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Days of the Week Activities for Kindergarten

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Introduction to Kindergarten

Teaching a kindergarten can sometimes be a difficult task because you need to explain it to them in a very simple and unique manner. One of the best ways to teach your kindergarten kids is through the use of fun activities and colourful pictures. Therefore, we have a fun activity for you and your kids.

It is very important for the kids to know about the days, weeks, and months in a year. To teach your kindergarten students about the days of the week, we have provided some interactive projects and activities. Students will quickly learn to recite the names of the days and place them in order on their own if they are given hands-on experience with a calendar. Incorporate a weekday activity into your morning routine to help your kids learn about the basic things.

Learn the Days of Week – Fun Activities for Kids

Given below are a few of the activities that you can play with your kids to help them learn the days of the week. All these activities are very fun and engaging, thus making them best for your kids.

1. Calendar Game

The calendar game will teach the kindergarten kids to read and utilise a calendar as well to know about the days of the week. On a bulletin board, display a calendar with large spaces for the days. Make sure you hang the calendar at a height that is visible to the kids. Take a few coloured craft papers and cut them into squares. Now, write the names of all the days in a week in large letters and hang them in order of their respective positions on the calendar. A different colour should be used for each day. Make smaller tags with the week's days written on them. For each day on the calendar, make a tag. The colours of the tags should match the colours of the days on the calendar.

Allow the kids to choose a tag one at a time. They must say the name of each day aloud and then paste it on the calendar in the appropriate spot. A Sunday tag, for example, should be placed on the Sunday spot on the calendar.

A DIY Calendar for Kids

A DIY Calendar for Kids

2. Caterpillar Activity

Another fun activity that will help the kids in learning the days of the week in order is the caterpillar activity. For this activity, cut eight circles from different coloured paper. Write the names of the days of the week on seven of the circles. On the eighth circle, ask your kids to sketch the face of the caterpillar. Now, help your kids to practise constructing their caterpillar by starting with the face and putting up the body circles in the order of the week.

Guide your children in glueing their caterpillars to a piece of paper. Allow them to design the paper and draw legs on the caterpillar. Once done, hang it on a bulletin board. Each morning, ask them to choose the circle that corresponds to the correct day of the week and pin it onto the caterpillar. At the end of each week, take down the circles and start creating the caterpillar all over again for the following week.

Caterpillar Activity for Kids

Caterpillar Activity for Kids

3. Weekday Hopscotch

Who doesn’t like hopscotch? It is a favourite game for all the kids. So why not teach them something useful with the help of hopscotch. Weekday hopscotch will help children learn to recognise and pronounce the names of the days of the week. Using masking tape, make hopscotch squares on the floor. On separate pieces of coloured paper, write the days of the week. In each square of the hopscotch grid, tape a piece of paper.

Take off your shoes and form a line with your kids. Teach them to jump across the hopscotch grid and ask them to say each day of the week loudly while stepping on them. Ask them to repeat the process until they learn the names of all seven days.

Weekday Hopscotch for Kids

Weekday Hopscotch for Kids

4. Flip Chart

Give your kids seven cards with a picture and a day of the week printed on them. Allow them to colour each page and once done, help them in punching two holes through the top of each card. To keep the cards together, have them place them in order and tie a piece of thread through the holes on the cards. Each morning, ask them to flip the cards to the correct day.

Teaching your kids is always fun if we do it in an interactive way. This will make the learning lesson more joyful for both the parent and the kid. We hope these activities helped you a lot in teaching your child regarding the days of the week. You can also visit our website and find several other activities for your kids to help them with their curriculum.

FAQs on Days of the Week Activities for Kindergarten

1. How to make a lesson fun and interesting for the kindergarten kids?

Any topic is fun and interesting if it involves lots of games, pictures, and puzzles. Therefore, you must make use of several activities and fun quiz rounds for a topic. You can also teach your kindergarten kid any particular lesson through story-telling and make use of colourful pictures to help them remember. In this way, they will enjoy learning new things every day.

2. How to develop reading habits in a child?

Developing a reading habit in a child can be difficult initially. But it can be easily done if you introduce a one-hour reading session in their daily routine. Mostly, all kids enjoy listening to bed-time stories; therefore, you can always read out a chapter from their favourite storybook each day. This will not only improve their English vocabulary but also eventually develop a reading habit in them.