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Understand the Chapter Well with Summary of If I Were You

Class 9 English syllabus has an excellent play written by Douglas James. The story circles around a playwright named Gerrard and an incident where he was intimidated by a killer. The killer looked similar to him and wanted to replace him. It takes a brilliant turn in the story when Gerrard saves himself from the killer just by using his presence of mind.

In the summary of the play ‘If I Were You’, you will be fascinated to find how the playwright did not lose his mind and kept his cool to come out of the tricky situation. Consider referring to the Summary of If I Were You to understand the context of the story and prepare the chapter well. This summary has been prepared by the experts of Vedantu to help students of Class 9 to revise and answer the questions in the exercise easily. Every plot of this play is really interesting to study. You can use this summary as a part of the study material to resolve your queries and prepare the chapter well.

Summary of If I Were You

Gerrard is a popular playwright. He wrote plays and also participated in them. One night, he was leaving for a rehearsal and was packing his bag. His phone rang and he started to converse with a person. After finishing the conversation, he then gets back to packing his travel bag. He suddenly noticed that an intruder entered the room from the right side. He was surprised but did not react. He kept himself calm.

As per the If I Were You Class 9 Summary, he saw that the intruder has an uncanny resemblance to his face. The intruder had a revolver and he understood that he would threaten his life. Gerrard understood that the situation is not going to end well. He started thinking logically and kept himself quiet to find out what the intruder wants. The intruder told him to put his hand in the air. In fact, the intruder was surprised to see that Gerrard was not at all worried, rather calm to face a man with a gun. Gerrard starts to chat pleasantly with the killer as he wants to learn about his plan.

They have an interesting conversation that clearly shows how Gerrard has started manipulating the criminal. From their conversation, we find out that Gerrard lives alone in the house. He also has a car. He does not stay in his house continuously and has to leave frequently. He created mysteries in the mind of the killer. The killer also noticed that he was packing his bag at night and was talking to a tradesman. He understood that Gerrard also leads a secret life like him. Seeing Gerrard open up, the intruder blurted out his plan. He said that he intended to kill Gerrard and take his place in society. He intended to steal his identity and live the secret life Gerrard was living.

As per the Summary of If I Were You Class 9, the playwright understood that the killer was not smart enough. He hatched a plan to dupe him and get rid of the nasty situation. He learned that the criminal is also escaping from the clutches of the police as he robs jewellery from stores and homes. He wanted to get rid of the cat and mouse chase by assuming Gerrard’s identity and stay free from the Police.

Gerrard understood that the killer is just over-confident. He makes up a story that he is also a criminal like him. He has murdered a few. Hence, taking his identity will not be a safe step for the intruder. He also convinced the intruder that he was living in the city tonight as the police were after him. He explained that if the killer takes his place, he will still get caught and executed by the police. He then convinced the killer to leave with him and go to the garage where the car is parked.

The killer believed him and went in the direction shown by Gerrard. It was not a garage but a cupboard door. The moment the killer opened the door, he pushed and locked him inside. He then immediately called the police and handed the criminal. In this way, he saved his life and also helped the police to get rid of a notorious criminal. Use If I Were You by Douglas James Summary to study and understand the play well and prepare the lesson properly.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What did the Killer Intend to do?

Ans. The killer resembled the author. He wanted to kill him and take his place in society. He wanted to get rid of the police chasing him.

Q2. How did Gerrard Save Himself?

Ans. As per the If I Were You Summary Class 9 English, Gerrard convinced the killer that he was a criminal too and told him to flee from the police together. He tricked and locked the killer in a cupboard and informed the police.