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United Nations Organisation

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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What is United Nations Organisation?

The United Nations Organisation was created in the year 1945 right after the ending of World War II. During that time, 51 countries participated in the act. The main goal of the act was to maintain international security and peace amongst the nations. The formation of UNO was to develop a friendly relationship amongst the different nations and thus promote national and social progress all over the world. 

The United Nations founders wanted to ensure the establishment of human rights as well as the upgrading of living standards all throughout the world. This led to the creation of the United Nations Organisation. 

With about 193 member states, the United Nations is basically the only organisation that is able to take any action on certain important issues related to the world. The UNO is providing a forum for all participants and interested countries to come together and discuss the opinions and thoughts that they have regarding the welfare of the country. Students can learn more about the UNO from the United Nations Organisation PDF. 

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The significance of the United Nations Organisation is spread all over the world. The work of the UNO applies to different topics related to world welfare and also the members of the organisation. The United Nations countries have a say in the decisions that are made and also have an important role to play in the growth and development of the world. 

With the help of specialized programs, agencies, and organisations, United Nations has created certain tools that can help the countries in accomplishing different tasks. Some of the main examples of the United Nations Organisation are the International Foundation for Agricultural Development and World Food Programme. António Guterres is the United Nations Organisation secretary general as of 2021 (taken his office in 2017).

Principal Organs of United Nations Organisation

The main work and mission of UNO are basically guided by principles and purposes that are contained in the UNO’s founding charter. The UNO has 6 official languages. These languages include French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and English. 

There are 6 main organs in the UNO and they are: 

  • The General Assembly 

  • The Economic and Social Council 

  • The Security Council 

  • The Trusteeship Council 

  • The UN Secretariat 

  • The International Court of Justice

The General Assembly functions as the representative and policy making organ in the United Nations Organisation. All the member states in the UN will have proper representation in the General Assembly. Hence, this is the only organ in the UNO that has universal representation. Every year in the month of September, the UN membership tends to hold meetings in the General Assembly Hall which is situated in New York. These meets are called the General Assembly Sessions. Abdulla Shahid is currently appointed as the United Nations Organisation President from September 2021. These meetings often have debates regarding the welfare of the world. These sessions are attended by the heads of the states. In the meetings, several decisions are made regarding the establishment of security and peace in the world. 

Principles of United Nations Organisation

The UNO charter includes all the important purposes and principles of the organisation. There are certain important principles that are related to the functions that the organisation must perform. The United Nations countries are made aware of these principles to ensure their participation in world peace. Some of the main principles are mentioned below: 

  • The UN puts its main focus on the sovereign equality related to its members.

  • Peaceful means are to be used for the settling of disputes. 

  • Members should refrain from using force or threats in the UN as it contradicts the main purposes of the UN.

  • Each member should play their part in certain enforcement actions that take place in the Charter.

  • The members should act according to the principles as mentioned in the Charter in order to ensure the maintenance of world security and international peace. 

Achievements of United Nations Organisation

Since its formation, the UNO has managed to have a lot of achievements. The United Nations logo is a symbol of peace and security in the world. Some of these achievements are mentioned below. 

  • As of September 2001, the United Nations Organisation has taken about 54 different peace-keeping actions as well as observer missions. Out of these missions, about 15 of them have been able to restore calm in the processes of negotiation amongst the countries. 

  • UNO also has a very important role to play in providing assistance to the democratic countries in the world. 

  • The United Nations Organisation also managed to minimize the ongoing threats of nuclear war in the country. The formation of the International Atomic Energy Agency was done in order to inspect nuclear reactors and prevent any threat. 

  • UNO also had an important role to play in ending the occurrence of Apartheid in the regions of South Africa. 


The United Nations Organisation has huge importance in the restoration of peace all over the world. Students can study from the United Nations Organisation PDF to know more about the topic.

FAQs on United Nations Organisation

1. What is United Nations Organisation?

The United Nations Organisation came into existence in the year 1945. After World War II ended, several countries during that time saw that the world needed some respite from the effects of the war. Hence, 51 different countries joined their efforts and created the UNO. The major point of focus for the creation of such an organisation was to ensure that peace and security were restored all over the world. The UNO currently has 193 member countries in total. It deals with all the different problems related to the world such as war, democracy, politics, and much more. The main goal of UNO is to ensure that a friendly and cordial relationship is established amongst the member countries.

2. Describe the United Nations Organisation Trusteeship council?

The United Nations Organisation trusteeship council was formed in the year 1945 under Chapter XIII as stated in the UN Charter. The main focus of the trusteeship council was to offer international supervision and guidance to the 11 different Trust Territories that were placed under the watchful administration of 7 member states. The objective of the council was to ensure that adequate and effective measures were adopted in order to prepare these Trust Territories for independence and self-governance. In the year 1994, the council actually suspended its operation in the month of November. There were certain amendments made to the procedure and rules that were included in the Trusteeship council after that.