Integrity Essay

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Essay on Integrity

What are the basic characters of a person that constructs a strong personality? It is the integrity of a person that defines how strong he can be. What is integrity? It is the power to stand, confront, and tell the truth to yourself. A person who can understand the difference between good and bad and make the right choice even if he is in a favourable position to make any decision is integral. 

How can we define integrity? If a person is honest, virtuous, and decent in all conditions, this trait is called integrity. The term is derived from the Latin word ‘Integer’ which means complete or whole. This term is used in the mathematical language to determine the whole numbers. The same can be used in defining a person’s character that has completeness as the ideal trait. 

This trait comprises honesty and morale as the prime elements. These elements are the valuable assets a person holds dear and sticks to them. This is what integrity stands for.

What is Integrity?

Integrity is how we decide to live and lead our lives without harming others’ interests. We face different choices every day and make different decisions. All these decisions and choices are made based on the traits of a person’s character. In this aspect, integrity stands for the virtue where right wins over wrong. 

A virtuous man will take the right turn and choose the path that does not harm anyone. Even if he falls in the pit of hurdles, he will not take the easy path as it will cause damage to others. This shows integrity. For instance, if a person chooses to stay honest even though he has the fullest advantage, he has the power of integrity embedded in his personality. These people also value the same trait among others and tend to bond well.

What Traits Construct Integrity? 

Honesty, morality, virtue, freedom, the backbone to stand against corruption, the power to choose the right thing, etc add and form integrity. It is the values that we gather across the years that build our personality brick by brick. These values construct positive traits in a person that leads to the development of integrity in the future. It is the environment and circumstances that construct a person’s character. These values are imbibed in a child’s mind from the very beginning by the parents, teachers, family members, and other persons in the clan.

Integrity does not change by itself unless we change it. It all depends on the decisions we make. Only we can change the characteristics we hold. We imbibe what we see in the preliminary learning phases but then choose our path. Integrity comes in every phase of life as a test that we should all pass. Whether you are a student, an academician, or a professional, you have to show your integral part. A student with high moral values will not cheat or let others down. A professional will not practice illicit means that can harm the organization. This strong trait of a person’s character gives birth to all kinds of other positive traits such as honesty, punctuality, virtue, morality, decency, etc. 

These strong traits attract other people and make a person beloved to all. In fact, an environment promoting integrity will always deliver excellent results and better productivity in due course of time. The personal values you choose will decide how integral you are. This trait goes way more than any negative trait you can name. You will be able to look into your eyes and answer when you have integrity by your side. It is like a superpower that comes with immense responsibilities. We all should develop integrity and make ourselves stronger.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Elements of True Integrity?

Ans: A person with strong integrity will show the following traits.

  • Absolute honesty

  • Helping needy persons even when he needs it too

  • Taking responsibility for his own actions

  • Considering the needs of others above himself

  • Extremely humble

  • Very much reliable

  •  He does not accept anything more than he deserves

  • Very kind to everyone

  • Respecting others and receiving respect

These traits are the signs of integrity a person carries in him. Even if the situations are not on the right side, he will never stop showing these traits. In fact, a strong-willed person will not make a wrong decision even when the situation is advantageous to him. This is what integrity stands for.

2. Why does Integrity Make a Person Stronger?

Ans: As you have seen the positive traits of integrity in the previous question, you can easily understand how strong a person can be. When someone is strong enough to take responsibility for his wrongdoings, he is quite courageous. This type of person has the guts to look into their own eyes and say that they did not do anything wrong the entire day. If you see a person helping others even though he needs someone like him too, he is the strongest person we can possibly meet. This is how integrity makes us stronger in every situation.

3. How Personal Values are Added?

Ans: Personal values are added from the very beginning of our lives. It all starts at home. The mind of a child is influenced by the characters of people surrounding him. These values still grow when he starts seeing the world with his mature mind. This is how personal values are added to a personality.