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Months of the Year Activity for Kids

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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How Many Months are There in a Year?

There are 12 months in a year. The sense of months and the names of months are important for kids to learn as it would help them in their schools. Apart from the obvious curriculum benefit, the names of moths can help kids to develop a sense of time that can lead them to develop a healthy habit of planning and time management. Learning the names of months can also help kids memorise their birthdays and other important events.

Parents and teachers can teach months of the year using a variety of songs, games, and basic memorization techniques. As the year progresses and the months become more prominent, kids will develop a  greater understanding of how they function and how everything fits together. The article is focused on providing some months of the year activity that can help in memorising the names of months for kids.

Illustrating the names of the month.

Illustrating the names of the month 

Activity to Teach Months of the Year

As kids are promoted to pre-school, they must learn the names of months to develop an understanding of time. Mentioned below are some of the activities that can be planned to teach the kids the names of months.

Using a Calendar

Teachers and parents can teach their kids the names of the month with the help of a calendar.  Even if the kids are not very proficient at reading, teachers can use a bright and colourful calendar. Go through the different months of the year and prioritise asking questions like, when is Christmas? Or, when is diwali? Associating months with specific events can help kids to memorise the word better. This can also be done with birthdays as they will remember their birthday month and the month followed and proceed by their birthday.

Use Seasons to Associate Months

Kids tend to develop a sense of climate at an early age, so you can engage the kids by asking what is their favourite weather, or whether they like summer holidays and winter vacations. Associating the months with the weather can help kids to memorise the months in sequence. Parents and teachers can also discuss the four seasons and how they occur in the months each year while teaching the names of months.

Playing Games

Games like putting the months in order and touching the walls can be played to teach the names of months in a fun way. In the ‘put the months in order’ game, the students can play in pairs and arrange the names of the months written in cards in a sequential manner. 

Illustrating kids playing games.

Illustrating kids playing games

Singing Songs

Parents and teachers can recite the name of months in a rhythmic manner to create interest in children in learning the names of the month. Reciting songs with names of months is a fun activity and it also develops a sense of harmony among kids. Rhymes are an enjoyable approach to emphasise teachings, while also aiding memorization because they repeat the phrases.

Illustrating Kids singing the names of months.

Illustrating Kids singing the names of months

In conclusion of the article, we hope to have helped to provide some insights in creating months of the year activity for kids. One of the keys to motivating kids to learn the names of months is to maintain the fun in the activity. Parents who are trying to teach names of months must participate in such games. 

FAQs on Months of the Year Activity for Kids

1. Name a game that can help kids to teach names of the month.

‘Touching the wall’ is a fun game that can be played to help memorise the names of months. In this game several cards with the names of the moths are stuck on the wall, and kids are told to play in pairs and bring the card with names in a sequential manner. The first pair to collect all the cards in a sequential order wins the game. 

2. Suggest a method to help kids memorise the names of months.

Associating a festival or event like a birthday with a month can help kids to remember the names of the month, as there are 12 months memorising the names in a sequence can be a bit challenging. But the association of a memorable event with a month creates a positive impact and helps kids to memorise the preceding and succeeding months of the event.