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English Grammar Class 5 Articles

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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English Grammar Class 5 Articles - Download Free PDF with Solutions

Articles are a very important part of the sentence and very easy to learn. However, many students lack the proper idea of the article usage in the sentence. An article refers to the short and monosyllabic word that gives the idea if the noun is specific or not specific.

In this article, we will learn articles for Class 5, their types, usage, and examples. There will be bonus article exercises with answers pdf Class 5 at the end of this article. So, keep reading.

English Grammar Class 5 Articles - PDF will be uploaded soon

Types of Articles for Class 5

The articles are of two types - definite articles and non-definite articles.

Definite Articles

Definite articles express that the noun in the sentence is specific. The only definite article is “The”. There are many roles of the definite article in a sentence:

  • The definite article is used in a sentence to refer to unique groups or things. For example, He sailed on the Atlantic Ocean.

  • The definite article can also refer to something both the listener/reader and speaker/writer know. For example, yesterday I went to the bookstore.

  • In speech and writing, when the speaker or writer gives an introduction of a thing or person and mentions the thing or person again, “The” article is used. For example, I saw horses in the stray land near my house. The horses were all black.

Indefinite Articles 

Indefinite articles are those articles that are used to place before a noun that is not specified in a sentence. Indefinite articles always refer to singular forms of nouns.

There are two indefinite articles in the English language - ‘a’ and ‘an’. ‘A’ is placed before constant or even constant sounds. On the other hand, ‘An’ is placed before the vowels or even the vowel sounds. 

The roles of the indefinite articles in sentences are the following

  • Indefinite articles are placed before nouns that are not unique. For example, ‘She is a teacher’. (Here, the noun is a teacher, which is not a unique noun as there are many teachers.)

  • Indefinite articles are placed before the nouns that are non-specified. For example, ‘Please give me a pen’. Here, the noun ‘pen’ is non-specified.

Benefits of Learning Article for Class 5: Class 5 English Chapter 11

  • Articles are modifiers placed in the sentence before nouns and noun phrases. Articles are used to clarify the noun’s meaning in a sentence. 

  • The sentence's meaning will be incomplete without using an article in a sentence. For example, ‘Cats eat my milk’. The sentence expresses a meaning but is grammatically incorrect as there is no article. If ‘the’ is used before the cat, it will specify a specific cat, but if there is an ‘a’, the cat can be any cat. 

Examples of Article for Class 5

Article: A

  • She has a pet dog.

  • He brought a red ball.

  • Rahim is a good player.

  • Her mother is a chef.

  • I am a classical singer.

Article: An

  • She was eating an orange.

  • David’s father is an English teacher.

  • She is an hour late for her music class.

  • Sofia is an intelligent student.

Article: The

  • I will go to the supermarket where you went yesterday.

  • He was gazing at the moon.

  • This is the best restaurant in the town.

  • The tall man was sleeping.

Facts About Article for Class 5

There are certain cases where articles are not used before the nouns:

  • If plural common nouns exist in a sentence, then there will be no article before those nouns. For example, ‘Birds are flying’ (not ‘the Birds’).

  • Before proper nouns, there is no use of articles. For example, ‘I live in India’ (not ‘the India’ as India is a proper noun referring to a specific country).

  • Articles are not used before the name of a person. For example, ‘Sima is my best friend’ (not ‘the Sima’ or ‘a Sima’).

  • Articles are not also used before abstract nouns and material nouns. For example, ‘Honesty is the best personality trait’ (not ‘the honesty’), ‘The dress is made of cotton (not ‘the cotton’). 

  • The articles are also not used before names of mountain peaks, months, days of the weeks, and islands.

Important Topics of Articles: Class 5 English Chapter 11

In this article, you will learn about the following topics:

  • What is an article?

  • What is the importance of using articles?

  • What are the different types of articles?

  • What is the proper usage of definite and indefinite articles?

  • Exercises on the article for Class 5 with answers.

Class 5 English Articles Free PDF Download 

  • The free PDF is based on NCERT Class 5 English Chapter 11: articles and their usage. 

  • You can make a hard copy of the articles exercises with answers pdf Class 5.
    So your kids can read and practise the article exercises without a laptop or tablet. 

Our study resources are developed exclusively for school students for free. The study materials are easy to understand and attractive, with many examples and short, to-the-point chapter briefs.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 5 Articles

1. Why do we use ‘an’ before the word ‘MBA’?

Though MBA starts with a constant, the starting letter “M” is pronounced like ‘em’, and ‘e’ is a vowel. That’s why the ‘an’ is used before the word “MBA”.

2. Can I use Indefinite articles before plural nouns?

No, you can’t use an indefinite article before any plural nouns. Plural nouns are used with a definite article.

3. When can I use indefinite articles?

Indefinite articles can be used with the countable singular forms of nouns that are not specified.