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English Grammar Prepositions for Class 5

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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English Grammar Class 5 Prepositions - Download Free PDF with Solution

Prepositions are short words which are used in sentences to describe the relationship between nouns, pronouns, or phrases and other parts of the sentence. In other words, they are the words used to link nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words in a sentence. They can express relationships of place, time, place, movement, manner, source, agent, measure, and possession.


Preposition exercises for class 5 are very important components of grammar, though common in nature. Prepositional words are short, simple, and easy to remember, but their usage can be a bit difficult to understand due to their various types and rules. But don't worry, Vedantu has you covered with their preposition worksheet for CBSE class 5 with answers and solved exercises.

English Grammar Class 5 Prepositions - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of Prepositions Exercise for Class 5

Understanding and using preposition examples for class 5 can be a tricky task for the students, but their importance in English grammar makes them a major topic to cover in order to improve an individual's writing and speaking skills.

  • They act as a vital part in forming the structure of the sentence.

  • They mark the relationship between people, animals, objects, and locations.

  • Correct usage is helpful for students in complex sentence formation.

5 Examples of Preposition Sentences

  • There was an old lady sitting outside the garden.

  • The cat was hiding under the table.

  • She has kept the keys in the drawer.

  • We are going towards the metro station.

  • Sita bought the cake from Harilal Bakery.

Important Topics in Preposition for Class 5

There are primarily 8 types of Prepositions with examples covered in the 5th standard book. These 8 types of prepositions are used in different places to signify different conditions. These are given below - 

  • Prepositions of Time

preposition of time is a relational word that permits you to examine a particular time span, like a date on the schedule, one of the times of the week, or the genuine time something happens. "In, At, & On" are three prepositions of time widely used in English grammar.

  • Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of place describe the place of someone or something in relation to someone else or a thing. "On, At, In, Under, Behind, Outside" etc. are words of prepositions of place.

  • Prepositions of Movement

Prepositional words of movement show movement starting with one spot, then moving onto the next place. These words generally depict movement and are ordinarily used with verbs of motion. "From, Along, Across, Towards, Through", etc., are some prepositions of movement.

  • Prepositions of Manner

Prepositional words of manner are about the way in which something occurs or how something is finished. "On, By, With, Like," etc. are some commonly used prepositions of manners.

  • Prepositions of Agent of Instrument

These prepositional words are normally positioned to associate the doer and the doing, essentially the noun and the verb. "By & With" are the two prepositions of agent of instrument used in English.

  • Prepositions of Measure

Prepositional words of measure are those which show some amount. The most commonly used words of measure are "By & Of". 

  • Prepositions of Source

These prepositions indicate the source of something. "By & From'' are the most common prepositions of source in English grammar.  

  • Prepositions of Possession

Prepositional words of possession are utilised to communicate that a place, an individual, or an animal owns a certain thing. "Of, With & To'' are prepositions of possession.

What is There in the Prepositions PDF?

The preposition exercise for class 5 with answers is a very useful resource for both students and teachers. The Vedantu pdf comprises several types of questions that are very useful for practising prepositions. This pdf has multiple choice questions and fills in the blanks questions based on preposition for class 5 with answers.


Vedantu is an educational platform for preparing preposition exercises for class 5 with answers. For Class 5, we offer a special method of learning English with free access to extensive online study materials in the form of preposition worksheets for class 5 CBSE with answers. Students in English Class 5 can learn every element of prepositions thanks to this study guide.

FAQs on English Grammar Prepositions for Class 5

1. Can you use two prepositions in a sentence?

Yes, double prepositions can certainly be used in a sentence and are formed by combining two simple prepositions.

2. What is the necessary rule for the use of prepositions?

A preposition must always have a subject and verb before it and should be followed by a noun and never by a verb.

3. What are some commonly used prepositions?

There are around 150 prepositional words in English grammar. Out of which, some of the most commonly used prepositions are:

  • In

  • At

  • On

  • Of

  • With, etc.