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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 2 Story Writing - PDF

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 2 Story Writing Exercises – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

Class 9 is the first concrete step toward higher learning for students. Therefore, it is imperative for young minds to buckle up and start preparing for their examinations. English is one subject whose significance never dwindles but only increases when growing up. Besides being necessary to score good marks on boards, English is also among the compulsory subjects for calculation of the ‘best of four’ in various top universities and colleges of India.

As such, students must pay attention to English and prioritise it from an early age. The English textbook of class 9 includes story completion exercises as a part of the grammar section. The tasks entail imagining and penning a story with few words or sentences. 

Nowadays, solely depending on NCERT textbooks and exercises is not enough. Students must go the extra mile to excel in their academics by taking recourse to ancillary study materials. The good thing about the ongoing digital revolution is that education and learning have become a phenomenon that transcends school classrooms. There are various reliable resources from where young minds can get extra study guidance.

CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 2 Story Writing - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of Class 9 English Story Writing Exercises

  • Exercises from story writing worksheets help students develop their creativity and play around with their imaginative abilities.

  • Story writing is important to gauge the English grammar and vocabulary of young minds.

  • When a student is a good storytellers, it is a sign that they can write engaging answers and essays.

  • By acquainting students with the art of narration, story completion exercises can also motivate young minds to dive deep into leisure reading.

Examples of Story Completion Worksheets 

Based on the Given Outline, Write a Story of 100 Words in your Own Words.

School festival – annual – Ferris wheel – enjoyment – last-minute incident – everyone safe 

The annual school festival was a much-awaited event, and excitement was in the air. During the day of the celebration, the school students were all huddled in excitement around the gigantic Ferris wheel, awaiting their turn for the joy ride. A few turns went smoothly, but in the third or fourth round, the Ferris wheel halted abruptly and refused to move. It had some technical glitch. After some clamour, the Ferris wheel restarted, and the students were brought down safely. However, that was the last of the Ferris wheel in our annual school festival. It was shelved due to safety concerns. My friends and I were disappointed but also glad because everyone was safe. 

Exercises from story completion worksheets should provide students with a rudimentary outline around which they can base their tale.

Important Topic of Storytelling Exercises for Class 9 Students

Story completion exercises are not simply the piecing together of sentences. The art of storytelling has certain indispensable components that class 9 students should be aware of.

  • Characters – A good story is premised on fleshed-out characters. To begin with, the people in a story are known as characters. Moreover, characters need not always be people. You can make animals, trees, and even non-living things characters.

  • Setting – It is the backdrop or the place where the story occurs. The setting can be a place you are familiar with or even an imaginary world. 

  • Details – A good story involves the intricate use of language to form sentences and create a mood that compels the reader to feel that they are within that scenario. You can elaborate on details by taking assistance of the various senses, like smell, taste, etc. and beautifully explaining them.

  • Plot – The most pivotal element of a good story is the plot, which needs a beginning, a conclusion, and additional hurdles that make the tale exciting and believable. 

Master the Art of Storytelling with PDFs Curated by Experts

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Become of the digital revolution in education and learn English with well-curated academic PDFs. One of the best parts about PDFs is that their content is regularly changed to provide young minds with dynamic learning. With interesting facts, summaries, detailed grammar rules, etc., learning English is easier than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the download option now!

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 2 Story Writing - PDF

1. What is a short story?

A short story has a fully developed theme, but it is less elaborate than a novel or a book.

2. When did storytelling develop?

The first traces of storytelling can be traced back to the Lascaux Caves of southern France, where we find evidence of cave paintings that date back to 15000 to 30000 BC.

3. Which is the most circulated book in human history?

The Bible is the most widely circulated book in human history.