The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Summary

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The Hundred Dresses Introduction

The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Class 10 reveals why Wanda Petronski had been not coming to school for the past many days. The family decided to move to a big city where no one would make fun of their unfamiliar names. Maddy and Peggy heard the note in school and got anxious as they realized that they got no chance to amend their mistake. Both the girls were relieved later realizing that Wanda was happy with them and decided to give a hundred dresses to each one of them. She also had gifted the paintings earlier to both Maddie and Peggy.

The Hundred Dresses Part II Summary

The story begins with all the students having a look at the beautiful drawings made by Wanda Petronski. A note arrived then of Wanda’s father stating that Wanda would no longer attend the school and they are shifting to a whole new place where they would get no judgment to the unfamiliar name Petronski had. Miss Mason was shocked getting to know the context of the letter. She conveyed her disappointment with the class. Maddie was affected by the letter and instantly thought to convey the apologies to the family. Peggy and Maddie, the two best friends immediately rushed to Wanda’s house hoping that the family hadn’t moved yet. To their dismay, they saw that there was no sign of life around Wanda’s house.

Maddie got so restless and decided she would never let this happen to anyone. Maddie and Peggy decided to write a letter to Wanda stating apologies for whatever they did, but they ended up writing a friendly letter asking her how she feels in the new city. Days passed by, they got no response from Wanda to the letter they wrote. Just a day before Christmas, Miss Mason announced that she heard from Wanda.

Miss Mason got a letter from Wanda in which it was written that she misses everyone and conveyed her wish to gift dresses to Maddie and Peggy as she got a whole new lot of hundred dresses in her new house. Also, she gifted all her paintings to Maddie and Peggy. They accepted it and pinned those paintings in their room.

Maddie often gazes at those paintings and soon she realized that the painting she made resembled her own face. On seeing this, she rushed to Peggy’s house and checked if the paintings too looked like Peggy. Seeing this, Peggy felt sorry for teasing Wanda every time and not valuing her talent. Wanda too remained quiet and never conveyed her sadness to both of them. She used to stand alone in the sun claiming that she had hundreds of dresses lined up in her closet.

Both of them were happy to receive a new dress from Wanda and realized that Wanda did like them. Although they were not happy with their behaviour, both of them realized that Wanda had drawn their face along with the dresses and showed an excitement.

There are many instances in the story where racism is clearly conveyed to the readers how racism affects society as well as personal lives. She used to sit alone in the class where boys used to sit. She also used to stand in the sun alone proudly claiming that she has a lot of dresses lying in the wardrobe. These are many of the instances that claim that she was facing discrimination in school and everyone was making fun of her unfamiliar name.


The Hundred Dresses Part 2 teaches us a valuable lesson that discrimination against caste, ethnicity and appearance hits a mental toll on people facing it. It overall affects their way of living and how they see society as well as themselves because of the discrimination they faced. Being narrow-minded has a great negative impact on relationships and society and family.

The chapter ‘ Hundred Dresses Part II ‘ tries to make an impact on the students and readers to understand how it affects people on judging them in terms of appearance or caste and ethnicity.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. In the Story ‘The Hundred Dresses Part 2’, What was the Effect of the Letter of Wanda’s on Miss Mason? How Did Maddie and Peggy React to that?

Ans: The Hundred Dresses Part II short summary states that Wanda’s father gave his decision through the letter that the kids will no longer attend the school and they will be shifted to a whole new place where no one will judge them on the unfamiliar name. Miss Mason was shocked reading that letter and felt terrible for Wanda who had to face the judgment from the rest of the people. She realized that whatever happened was due to thoughtlessness and did not like how other students made fun of Wanda only because she had a long and unfamiliar name. She wanted everyone to give a thought to it.

Maddie got restless on hearing the letter that whatever she faced throughout affected Wanda. Maddie felt cowardly for not stopping Peggy from making fun and passing deteriorating comments on Wanda. She also had a thought that she never wanted to hurt Wanda this way.

Q2. In The Hundred Dress 2, Why Do you Think Wanda Liked Maddie and Peggy?

Ans: In the story, Wanda wrote a letter to Miss Mason somewhere near Christmas that she is missing everyone from the classroom. She also stated in the letter that she wishes to give a hundred dresses to each Maddie and Peggy as she will have a whole lot of hundred new dresses lined up in her new house which she will be having in a new city. She gifted them the drawings which they later realized that she painted resembling faces as Maddie and Peggy in her drawings.

Maddie realized that she did wrong in not stopping Peggy from passing deteriorating comments to Wanda and wanted to apologize for the same. Maddie later realized that Wanda was not angry with them and had forgiven them.