Kinds of Adjectives

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Summary of Different Types of Adjectives

An adjective is used to define and describe nouns and even other adjectives. Let us study what is an adjective and what are the types of adjectives used in English grammar.

What is the Meaning of Adjective?

An adjective is a part of speech used in a sentence to define the qualities of a noun or an adjective. In a nutshell, you can depict an adjective as a describing word. There are different kinds of adjectives you will find in English grammar. These adjectives can define a person, place, animal, thing, event, action, etc. Now that you have understood what is the definition of adjective, let us study the different kinds of adjectives used in English grammar.

Kinds of Adjectives

Descriptive Adjectives

This kind of adjective is used to define the features and quality of a noun. If you ask questions- ‘of what kind’, ‘of what nature’, etc, you will get the adjective as the answer.

The fluffy dog rolled on the green grass.

Kolkata is a big city.

‘Fluffy’ and ‘big’ are used as adjectives to define the dog and Kolkata respectively.

Quantitative Adjectives

Quantitative adjectives are used to define an amount or quantity of a noun. These adjectives can either define a particular amount or an estimation. For example- some, many, much, few, etc.

Let us find out what is meant by adjective used in this case.

  1. Definitive Adjectives

As you can figure out from the name, these adjectives indicate a particular number of amount of a noun. For example:

I have two apples in my bag.

She has three pens.

  1. In-Definitive Adjectives

These adjectives fall in the quantitative section but are unable to define a proper amount or quantity of a noun. For example, few, much, many, some, etc.

Some of my friends were absent today.

A few of us fell sick on the way.

  1. Distributive Adjectives

These adjectives are used to define a specific number among a group. For example-

They have two apples each in their bags.

Neither of you was able to answer.

Possessive Nouns

These adjectives are used to declare possession or expressing ownership of a particular noun in a sentence.

My dog is very energetic.

His way of describing a fact is fun.

You can easily understand that these adjectives are the answer to the question of ‘Whose?’. The other examples of this kind are ours, mine, theirs, his, her, our, etc.

Demonstrative Adjectives

If you consider the literal meaning of this kind of adjective, you will find that they are used to answer the question ‘which?’.

Look at this girl singing!

Such rains cause floods in the cities.

This edition is the best in class.

Interrogative adjectives

These adjectives are used to ask a question and generally precedes all the words.

What kind of cats do you like?

Which is your favourite player?

Not all interrogative adjectives ask a question. ‘What’ adjective can also be used in an exclamatory sentence.

What a beautiful flower!

This adjective is used to exclaim that the flower is beautiful.

How to Form Adjectives?

After learning the adjective and its types, we can infer that they are generally formed by adding a suffix. The general rules are:

  • Adding ‘y’ (after removing ‘e’ if present at the end of a word)- hairy, glossy, scary.

  • Adding ‘al’ (after removing ‘e’ if present at the end of a word)- natural, national, financial.

  • Adding ‘ly’- kindly, timely.

  • Adding ‘ful’(replace ‘y’ at the end with ‘i’)- beautiful, playful.

  • Adding ‘ory’ (removing ‘e’ at the end)- advisory, introductory.

  • Adding ‘ic’ (removing ‘y’)- energetic, mystic.

  • Adding ‘ous’ (if ends with ‘e’, remove it. Replace ‘y’ with ‘I’)- famous, mysterious.

  • Adding ‘ive’ (remove ‘ion’ and ‘e’)- impulsive, descriptive.

  • Adding ‘ish’- reddish, brownish.

There are many other ways to learn how to form different types of adjectives.


Study this summary to understand the different kinds of adjectives. Increase your knowledge by understanding this part of speech. Learn the adjective definition and types properly and escalate your grammar skills.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the Way to Identify an Adjective?

Ans. An adjective can be found in a sentence when you ask the noun a few questions. We know that an adjective and its kinds are descriptive words used to define a noun or even another adjective. Hence, this description can be recognized by simply asking questions of ‘what’, ‘which’, ‘why’, ‘how’, etc. For example,

It tastes sweet.

Give me the red ball.

Q2. What are Possessive Adjectives?

Ans. Possessive adjectives are defined as something that indicates possession or ownership in this summary. When you ask the right question, you can understand what are the types of adjective.

This is my castle and you have to follow my orders.

His masculinity draws everyone’s attention.

Q3. How Adjectives can be Used to Compare?

Ans. Now that we know adjectives are used to indicate qualities and features of a noun, these features can be used to compare. After learning what do you mean by adjective, we can easily understand how it can be used to compare. For instance:

I am smarter than him.

He is the smartest student in the class.