust in themselves.

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5. What is the JEECE exam pattern?

The multiple-choice questions that will make up the JEECE question paper will be available in both English and Hindi. The same syllabus for Class 12 as announced by the CBSE will serve as the foundation for the JEECE 2018 question paper. Three disciplines are included in the JEECE 2018 Syllabus: PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics).