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CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Poem Worksheets

Last updated date: 13th Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets with Solution

Each and every question has a step-by-step solution on this page. Students will learn how to tackle the problems by working on NCERT Solutions for Class 1. These NCERT solutions for Class 1 English Marigold will make it simple for you to understand fundamental ideas more quickly and thoroughly. It is also a great resource for helping you do well in exams. To practise the NCERT Solutions for the appropriate chapter, simply click on the chapter-specific links provided below.

You may find CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets with Answers on Vedantu, which have been skillfully completed in compliance with the most recent NCERT (CBSE) Book specifications. These worksheets provide a wide range of Questions with Solutions that will enable you to review the complete Syllabus and improve your grades in a fun way.

CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Poem Worksheet: In Detail

English is essentially taught to every student in a school from an early age, and for good cause. English is one of the most frequently spoken and recognised languages. With adequate English skills, one may effectively converse with a variety of people, regardless of their native languages. Grammar instructs students on the specifics of how to construct an appropriate sentence, the many parts of speech, and other topics, but literature instructs students on how to translate their imagination onto paper through words and weave a story out of those phrases. Therefore, it is essential that the learner begin receiving the appropriate instruction and practise at an early age.

The CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets with Answers offered at Vedantu are completed by professionals to guarantee that students using them for practise get a thorough understanding of the kinds of issues they can encounter in their exams. In order to keep up with changing syllabi and exam trends and to provide students with the best possible study materials, the questions are based on the most recent NCERT book guidelines 2022–23. The Class 1 English Marigold worksheets and solution manuals are free to download from Vedantu. The worksheets can be completed by students by having them rapidly download and print them, then fill in the blank spaces.

By regularly comparing your answers to the CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Worksheets with Answers that we have supplied, you will be able to study for the exam and perform well on it. You will also have the freedom to decide exactly the subject you want to review, and you can work through the exam preparation at the speed that works best for you.

List of Poem in CBSE Class 1 Marigold Poem Worksheet

Poem Number

Poem Name


A Happy Child


After a Bath


One Little Kitten


Once I Saw a Bird


Merry Go Round


If I were an Apple


A Kite


A Little Turtle




Flying Man

CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Poem: Syllabus

Students can discover the most recent CBSE Class 1 English Literature and Grammar Syllabus for the academic year 2022–2023 below, which is organised by NCERT book chapters.

Perks of Solving CBSE Class 1 English Worksheet

  • The Class 1 Marigold NCERT Solutions offered on this page are all of the straightforward and simple to understand.

  • The Class 1 Marigold NCERT Solutions are written in plain English to make it simple for students to understand them while they are working.

  • Available without any difficulty to every student at the time of need.

  • The NCERT (CBSE) Syllabus and Books are strictly followed in the solution of every question. Thus, knowing all the answers will undoubtedly help students in getting high scores on the test.

  • These NCERT answers for Class 1 Marigold are freely accessible on this page.


The NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold on this page are offered by Vedantu in the hopes that they would aid in your board exam preparation. We will respond to your queries as quickly as we can if you contact us using the comment area below.

FAQs on CBSE Class 1 English Marigold Poem Worksheets

1. Is learning English in Class 1 a difficult?

Not at all, no. If you consistently practise reading and writing, English is not a difficult subject. We pick up and read newspapers, picture books, journals, and magazines almost every day of our life, and the majority of them are in the English language. Being a universal language, it is essential to learn English from a young age, and Class 1 seems to be the best place to start because kids may learn from their mistakes and grasp new concepts more readily while they are younger and their minds are still blank.

2. What chapters are covered by the worksheets?

Every chapter of the most recent CBSE Class 1 curriculum as well as the most recent NCERT recommendations for 2021–22 are covered in the CBSE Class 1 English Marigold and Raindrops worksheets on the Vedantu website. The preceding information is a very succinct summary of the entire Class 1 English curriculum. These worksheets are available on our website for students to download and print with ease. By completing the blanks with their solutions, they can then solve the worksheet's problems directly on the printed page.

3. What are some advantages of using English worksheets for practise?

The CBSE Class 1 English Worksheets available here at Vedantu are highly helpful for students to complete because doing so will familiarise a student with the types of questions that they may encounter at school and even in national and international level competitive exams. Students who complete the worksheets are also better able to recognise their weaknesses and concentrate on the subjects they need to review before the exams. These worksheets let students assess their development and, in doing so, help them better understand the teachings. It is accessible through Vedantu.

4. How can students use the English grammar they've learned?

The simplest way for elementary school students to master English grammar is to use any reference grammar book that is readily available at your local bookstore. To make sure the book has the precise sections you need for your syllabus, such as nouns, prepositions, narrative writing, writing composition, syllables, etc., check the syllabus listed above. Utilizing the plethora of free resources available online is another successful tactic. Numerous learning resources are widely accessible and can be found online.

5. Do you have the answers to the English practise exercises?

Yes. Every worksheet for CBSE Class 1, including the English worksheets, contains an answer key to help students identify which questions or answers they need to pay more attention to or work on. The answers are provided clearly and concisely to aid students who are utilising the worksheets for practise in quickly understanding the concepts. Students may complete the worksheet without consulting the solutions because the solution keys are conveniently located at the conclusion.