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NCERT Books Free Download for Class 11 Maths Chapter 13 - Limits and Derivatives

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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NCERT Books for Class 11 Maths Chapter 13 - Limits and Derivatives - Free PDF Download

NCERT books are designed in such a manner that it helps students in understanding every topic in the chapter. Every student is capable of understanding the content written in NCERT books. These books should be preferred by every student as these will help students in getting their desired score in the examination. NCERT books are also preferred by students preparing for other competitive exams because the book gives comprehensive written content that is crucial to understand. High-level questions are also mentioned in the book. Advance knowledge can be acquired if a student decides to read the book with focus. 

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NCERT Class 11th Math Book with Chapter 13 Limits and Derivatives

NCERT 11th Class Math Book will provide enough knowledge and understanding of the topic that is needed for scoring good marks in the examination. Students will have to solve every question and example given in the textbook for getting good marks. NCERT Class 11th Math Book is enough for understanding Chapter 13 Limits and Derivatives. NCERT Books for Class 11 Math Limits and Derivatives will have illustrative problems and questions. Students can understand the concepts written in NCERT 11th Class Math Textbooks for Chapter 13 Limits and Derivatives as it has been provided in a detailed yet simple manner.

Chapter 13 can be downloaded with the help of Vedantu’s application or from Vedantu's website. Vedantu pays attention to the needs of the students and thus, provides all the essential educational needs, like the downloadable PDF format for NCERT books, absolutely free of cost. 

How Should One Study Chapter 13 Limits and Derivations?

Chapter 13 can be studied in a perfect manner by covering every topic that is mentioned in the NCERT Mathematics book. Tips for studying the chapter: 

  • Understand the chapter with the help of introduction given in the NCERT mathematics book

  • Look at the examples and the way they have been solved 

  • Keep an eye on extra points that are usually mentioned in a special box 

  • Every formula will have its own derivation, do not forget to understand it for better application 

  • Student should not forget to solve the exemplar problems, these problems are of higher level and also comes in the examination

  • Solve as many questions you can with the material provided by Vedantu. You can check all the free materials from the website. 

Topics Covered

Right-hand limit, left-hand limit, algebra of limits, limits of trigonometric functions, the derivative formula, algebra of derivative functions, and derivatives of the polynomial as well as trigonometric functions are the topics that will be covered in the 13th Chapter of Class 11th NCERT.


Amount of Questions 

Class 11 maths chapter 13 Limits and Derivatives has a total of 73 sums out of which 23 are simple formula-based questions, 20 are medium level and 30 are difficult problems. Students are expected to solve all the questions provided in the NCERT textbook.

Formulas for Chapter 13

  • limx → a(xn - an) / x - a = nan-1

  • lim x → a sinx / x = 1

  • limx → a 1 - cosx / x = 0

  • f ´( x ) = d f(x)/dx = limh → 0 [ f(x+h) - f(x) / h]

Learning to use the right formula at the right time is very important to solve mathematics problems. Students are advised to learn all the formulas as it will help in scoring good marks. Students are advised to read the content provided in the NCERT Math Book for class 11th students for understanding the use of these formulas. 

FAQs on NCERT Books Free Download for Class 11 Maths Chapter 13 - Limits and Derivatives

1. Why are NCERT questions Class 11 Math Chapter 13 Important?

The NCERT questions Class 11 Math Chapter 13 are written in a stepwise manner with a detailed explanation for each computation performed. Kids are not only able to develop a strong understanding of the topic but they also get an idea of how to present their papers in an examination to get the best possible score.

2. Do I Need to Practice All Questions Provided in Class 11 Math NCERT Limits and Derivatives?

All the sums in the 3 exercises in the NCERT question Class 11 Math Limits and Derivatives cover different aspects of the lesson. The questions are available in a variety of formats that help kids explore the types of sums that can appear on an exam. Thus, children need to practice all problems to get a clear understanding of the subject matter.

3. What are the Important Topics Covered in NCERT questions Class 11 Math Chapter 13?

The most important topics in the NCERT questions Class 11 Math Chapter 13 are calculating the limits of a function as well as the algebra of limits and derivatives. The procedures for computing these values will be used in upcoming chapters and thus, kids need to allot a good amount of time to prepare this subject matter.

4. How Many Questions are there in NCERT questions Class 11 Math Chapter 13 Limits and Derivatives?

There are 73 exemplar problems in the NCERT questions Class 11 Math Chapter 13 Limits and Derivatives. These are divided into 3 exercises out of which one is miscellaneous consisting of higher-order questions. They help students get an overall understanding of the chapter in-depth and range from simple to complex sums.

5. How can CBSE Students utilize Class 11 Math NCERT questions Chapter 13 effectively?

To utilize the NCERT questions Class 11 Math Chapter 13 kids need to meticulously go through the theory enlisted in each section. The next step is to study all the formulas and understand the derivations. Finally, children can apply these to the range of questions available in the NCERT textbooks.