Importance of Motivation

Motivation is an action or words which influence others in terms of culture, work, behaviour, etc. Motivation is derived from the word motive, which means a need with required satisfaction. The role of motivation is very high in any organization or workplace. Motivation can benefit in different ways. This motivation is of two types.

 If the motivation has been done or happened by another person or a third party, it is known as extrinsic motivation. Because it happened with the help of outside forces. On the other hand, if the motivation is done from the inside of the mind or soul and one gets motivated by themselves, it is called intrinsic motivation. Let us discuss the importance of motivation, its significance, and its benefits to the employees and the organization in detail.

Motivation and its Importance 

The Significance of motivation can't be explained in a page or more because it changes the complete environment of the organization. For instance, if a small kid was afraid to write 10 tables as homework, the mother tries to motivate the kid that he is strong enough to write, etc. In the same way, motivation plays a vital role in the organization.

The importance of employee motivation may benefit the organization in many ways. Let see some of the advantages of employee motivation to the firm as given below- 

  • Improves Performance Level:- The motivation provided in the organization gives a special spirit and energy to work more. Also, they get satisfied with the proper appraisal of the work they have done. All these factors will improve the performance level of an employee.

  • Reduction in Resistance to Change:- even though the monetary benefits are countable, if the company atmosphere and colleagues, recognition good with encourageable and gets motivated, no employee wants to change the organization. This leads to a reduction in resistance to change in the company.

  • Healthy Corporate Image:- The importance of motivation can also be measured in terms of corporate image. If the motivation and inspiration provided in the organization were proper personnel may create a healthy corporate image in the market.

  • Productive Utility of Resources:- another outcome that explains the importance of motivation is the productive utilization of resources. If the motivation is good in the organizational environment, the relationship will be in a smooth way. Then everyone can share their strengths and weaknesses. This results in making use of all the resources optimally.

  • Increased Efficiency and Output:- One of the best advantages of employee motivation to the firm is the increase in the level of efficiency and output. As the resources were utilized optimally, the output may get increased than before. As already all the employees are working in satisfying conditions, they put their maximum efforts to give maximum efficiency.

  • Achievement of Goals:- All the advantages of employee motivation to the company are interrelated. If the efficiency and output were increased, this is what achieving the goal of an organization. The primary purpose of each organization is to provide an effective output that earns a high income in return.

  • Development of Friendly Relationships:- The significance of motivation results in the development of friendly relations between the employees and a smooth rap between the superior and subordinates.

  • Stability in WorkForce:- as the reduction in resistance to change occurs due to the role of motivation, and it maintains stability in the workforce. As the employees are loyal to the organization, they can produce continuous stable work.

  • Combines Ability with Willingness:-a work or a task can be achieved in two ways. One is the ability, and the other one is a willingness to do. If both qualities were merged due to the importance of inspiration, the effectiveness of output would be infinite.

  • Easier Selection:- the selection process also becomes easier with the help of the significance of importance.

  • Development of Leaders:- If the management understands the importance of motivation in education, every employee can try to upgrade his qualification and skills which leads to the development of more and more leaders or high-level employees.

Besides these advantages of employee motivation to the organization, the employees may also get several benefits along with the organization. Let's have a glance at them.

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Benefits of Motivated Employees 

Inspiration is a single word that has a lot in it. The importance of inspiration can be understood only with the experiences only. It can't be explained in a few lines. Along with the organization, their employees will also get several benefits with motivation. They are, 

  • Reduction of Employee Turnover and Absenteeism 

  • Better Industrial Relations

  • Indifferent Attitudes can be Changed

  • Facilities change

  • Job satisfaction is achieved.

  • Comfortable working conditions

  • Reduction of changing tendency.

  • Gains qualitative experience. Etc.

Hence all these advantages explain the role of motivation in every organization.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are Various Motivational Theories Available in the Management?

A. Motivational theory is a written explanation of different approaches used to motivate the individuals or a group of people in the organization concerning their requirements. Different organizations may choose different theories based on their requirement. some of the well-known theories are-

1. Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory 

2. Herzberg’s Motivation Hygiene Theory 3. McClelland’s Need Theory 

4. McGregor’s Participation Theory 

5. Urwick’s Theory Z 

6. Argyris’s Theory 

7. Vroom’s Expectancy Theory 

8. Porter and Lawler’s Expectancy Theory.

2. Give Some Examples Which Help to Motivate the Employees?

A. Dog organization can do many things to motivate the employees. Most of the employees should get motivated by the given six examples in general.

  • Appraisal for achievement

  • Rewards and incentives

  • Growth

  • Power or authority

  • Social and environmental factors

  • Avoiding fear of consequences.

These are the best sources of motivation for the employees in the work environment.

3. What are the Causes of Lack of Motivation at the Workplace?

A. The motivation plays a predominant role in every organization, if the firm fails to provide proper motivation to the employees, they may get several disturbances. It causes many things like- 

  • The insecurity of job as well as employees tenure

  • Very poor leadership is maintained.

  • Employees are not willing to work effectively.

  • They will not be any development opportunities.

  • Employees may feel undervalued.

  • The decrease in productivity along with the corporate image.

  • The unfriendly atmosphere in the organization etc.