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Essay on Tiger

The tiger is a wild animal. Its scientific name is Panthera tigris. It belongs to the family “Felidae” and is the largest living species of cats. Its appearance is distinct with its outer body covered with orange-brown fur with black stripes running vertically on it. It is a carnivore and feeds on the flesh of animals it hunts. It is mostly found in the Indian subcontinent. In this essay on tiger, its behaviour, diet, hunting practices and other characteristics shall be discussed.   

Habitat and Physical Features

Tigers are mostly found in dense forests of Sunderbans in West Bengal, regions of Tripura and Assam as well as in certain places in central India. A tiger essay in English must contain some details about the majestic appearance of a tiger. A tiger has a large and strong body with brown fur and black vertical stripes. It has four legs, a large head, a long striped tail and a pair of glowing, ferocious eyes. Its feet are padded and it has sharp claws. It hunts and chews on its prey with its four sharp teeth.

The National Animal

Tiger is the national animal of India. Therefore, tigers are considered very sacred in India. Several folkloric tales contain stories about tigers. In Hindu mythology, tigers often act as vahana or mount for some Indian goddesses like Durga. Tigers are full of glorious might and unmatchable bravery. However, tigers are quite recluse creatures in their own habitat, unlike lions. Although full of courage and power, tigers prefer to stay within their own territories. The home of the tiger is called a “lair”.  Therefore, most tigers live inside their own lair and territory. However, any national animal tiger essay will remain incomplete without discussing the family of tigers. 


The female tiger is called a “tigress” and the offspring is called a “cub”. Unlike lions, male tigers do not stay in their lairs to protect it from attack. Both tigers and tigresses practice hunting during the day and sleep at night. A tiger’s roar is extremely loud and powerful. It communicates with the other tigers through its roars. Tigers are very clever animals. Their hunting tactics include hiding behind thick bushes and suddenly attacking its prey. Tigers generally eat small animals like deer, bullocks, antelope, etc. Tigers are often called man-eaters, however, they only prey on humans when they’re harmed by humans or cannot find any other animal to prey on. 

Although this tiger essay states details about the power of a tiger, this tiger information in English essay would be invalid without mentioning the kindness and generosity tigers display. Tigers are considered very kind creatures. They tend to share their prey with tigers outside their territories. Often times, a male tiger raises cubs on his own without the tigress’s help. Tigers raise orphaned cubs belonging to other tigers as well.

Tiger Hunting and the Need for Conservation

Therefore, tigers tend to be extremely kind towards other, unrelated tigers. However, humans have not been so kind to tigers. This tiger essay writing would be incomplete without stating how humans treat tigers for their valuable skin, nails and bones. Tigers are one of the most endangered animals in the world. They are hunted by humans for their valuable skin, nails and bones. Humans also capture tigers in zoos, away from wildlife, which makes the animal unhappy.

They must be allowed to live and mate in their natural habitat, which again should be conserved. Like lions, tigers are tertiary or third-level consumers in a forest ecosystem. They feed on primary (herbivores) and secondary consumers and help in energy transmission in the food chain. Therefore, from an ecological point of view, tigers must be conserved to maintain balance in the ecosystem. 

And with that, the tiger essay in English comes to its conclusion. In this essay, the behaviour of tigers, their diet and their hunting practices have been discussed. From this tiger essay, it can be concluded that tigers are very important creatures of wildlife. 

A Tiger Essay in English

My Favourite Animal Tiger- Essay in English

Tiger is the national animal of India. It is a wild animal found in places of West Bengal, Assam, central India, etc. In my favourite animal tiger essay, some characteristics of the tiger are discussed.

A short paragraph on tiger: The tiger is considered a sacred animal in India. It is present in numerous Indian folklores and is associated with Indian goddesses such as the goddess Durga. The tiger is a symbol of power, bravery and might. 

The tiger is a carnivore and it preys on animals such as deer, bullocks, antelopes, etc. the female tiger is called the “tigress” and the offspring is the “cub”. Tigers live in “lairs”. They communicate with each other through loud roars and are recluse animals. Tigers are very kind to one another. However, humans kill tigers for their skin and nails and capture them in zoos away from the wildlife which makes them unhappy.

Therefore, from this short essay on tiger, it can be concluded that tigers are very important in maintaining the balance of the environment. They are a symbol of power and rage. However, they are endangered and should be protected from human cruelties.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Five Types of Tigers?

The five surviving types of tigers are- The Royal Bengal Tiger, Indo-Chinese Tiger, Amur Tiger, Sumatran Tiger and South China Tiger.

2. How Long Do Tigers Live?

Adult tigers live for ten to fifteen years.

3. How Many Hours Does a Tiger Sleep?

Tigers sleep for sixteen hours a day on average.