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English Grammar Class 4 Tenses

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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English Grammar Tenses Chart for Class 4 – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

To begin with, time is divided into the past, present, and future everywhere. Although the division is man-made, it is incredibly important as it is through this demarcation that influences our routine life. When it comes to the expression of time, tenses play an essential role. In English grammar, we have two tenses – the past and the present. The entire purpose of tenses is to tell us when an action happens, has happened, or will happen. 

Learning about tenses for class 4 is an integral part of their overall English grammar syllabus. Having a firm grasp on tenses is important for young kids of class 4 to score good marks in their examinations. In today’s day and age where academia is synonymous to competition, solely sticking to NCERT books and exercises is not enough. Young minds need some extra hand holding in the form of tenses chart for class 4, revision materials, test papers and so forth. Teachers and parents should ensure that children are receiving all the additional assistance that they require.

English Grammar Class 4 Tenses - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of Learning Tenses for Class 4 Students

Learning tenses is the first stepping-stone towards a more advanced form of English grammar for children. As such, exercises such as tenses chart for class 4 students are of utmost importance.

  • Even the formation of the most basic sentences in the English language requires a grasp over tenses.

  • Tenses allow children to improve their communication skills and answer writing abilities.

  • Knowing about tenses allow young minds to understand the relationships between two different actions.

  • Lastly, tenses are essential to locate an action in time. Without the proper use of tenses, a sentence has no meaning.

Examples of Tenses in Grammar Class 4 English 

  • They have eaten the cake. (Present Perfect Tense)

  • Babies cry. (Present Indefinite Tense)

  • I have been studying since morning. (Present Perfect Continuous Tense)

  • She will go to the gym. (Future Tense)

  • Rima was lying. (Past Continuous Tense)

All the present, future, and past tense worksheets for class 4 students should include simple and relatable examples as it makes learning easier.

Interesting Facts About Tenses in Grammar Class 4 English 

  • The English language does not have a future tense. The modal auxiliaries ‘shall’ and ‘will’ are used to express future time.

  • English is the only language whose present tense needs a special ending only in the third-person singular.

  • We can also use present tense to talk about the future.

  • The Past tense of ‘forego’ is ‘forewent.’

Combining tense exercises with interesting facts is a great way to make learning fun and exciting for class 4 students.

Important Topics on Tenses in Grammar Class 4 English 

The 8th chapter of the Class 4 NCERT English grammar book is on Tenses. Some of the important topics include –

  • Understanding Tenses

  • Understanding the Past Tense

  • Understanding the Future Tense

  • Understanding the Present Tense

  • Types of Tenses – Simple Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect, and Perfect Continuous Tenses

All the exercises on past, future, and simple present tense for class 4 students should cover the topics given above.


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  • Vedantu’s subject matter experts regularly update the content on the PDFs.

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FAQs on English Grammar Class 4 Tenses

1. What is a present perfect continuous tense?

A present perfect continuous tense in English grammar depicts that an action started in the past but is continuing at the present time. It is also known as a present perfect progressive tense. For example, Priyanka has been humming the same song since evening.

2. What is a past definite tense?

Also known as simple past tense, the past definite tense shows that an action occurred in the past at a specific time.For example, Arun cried last night.

3. What is the future continuous tense?

A future continuous tense expresses an action that will occur in the future and continue for an expected length of time. For example, Manish will be travelling tomorrow.