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Scoring Big in NEET Biology: Units that Make a Difference

By FatimaNovember 23, 2023
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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a crucial examination for aspiring medical students in India. To secure a seat in a prestigious medical college, it's essential to excel in all subjects, especially biology. 

NEET Biology Questions Made Easy: Master Key Units

But have you ever wondered from which unit are most biology questions asked in the NEET? In this blog, we'll break down the NEET biology question paper, highlight the highest-scoring units, and discuss how Vedantu can help you prepare effectively.

Understanding NEET Biology Questions

The NEET biology section is known for its depth and diversity. It covers a wide range of topics, from human physiology to ecology. To prepare effectively, it's essential to know which units carry the most weight in the question paper.

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Units with the Most Questions:

  1. Human Physiology: Human Physiology is a goldmine for NEET aspirants. Topics like digestion, respiration, circulation, and excretion are frequently tested. You can expect around 15-20 questions from this unit. Understanding how our body functions is vital for any medical aspirant, so this unit is a must-study.

  1. Genetics and Evolution: Genetics is another crucial unit that is a hotbed for NEET questions. Topics like Mendelian inheritance, DNA replication, and biotechnology are often tested. You can expect around 12-15 questions from this unit.

  1. Ecology: Ecology is a surprise hit in the NEET biology question paper. Questions related to ecosystems, biodiversity, and environmental issues are gaining importance. Expect around 10-12 questions from this unit.

  1. Plant Physiology: The plant kingdom isn't left behind either. Topics like photosynthesis, plant growth, and mineral nutrition are frequently tested, accounting for around 8-10 questions.

  1. Cell Structure and Function: Cell is the foundation of biology and comprises topics like cell organelles, cell division, and biomolecules. Around 7-9, questions are usually asked from this unit.

The Most Scoring Units

While the number of questions is important, it's equally vital to know which units can help you score higher. Human Physiology, Genetics, and Evolution are often considered the highest-scoring units because of their straightforward nature and logical concepts.

  1. Human Physiology: The concepts in this unit are quite relatable and easy to understand. If you focus on topics like the circulatory system, respiratory system, and excretory system, you can score well in this section.

  1. Genetics and Evolution: Mendelian genetics is a vital topic that can significantly boost your score. Understanding the basics of inheritance and variation can help you answer a substantial number of questions in this unit.

How Vedantu Can Help in NEET Biology?

Now that you have an idea of which units are essential for NEET biology, let's explore how Vedantu can assist you in preparing effectively.

  1. Comprehensive Study Materials: Vedantu offers a wide range of study materials, including detailed notes, sample papers, and practice questions. These resources are designed to help you master each unit and topic efficiently.

  1. Live Classes: The platform provides live classes with experienced teachers who can clarify your doubts in real-time. These classes ensure that you understand the concepts thoroughly.

  1. Personalized Learning: Vedantu offers personalized learning plans tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. This ensures that you spend more time on units that need improvement, maximizing your score potential.

  1. Mock Tests: Regular mock tests and practice papers are available on Vedantu. These simulate the actual NEET experience, helping you become familiar with the question paper format and time management.

  1. Doubt Solving: Vedantu's doubt-solving sessions are a valuable resource. You can ask questions and clear your doubts on any topic, ensuring you have a strong foundation in every unit.

  1. Revision Notes: Vedantu provides concise and effective revision notes, which are crucial for last-minute preparations. These notes help you brush up on important concepts and formulae quickly.


To excel in NEET biology, it's essential to have a well-structured preparation plan. Vedantu can be a valuable ally on your journey to success. With its comprehensive study materials, live classes, personalized learning, mock tests, doubt-solving sessions, and revision notes, Vedantu equips you with the tools you need to ace the biology section of the NEET exam.

Remember, the key to success in NEET is consistent and focused preparation. Study these crucial units, practice regularly, and use the resources Vedantu offers to maximise your chances of scoring high in the NEET biology section. Good luck with your preparations, and may you achieve your dream of becoming a medical professional!

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FAQs on Scoring Big in NEET Biology: Units that Make a Difference

1. Where do most NEET biology questions come from?

Most NEET biology questions come from the NCERT textbooks. Vedantu's NEET resources are aligned with the NCERT syllabus, so you can be sure that you are learning the right concepts.

2. Which part of NEET biology questions are important?

All parts of NEET biology questions are important, but some topics are more commonly tested than others.

3. Who makes NEET biology questions?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) makes NEET biology questions. Vedantu's team of experts has years of experience in analyzing NTA's question papers, so you can be sure that our resources are up-to-date and relevant.

4. Are most NEET biology questions repeated?

Some NEET biology questions are repeated, but not all.

5. Where to find important biology NEET questions?

You can find important NEET biology questions in Vedantu's NEET biology video lectures, practice questions, and mock tests. Vedantu's resources are designed to help you learn the most important concepts and practice solving the types of questions that are most likely to be asked on the exam.

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