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NCERT Books for Class 11 - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 19th Jun 2024
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All Subjects (Math, Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

NCERT is an autonomous organization that is referred to as the 'National Council of Education and Research Training.' The sole publisher of CBSE Class 11 textbooks, NCERT is responsible for setting the academic standards of the CBSE board exams. The NCERT books provided on this page covers four backbone subjects mainly - Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology - for Class 11 students. Each subject has an NCERT Books Free PDF Download for Class 11 assigned to it, thus ensuring Chapters and topics are categorized subject-wise and Chapter-wise as well.

The NCERT Books Class 11 are designed for students who are currently preparing for their CBSE Class 11 final exams and for those who require a quick refresher of concepts covered in the CBSE syllabus. You can download the NCERT Books PDF Class 11 by simply visiting

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CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books

Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths are four main subjects which form the backbone of any STEM-related career in the world, be it pharmacology, nanotechnology, research, genetic engineering and other similar fields. These four subjects are used interchangeably not only in professional life but in real life too. Think about the last time you crunched numbers mentally when shopping or bought a particular drug in small dosages as part of a prescription. Whatever the case, having a strong understanding of these subjects will set you up for future careers.

The CBSE NCERT Class 11 Books Free PDF download not only gives students access to content created by the body which advises the Government on educational matters, but also the material from which questions of the internal and external exams of CBSE schools are drawn. This improves their retention rates of key subject concepts while also providing them a thorough revision of the Class 11 syllabus before they appear for their CBSE final exams.

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Once you get promoted to Class 11, selecting the appropriate books to refer from becomes one of the important factors in determining your grades for the board examinations. Class 11 provides specialization in the specific field that the student wants to pursue ahead. This Class acts as the most basic Class to refresh your related concepts in detail. 

For Class 11, students are required to hold a firm grip over the fundamentals of subjects they opted for. By doing this, they will be able to connect these basics with all the new concepts of Class 11. This Class acts as a base for Class 12. Putting the right books in your study material helps the students in the long run. 

In addition to the practice worksheets and previous year sample papers, there are thousands of books to choose from. To begin with, NCERT books are the perfect fit for you. It helps you in strengthening your basics and facilitates the revision of the concepts along with it. 

Advantages of Referring To NCERT Books For Class 11

NCERT books are quite beneficial for introducing your minds to the whole new concepts of higher Classes. Since these NCERT books are compiled by experts, the language for explaining the concepts is kept simple and easy to learn.

There are many other benefits of NCERT books for Class 11. 

  • NCERT books are recommended by CBSE itself. Be it in terms of practice papers or books, CBSE is the most authentic source in terms of giving recommendations for the study material. NCERT is listed as one of the top books to refer to, for the CBSE Class 11 examinations. 

  • NCERT Books are low in price. These books are in huge demand among the students. Hence, the publisher makes sure to keep the price as low as possible to make it easily affordable for everyone. 

  • NCERT books hold equal importance for all subjects. Be it any subject related to any stream for Class 11, these books have the appropriate study content for each one of them. 

  • NCERT books follow a uniform pattern for covering all the important topics and contents related to the Chapter. You will see that each Chapter begins with an introduction and ends with a summary. It is then followed by the exercises to help the students in assessing themselves on the knowledge they gained from the Chapter. 

  • Along with the NCERT exercises, students can find the NCERT solutions easily on the internet. These solutions are prepared by experts. It helps the students learn the correct way for framing the answers. 

  • NCERT books are available in the online mode as well. Students can download the complete Pdf through the internet. Vedantu provides the full Pdf for downloading the NCERT textbooks. These pdfs are available for all the subjects and Classes. You can access it for free of cost. 

FAQs on NCERT Books for Class 11 - Free PDF Download

1. Are NCERT textbooks helpful in preparing for NEET?

Be it any competitive exam for Medical or engineering, students must include NCERT in their list of books for preparation. In all the entrance tests and competitive examinations, around 30 to 40% of the questions in the exam paper are covered from the NCERT books. As the first step in preparing for their examinations, students must refer to the NCERT books and go through its concepts in a thorough manner. Once you get confident about your basics, you will be able to apply your understanding of concepts to the higher research questions. Your answers will reflect a strong connection between various theoretical and calculative topics. It will boost your chances of scoring well in your competitive exams. 

2. Are NCERT textbooks helpful in making revision notes for the exams?

Note-making is extremely important to help you in your last-time revision for the exams. It saves a lot of time and makes your learning process more efficient and productive. NCERT books specifically are the best choice to use for your Note-making. It contains highlighted points and saves your energy in identifying what to include and what to leave. While explaining the concepts in detail, it also contains short and important definitions that will help you with your notes. For Subjects like Math and physics, you can note down all the formulas from the NCERT textbook. It also provides diagrams in order to take a quick scan of the topics. 

3. Can I score more than 90% by using NCERT books in Class 11?

Scoring a good percentage in your Class 11 examinations significantly depends on both the quality and quantity of effort you are putting in your preparation. Referring to the NCERT textbooks can surely be very helpful to reach your goal. However, it depends on how focused you are while understanding the concepts. Sometimes, just revising the theoretical concepts might not seem to be enough according to the pattern of your exams. In this case, students can shift their attention to the practical approach to studying. NCERT books can also help in your experiments. It will make you stand out and help you in climbing the higher step of the ladder. 

4. Are NCERT exercises useful for Class 11 exams?

There are high chances that your teacher would like to test your basics by putting a few questions from your NCERT textbook itself. In addition to referring to other reference guides and books, students should not miss out on the NCERT exercises provided at the end of each Chapter. These exercises will test your fundamentals and give you a sense of confidence over it. Vedantu provides the complete Pdfs for these exercises along with its solutions. These solutions are created by the experts and are highly recommended to score well in your exams. 

5. What is the difference between NCERT and CBSE?

NCERT and CBSE  are two different terms. CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary education. It is the board that is responsible for secondary education in most Indian schools. NCERT stands for National Council for Education and Research Training. This council is mainly responsible for publishing the books for all the subjects and Classes accordingly. It is considered to be the most authentic publisher for printing books and is highly recommended by CBSE itself.