How to Start Preparing For IIT JEE From Class 10

by Saurav Mishra, August 24, 2020

If you start preparing for IIT JEE from class 10 itself, you will have three years’ worth of preparation in hand. It is advisable once you have made up your mind to crack JEE. Three years is sufficient time to prepare for the examination.

JEE is a very competitive exam, and if you want to have the edge over the other few lakh applicants, it is advisable to start early. 

The JEE syllabus consist of topics you will have in class 11 and 12, not class 10. Only a few class 10 sub-topics coincide with JEE. If it is possible for you to learn new topics alongside your class 10, then go for it. 

How to Prepare For IIT JEE From Class 10

If you are wondering how to prepare for IIT JEE from Class 10, you have come to the right place. 

You will need a plan in place for what your approach should be. 

First, decide if you are going to take coaching or not. Ask your parents for their advice and see if you want to enrol in a coaching institute. There are many coaching institutes available to choose from. Ask your seniors and find out which will be the best for you, then enrol for the classes. 

Once you have joined a coaching institute, follow the pattern of study outlined by your teacher. 

If you opt against a coaching institute and is going for self-study, then read on. Remember you have your class 10 boards to concentrate on also. Most likely, you will need a teacher to help you figure out the advanced concepts of IIT JEE. If you decide against a teacher even, here are some tips to help you get started.

How to Start JEE Preparation in Class 10th Without Coaching or Tuition

If you are wondering how to prepare for Class 10th without coaching or tuition, then read on. You will have to prepare on your own, so you have to be self-motivated and full of enthusiasm. 

Here is a two year study plan for IIT JEE. 

Step 1: How to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 10 - Take a Printout of the Syllabus Sheet for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

This is the first step. Sit down by yourself with a printout of the IIT JEE syllabus and a highlighter. Then highlight all those topic which are similar to your class 10th boards. 

Why do only these topics? 

It is not the time to start on advanced topics. It is time to work out only those problems which coincide with class 10. It will give you a hang of what is to come as you go further on. 

Step 2: How to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 10 - Coaching Material

If you have decided not to take coaching and only self study, it is advisable to buy some coaching preparatory material at least. IIT JEE needs the practice of many different types of questions. This is why it is highly recommended that you at least buy the coaching material. 

Material from any of the coaching institutes will help you practice questions and familiarise you with the examination pattern.

Step 3: How to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 10 - Buy Relevant Books

Go online and search for books to buy that will help explain your concepts. For every subject like Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics you will need relevant study and practice materials. So, research thoroughly and find out which books are worth buying. 

Step 4: How to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 10 - Follow the Feynman Technique

The reason it is recommended you do this now is that you have time. Three years is sufficient time to prepare for an examination. The Feynman technique made by famed American physicist aims at first reading through everything you know on that topic, then simplifying it down to a child’s level, then teaching it to someone else. 

This is how your studying approach should be. You should have clarity on all your topics. 

Step 5: How to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 10 - Make a Timetable

The fifth step is significantly important. Only do those topics which coincide with your class 10th. Later you can handle those topics which are for class 11 and 12. 

When you sit down to make a timetable, be very realistic. Decide how many days you are going to study for, or if you are only going to study at the weekends. Keep in mind you also have to prepare for your 10th boards, so keep aside only 10 hours each week to study for JEE.

Once you make your timetable, divide it into slots for studying and taking examinations, JEE requires you to practice many questions as possible, so set time aside for practising questions.

Step 6: How to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 10 – Study with One or Two Close Friends

To help you stay motivated and focused, it is recommended you make friends with other students who are sitting for JEE. Studying together in small groups can help to keep you motivated and focussed. It is best to prepare in small groups of twos or threes. 

Similarity In Syllabus - How To Begin Your JEE Preparation In Class 10th 

Here is detailed breakdown of the similar syllabus in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics for class 10 and JEE. 


Topics which can be done in class 10 are:

Sets, Relations and Functions, Quadratic Equations, Matrices, Permutation and Combination, Sequences and Series, Coordinate Geometry, Circles, Straight Lines, Statistics, Probability and Trigonometry are the topics which can be done in class 10 itself. 


Topics which can be done in class 10 are:

Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Gravitation, Optics, Atoms and Nuclei, Electric Current, and Magnetic Effects of Current, Sound. 


The topics which are similar to class 10th Chemistry are:

Certain parts of Some basic concepts of Chemistry, States of Matter, Atomic Structure, ionic and Covalent Bonding, Solutions, Chemical kinetics, Redox Reactions, Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry in Everyday Life.

These are the topics which can be done in class 10. 

In Closing

Hope it is clear how to start JEE preparation In Class 10th itself. With a combination of the right books, right tuition or coaching, right timetable and attitude, and the following these steps, you can formulate a two year study plan for IIT JEE 2020 or for IIT JEE 2021. 

How to Start Preparing For IIT JEE From Class 10