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Handwriting Practice ks2

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Level up Your Kid’s Handwriting - Handwriting Practise ks2

This content is written in regards to the parents and the teachers who are willing to teach their kids good handwriting. By the end of the 5th year, your child will be reaching the level of handwriting practice ks2, meaning the handwriting practice done in key stage 2.   

In year 5, your child will gradually inherit a fluent style of writing. Their writing will change in different contexts. In this time, your child will require assistance and support to practise efficiently. In this context, we will be presenting a draft of guidance that might help you in supporting your child. 

What Will Your Kids Learn?

In the 5th year, that is when your child will be of ages 9 to 10, they will enhance their style of writing. In this stage, they will identify their handwriting and will try to improve it or they will try to reach a definite style of writing. During this time, a kid should know how to:

  • Choose the shape of a specific letter, meaning its style and eliminate those styles which do not favour them or are not clear enough. Here, as parents or teachers, you need to encourage your child to pick up their unique style of writing and discourage them to write untidily. 

  • Choose the writing style which is best suited for the particular requirement. Here the students or kids should understand what type of writing tone they should acquire in different situational writing. 

Help Starts from Home - Simple Tips for Handwriting Practice ks2 at Home 

In this section, we will be discussing how you can help your kids at home in handwriting practice ks2. We present our ideas as below:

1. Art and craft to make their handwriting practice interesting -

A child practising handwriting with different crayons

A child practising handwriting with different crayons

Your child will love art and colour. Thus, take advantage of this and make them do their handwriting practice sometimes with chalk, colour, crayons, and even paintbrushes. You will be amazed to see them exploring their writing style. 

Make them use slate and pencil to make them practice handwriting as they can erase innumerable times without wasting any paper. 

Also, another way to intensify their interest in handwriting practice is to make them write on sand or the ground with sticks. While doing these activities make sure that your child does not hold the bad habit of writing on the walls. 

2. Writing is next to reading and learning -

After they practise regular handwriting books, they can practise writing from magazines or non-fictional texts. This will help them to evolve in an all-round manner. With the practice of writing, they will also gain experience in reading in a real-world context. This will help them to stay connected with current affairs and other general knowledge content. 

You can also encourage your kids to make national assessments where they will develop their learning about the different formats and text sizes of presentations. Give as many good books with good writing format, your child will grasp the writing techniques used there. 

3. Keep on writing-

Make your child write every day. They can write the grocery list for you while you dictate them, they can write invitation letters for the guests while you organise a simple tea party, even they can start their every day with a good morning quote. Just concentrate on what writing excites your child, follow that religiously so that they can be good at handwriting.


Make sure your child is writing on a consistent basis and not only as homework or assignment. 

Bonus Round - Activities for Your Child 

Following are some activities that you can implement on your child as a part of handwriting practice ks2. 

Activity 1: 

A sentence to practice handwriting

A sentence to practice handwriting

You can print this paper given above and make your child practice handwriting. 

Activity 2: 

56 words for handwriting practice

56 words for handwriting practice

Dictate these 56 words to check the handwriting of your child. 

In order to help your child in the writing process, it is very important for you to keep a vigilant check on your child’s writing progress. Track the progress of your child and level it up further. This was based on the handwriting practice ks2; for further practice, you can download or purchase various handwriting books and make your child write on them.

FAQs on Handwriting Practice ks2

1. How can I make my handwriting beautiful?

You can make your handwriting beautiful by following these easy steps:

  1. Choose your preferred style. 

  2. Choose a good pencil or pen.

  3. Choose a good writing pad.

  4. Practice with proper consistency.

  5. Focus on neat writing rather than beautiful writing.    

2. What are the different types of handwriting?

The different types of handwriting are:

  • Cursive handwriting

  • Print handwriting

  • Modern cursive handwriting

  • Letter shapes

  • Letter sizes

  • Letter spacing

  • Letter angles