Last Minute Preparation Tips for JEE Advanced

by Sagar, March 25, 2020

The JEE Advanced 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips are meant to help the students perform even better. The tips will help them sail through one of the most difficult examinations in their life and help them with question pattern and time management. The right method of preparation is often the key to successfully cracking the exams and they are vital when it comes to strengthening the foundations of the examinee and to acquaint them with the examination format as well. 

JEE Advanced 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips for the Candidates 

It is essential to start the JEE Advanced last minute preparations as early as possible. Most students tend to wait till after the JEE Mains are over and then start preparing for the Advanced course but that leaves very little time for them to prepare. One can also crack the JEE Mains with the help of JEE Mains last minute tips. The JEE Advanced is a more intricate and complex examination and the questions are more concept oriented, which means the students have to have a firm grasp on the foundational elements if they want to succeed. 

The examination tests the student’s weakness and most consider it an elimination round. Students can never be too careful while preparing for this test and there is no scope of making mistakes. Here are some last moment preparation tips which can help a student in the last few days leading to the examination. Combined with hard work, these JEE Advanced last minute tips are sure to see them through. 

JEE Advanced 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips- Vital aspects to remember 

Do not study new topics: The last few days of the examination are meant to be kept aside for revision and it is best not to take up any new topic during this time. This is the time to get ready for executing what one has already studied. Taking up a new topic at this time will mean that one has to spend hours trying to understand it and there is added pressure if one has difficulty learning this new topic. It is best to maximize on what one has already learnt and play to one’s strengths for last minute JEE advance preparation.

  • Follow your notes in a systematic manner: If you have been taking down IIT JEE last minute preparation notes of important points in a systematic manner, this is the time when it will be of maximum use. This will help save on time by not having to go through huge blocks of irrelevant texts unless absolutely necessary and will keep your preparation compact and well planned.

  • Revise More: As mentioned earlier, this is the ideal time of going over what one has already learnt. Answers will be locked in the brain and one will not even have to think much while answering the questions. Just like practice, revision too, makes a man perfect and the student will have to spend less time on answering each question if they are well prepared, making it easier for them to work on their timings during examinations. Last minute revision for JEE Advanced should comprise the highlights of the course.

  • Solve Sample Question Papers: Nothing can prepare a student more than solving the previous year question paper examination. Yes, there can be inclusions or exclusions in the syllabus but by and large the course study material is the same and it gives the students the opportunity to understand what the actual examination is going to be like. Solving enough question papers and correcting the answers oneself will give the students a better scope of evaluating oneself as well. Some of the best books for last minute preparation for IIT JEE will have the questions.

  • Getting used to Online Examination: Since the examination will be conducted online, it is a good idea to get acquainted with the process for JEE last minute preparation. The best way to prepare for this would be to solve online mock tests which will be about solving questions within the time and one will be able to track minutes and seconds while solving the paper. This will also take away the pressure of appearing for the test in a new format. This is especially necessary for Maths for JEE advanced last minute preparation, as one has to solve sums online. 

  • Getting adequate rest: While adequate last minute preparation for JEE Advanced 2020 is important, so is adequate rest and sleep deprivation will not be of any help. It is important for the students to make sure that they are on a healthy diet and they are adequately hydrated. Timely sleep helps in managing the body clock and it is much more harmful to simply keep on studying without relaxing a little. That just puts an undue pressure on the mind as well as the body and only stops the students from delivering their best. IIT JEE last minute preparation should be as stress - free as possible.

  • Planning well for the exam day: One of the JEE last minute tips is that on the day of the examination, one should not wait until the last moment to get ready for the exam. Admit card, photo ID card, other documents should be carefully packed away before the exam to be taken with. It is important to remember that no gadgets, written texts, log tables or even packaged eatables will be allowed inside the hall. Earlier students had to carry black pens, pencils and erasers but since the exams will now be conducted online, these are not required anymore. 

With these last minute tips for JEE Advanced 2020, it can be easy for a student to crack the JEE Advanced examinations with ease.

Last Minute Preparation Tips for JEE Advanced