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Kitchen Utensils Name List with Pictures

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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What are Kitchen Utensils and the Kitchen Utensils Name List?

Kitchen Utensils form an important part of our day. They are used for cooking and eating food. There are hundreds of different utensils and appliances available in the kitchen that are used as per their utility. If not all, we all should know the basic utensils that are used in our kitchen. There are a couple of utensils that are used in the kitchen regularly. 

Given below is the:

Kitchen Utensils Name List:

  • Bin

  • Baking tray

  • Cutting board

  • Cutlery

  • Mug

  • Cup

  • Corkscrew

  • Cookware

  • Cooker

  • Cleaver

  • Chopsticks

  • Chopping board

  • Casserole dish

  • Can opener

  • Cake slicer

  • Dishwasher

  • Dish rack

  • Deep fryer

Important Kitchen Accessories

Let’s go through the important kitchen accessories:-

1. Dust Bin 



It is used to throw waste and unused materials from the kitchen. 

2. Apron



It can be carried and worn while working in the kitchen to avoid dirt and food destroying our clothes. 

3. Napkin



It is a cloth that is used to wipe fingers and hands while eating and cooking food.

4. Oven Glove

Oven Glove

Oven Glove

It is used for protecting our palms and fingers while cooking food in the microwave. 

5. Kitchen Towel  

Kitchen Towel

Kitchen Towel

It is used in washing hands while cooking. It helps us maintain hygiene while cooking. It can also be used in drying the washed utensils and cleaning up spills. 

6. Kitchen Paper

Kitchen Paper

Kitchen Paper

 It is generally used as a cleaning tool. It is also used for packing purposes also and helps us pack the food.

Let’s look at different appliances present in the kitchen.

1. Dishwasher 



It helps us in washing the dirty dishes. It makes the job of washing dishes easy and saves time.

2. Gas Stove

Gas Stove

Gas Stove

It is the equipment used to cook food. It consists of an open flame that heats up the air and develops heat for cooking. 

3. Deep Fryer 

Deep Fryer

Deep Fryer

This equipment is used for cooking food in oil for deep frying.

4. Refrigerator 



It helps in keeping the food fresh kept inside it. It is done by removing the heat from the chamber and moving it out from there.

5. Kettle   



It is an electrical appliance that helps in boiling the water and also preparing tea, coffee, and other things.

The other appliances are:

6) Microwave oven

7) Salad spinner

8) Oven

9) Blender

Now, let’s list down the kitchen tools used in the kitchen:-

  1. Lemon Squeezer

  2. Butter knife

  3. Corkscrew

  4. Paring knife

  5. Cutting board

  6. Ladle

  7. Steak knife

  8. Rolling pin

  9. Bottle opener

  10.  Kitchen scissors 

  11.  Garlic crusher

  12.  Grater

  13.  Fork 

  14.  Funnel

  15.  Egg slicer

  16.  Cake slicer

  17.  Peppermill

  18.  Peeler


Utensils are an important part of the kitchen that makes the preparation of the food easier, and also, eating food is impossible without these utensils and equipment. There are different types of utensils present in the kitchen. These utensils are used for cooking purposes, eating purposes, as well as serving purposes. Without these utensils, all these tasks are not possible to do.

FAQs on Kitchen Utensils Name List with Pictures

1. Can non-stick cookware's surface scratch off, and is it safe?

In our fast-paced lives these days, it is very important to have specific tools and utensils in the kitchen to save the time we spend in the kitchen for cooking. As long as nonstick pans do not overheat above 500 degrees Fahrenheit, they are safe.

Yes, metal utensils may readily scratch nonstick cookware. Use silicone, plastic, or wood utensils to avoid this. When cleaning, keep abrasives like steel wool to a minimum. Purchase a high-quality piece of nonstick cookware. 

2. Can we list down the utensils that are used in our kitchen?

There are a couple of utensils that are used in the kitchen. 

The kitchen utensils name list is mentioned below:-

  • Cutting Boards are used to cut fruits and vegetables. 

  • Vegetable Peeler is used for peeling potatoes, carrots, or any other vegetable. It saves time preparing a meal.

  • Tongs are used to flip hot meats, veggies and chapatis. They must have silicone tips to avoid scratching and high heat resistance levels to avoid melting away after their repeated usage.

3. What is the importance of kitchen utensils?

A small hand-held tool used for food preparation is referred to as a kitchen utensil. Baking, grinding, mixing, blending, and measuring are common kitchen chores; specific utensils are designed for each. Other common kitchen tasks include cutting food items to size and heating food over an open flame or on a stove.