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Elements of Partnership

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Introduction of Elements of Partnership

When two or more people agree to a specific clause and enter upon a business agreement, they are called business partners. They share the profit as well as other liabilities of a firm. As per the Indian Partnership Act of 1932, “Partnership is the relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all.” This act also mentions vital elements of a partnership which form an essential part of an agreement. 

A Partnership Firm's 5 Essential Elements

All the five essential elements of the partnership must be present to form a partnership. There can't be a partnership if any of these are missing. Listed below are the 5 elements:

  1. Partnership Agreement: A contract results in a partnership. Social standing, the rule of law, or inheritance has nothing to do with the partnership agreement.

  2. A Partnership can have a Maximum of 20 Partners: Because a partnership is the product of a contract, at least two people are required to form one. 

  3. Operation of Business in a Partnership: The parties must have agreed to carry on a business as the third necessary ingredient of a partnership. "Business" is the term that is used broadly to refer to any trade, occupation, or profession. As a result, if the goal is to do some charity work, it isn't a partnership.

  4. Profits Sharing in Partners: one of the main elements of partnership is to show that the agreement to do business must have as its goal the distribution of profits among all partners. Therefore, if a business is carried for the sake of charity and no profit sharing is there between partners then there will be no partnership.

  5. Mutual Agency between Partners: Another important aspect of the definition of a partnership is that the business must be carried on by all the partners or by any  (one or more) acting on their behalf of them, i.e. joint agency.

FAQs on Elements of Partnership

1. What is Meant By Elements of a Partnership?

Elements of a partnership are the important factors based on which business partners mutually agree to get into a partnership deal. These elements are related to the functioning, profit, goals, and other aspects of a business.

2. How Many Elements of a Partnership are Mentioned in the Partnership Act?

The Indian Partnership Act of 1932 details various elements included in a partnership. It mentions five aspects or elements of a partnership. They are partnership contracts, several participants, carrying on of a business, mutual agency, and profit-sharing terms. A proper business partnership agreement is incomplete without any of these.

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3. Which is One of the Most Essential Elements of a Partnership Firm?

Among the significant elements of a partnership deal, a contract can be considered as the most essential. The entire partnership is based on that contract, and it also determines how a deal is to be executed.

All the elements of the partnership are very important, the only partnership will exist. If any one of them is missing then it will not be considered as a partnership.

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