How to Prepare NCERT Biology for NEET Exam in 15 Days

by Asmita Kundu, May 21, 2020

Every year lakhs of students appear for the medical entrance test NEET currently being conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The nearer the exam, the more the tension rises among aspirants. When it is less than a month, students start to calculate how many days are left of the exam and how much they have to study yet. We are sure you have been there too. How to memorize NCERT Biology in 15 days before NEET?- A baffling question indeed. We have prepared a study plan for you to help you memorize whatever you have learnt of NCERT biology with 15 days to go for NEET. 

How to Prepare and Memorize Biology in 15 Days?

Experts and toppers are always of the opinion that you should never compromise with your studies and start early instead of waiting until the exam knocks on the door. The saying goes that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Thus memorizing NCERT biology in 15 days may be tough but not impossible. Follow the tips as we share in the following. 

  1. Prepare and Follow a Time-Table

Discipline is the key to all sorts of success. To master the subject of Biology within 15 days for NEET, you must prepare a time table and assign days to each chapter and topics. Give more time to those parts which you find in need of more practice and attention. 

  1. Solve Sample Papers or Previous Year’s Papers

Solve one to two sample papers or previous year’s papers each day for 10 days consecutively. Be it NEET or any competitive examinations, nothing matches the importance of sample papers as this gives you the scope of self-evaluation. How many questions did you solve? Could you answer all of them without any hiccup? Or was there a question or two which you were doubtful about? These would help you identify your progress and how much more you need to practice and revise. Stick to the time slot. 

  1. Read NCERT Biology Book Thoroughly

Revision and practice are two keys to cracking NEET successfully. Remember, NEET syllabus is NCERT-oriented and based on the curriculum. Along with your chosen reference books, you must give due attention to the NCERT books. Revising them with serious concentration will help you score more- guaranteed. 

  1. Revise Entire Syllabus

When there are 5 days left for NEET, it is time to delve deep into revising. It is the expert’s opinion that the last 5 days are for going through the whole book time and again along with the notes you prepared. A thorough revision of the whole syllabus is utterly important. In these last days do not go for sample paper solving or read new topics. Rigorous revision is all you need. 

  1. Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Do not let all the tension of NEET build up in you. Detox yourself by taking a deep breath and trying to relax your mind and body.

Following these tips will definitely help you memorize NCERT Biology for NEET in 15 days. But always remember, a last-minute study can never match the fervour of year-long preparation. Your preparation for NEET must start early and go on year-round. Focus on the HOT questions and study them minutely. Success, no doubt, will be yours.

How to Prepare NCERT Biology for NEET Exam in 15 Days