Plant fibers: Jute & Cotton

We get plant fibers from plants such as from jute plants we get jute fiber and we obtain cotton fiber from cotton plants etc. Have you seen golden colored fiber which resembles golden thread? Do you know from where we get that? Yeah! We get that golden fiber from the jute plant. Jute fibre is also known as golden fiber. Let’s discuss plant fibers in detail. 

What is Plant Fiber? 

Fibers are thread like materials. Plant fibers are those fibers which we get from plants. These are also known as natural fibers as we get these fibers naturally from plants. Cotton, jute, flax etc. are examples of natural fibres or plant fibres. Those fibers which we get from animals are also known as natural fibers such wool. 

Manmade fibers are called synthetic fibers. Nylon, Rayon, Polyester etc. are few examples of Synthetic Fibers. 

Types of Plant fibers 

Plant fibers can be mainly divided into following three types – 

  • Seed Fibres 

  • Bast Fibres 

  • Hard Fibres

Seed Fibres -

These plant fibers we get from the seeds of the plants. Examples – cotton, kapok etc.  

Bast Fibres -

Bast is the outer covering of stem in plants. These plant fibers are collected from the inner bark or blast of plants. Examples – jute, flax, hemp etc. 

Hard Fibers -

These plant fibers are collected from leaves of the plants. Examples – coir from hard shell of coconuts.   

Apart from these parts of plants, we get plant fibers from grass, wood etc. 

List of Plant Fibers 

Here we are describing some common plant fibers with their uses – 

Jute Fiber -

Jute fibers are bast fibers. We get jute fibers from the stem of jute plants. It is a long, shiny and soft fiber. It is stronger than fibers such as cotton. It is one of the most affordable fibers. It is used in the twine, rope, bags, doormats etc. 

Cotton Fiber -

Cotton fibers are seed fibers. We get cotton fiber from the seeds of plants. It is soft, fluffy fiber. It is a very good absorbent. We have been using cotton fibers since ancient times. It is found in South Asia, America, Arabia, Iran, China and India etc. It is used in numerous fields in various ways. It is used in bath towels, textile industry, pharma industry etc. 

Flax Fiber -

Like jute fibre it is also a bast fiber. It is generally cultivated in cooler regions of the world. These fibers are also 2-3times stronger than cotton fibers. It is naturally smooth and straight. It is used in the textile industry, to make high quality papers, surgical threads etc. 

Hemp Fiber -

Like jute and flax fiber, it is also a bast fiber. It is used to make rope, shoes, food paper, bioplastics, biofuel etc. it can be used for animal bedding and garden mulch as well. 

Coir -

It is also a seed fiber like cotton fiber. We get it from coconut. It is also a natural fiber. Bristle coir is the longest coir fiber. It is also known as coconut cotton. It is used in making doormats, brushes, mattresses, packaging, bedding and flooring. It has uses in agriculture and horticulture as well. 

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