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Did You Know Facts for Kids

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Fun Facts for Kids: A Box of Knowledge

Learning new things is always fascinating for young inquisitive minds. They gather general knowledge from textbooks and other interactive mediums and develop a conceptual foundation. It makes them more inclined toward certain subjects. You will find here a list of fun and scientific facts that will intrigue the minds of young kids.

What Do You Mean by a Fun Fact?

A fun fact is something that can cover any subject or topic. It offers knowledge of something that we don’t know of even though we use or see it every day. A fun fact is based on conventional things we see or discuss often. For instance, there is a word in the English dictionary that rhymes properly with orange. Let us find out some more facts and have fun.

Did You Know Fun Facts for Kids

Let us make a list of fun facts according to particular topics and subjects.

The Human Body Facts

  • A human heart beats nearly 115,000 times every day. It is an organ that continuously works throughout the lifespan of an individual and never rests.

  • The human eye has 2,000,000 working parts. All of them work in proper coordination.

  • When we are born, we have nearly 300 bones. As we grow up, some of them fuse to form a total of 206 bones.

  • The brain of a newborn increases three times in size within the first year of birth.

  • The distance between a wrist and the elbow joint is similar to a human’s foot size.

Fun facts about the human body

Fun Facts About the Human Body

Geography Facts

  • The biggest continent in the world is Asia. The total population is 4.46 billion.

  • The largest canyon in the world is the Grand Canyon. It is located in Arizona and stretches up to 445 km.

  • The largest active volcano is Mauna Loa located in Hawaii.

  • The Indian subcontinent is the largest in the world comprising Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

  • India is the 7th largest country in area and second largest in population in the world.

Weather Facts

  • There are 2000 thunderstorms occurring on the earth every minute.

  • You will be surprised to know that a bolt of lightning is at least five times hotter than the Sun.

  • Clouds look white as they reflect the sunlight from above.

  • A dust storm can consume an entire city with dust.

  • The chirps a cricket makes can help us to determine the temperature.

Animal Facts

  • The hippopotamus can run faster than human beings.

  • An octopus has nine brains and blue blood.

  • Even if a cockroach loses its head, it can still remain alive for a week.

  • Lizards and salamanders can regrow their limbs and tails.

  • An earthworm is both male and female.

  • The tongue of a chameleon is as long as its body or more.

  • A male ostrich is capable of roaring like a lion.

  • The only bird that can fly backwards is a hummingbird.

Fun facts about animals

Fun Facts About Animals

Science Facts

  • If you go straight up, it will take an hour to reach outer space.

  • The weight of a person is six times lower on the moon than on earth.

  • There are metals that can burn in water.

  • A teaspoon of a neutron star can weigh nearly 6 billion tons.

  • An ostrich’s brain is smaller than its eyeballs.

  • Dogs can smell at least 100,000 times more than humans.

Tips for Parents

Telling fun facts should be based on subjects. Pick a topic every day and deliver knowledge in the form of fun facts to the kids. It is better to start with Did You Know Facts for 7 years olds. Starting early will make them more knowledgeable.

FAQs on Did You Know Facts for Kids

1. How can Did You Know Science Facts for Kids benefit?

Such facts help children to develop an interest in particular subjects. Their fascination related to certain subjects will increase their knowledge and lead to an inclination toward subjects.

2. Can these fun facts be quiz questions?

Fun facts about any subject or topic can be quiz questions. Knowing such facts will help children answer questions in a quiz competition.

3. How does teaching fun facts become more interesting?

Using pictures related to the questions and facts can make these sessions more interesting.