Tips to Avoid Silly Mistakes in JEE Examination

by Sagar Mankar, July 15, 2020

As they always say, one careless mistake can revamp everything. Furthermore, IIT JEE isn't so complex. One particular mistake can cost you bogs of your seat in IIT JEE. At times it’s no longer the blunders that have an effect on your rank in IIT JEE but the careless and silly mistakes that you make changes the picture. You can’t put off them completely for the duration of the examination but you could continually prefer to minimise them. 

Since IIT JEE is around the corner, so instructions to keep yourself away from the silly mistake will genuinely assist you and you could score better in the examination. Clearing JEE Mains requires a lot of dedication from the learners’ who are advancing plans to seem for it. By keeping the exams in the near future, they'll require a well-established procedure for revision. Students could be in a predicament to make the best use of the last chance which is left to clear JEE Main 2020 exam in the first attempt. The last couple of months before the exam is very much necessary for the preparation of JEE Main. Students need to be in very high tone and confident with the method that they may be following in their practice.

To crack the exam of such immensity you will require a proper preparation strategy which will generate excellent results. Hence we have put across all of the toppers observe tips that will help you design IIT JEE toppers time table consistent with your mastering curve.

Keeping all that in mind we've clubbed a few tips which shall assist you to cognizance on mistakes which maximum students shall make and which you should be avoided.

1. Practice & Analyse

Unless you practice JEE questions continually and diligently, you can not do well in the final examination of JEE or any examination for that matter. But your work does not give up there. While practising the questions, examine the errors you are making even as working over the problems. Identify each and every mistake you're making and rework on it. If you're repeating the mistake continuously, then you need to work on clearing that unique concept.

2. View The Topics Wholly

One of the principal motives why learners commit silly mistakes is they don’t study the question carefully and leave out on some key statistics or decipher it incorrectly. So spend time in studying the question cautiously.

3. Attempt Your Answers Carefully

In IIT JEE, choices are normally set in a way to puzzle you, so be careful about these traps. And, think twice before marking the answers and try to work on the simplest ones for which you are sure off. As doubtful ones will penalise you with marks reduction.

4. Check Out For Errors in Computations

Students commonly do loads of mistakes in calculations and confuse themselves between +/- signs. One needs to be very cautious in computations.

5. Don’t Alarm Yourself At The End of The Examination

A lot of aspirants have horrific time administration, especially in the examination, usually as they never paid any consideration to that and begin freaking out toward the end of the examination, resulting in strain and careless faults. In order to avoid this, work on as many JEE mock tests as you can so that you can get accustomed to the examination environment.


It is usually suggested to prepare a timetable according to your comfort with proper breaks in-between. Set out a self target on how tons to study and the way many troubles to resolve a day. Always keep a track on your errors and weaker areas to concentrate extra over it. This is the vicinity wherein you slow down and lose your confidence. Make a point to complete your daily objectives and then flow with your last works. Your timetable should be deliberate in such a way that you dedicate no less than 6 - 8 hours of taking a look at the preparation with a proper eight hours of sleep. Mugging up does no longer work. Food is also the primary thing to keep in mind before the exams. Be active at some point of the day. All the very best for your exams.!

Tips to Avoid Silly Mistakes in JEE Examination