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How To Prepare for JEE Main in 3 Months?

By Manasvi GuptaDecember 27, 2022
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As the JEE Main 2023 exam dates have been announced by the conducting authority ie. NTA (National Testing Agency), only a few months are left for the exam. Many IIT aspirants have already started searching online for “how to crack IIT JEE in 3 months?”

First, don’t panic on account of a shortage of time. Here, we will share a good preparation strategy for IIT JEE Main aspirants with valuable tips, strategies, study plans and time management to help them crack the exam in 3 months. Take a look:

Are 3 Months Enough for JEE Main?

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Study Plan for JEE Main 2023 in 3 Months

Preparation for the JEE exam goes hand in hand with Class 12th boards. While preparing for 12th class exams, it is equally important to give enough time to your JEE preparation simultaneously. 

The IIT JEE national-level engineering entrance exam is a tough nut to crack, provided the vast syllabus and competition level. Lakhs of students from across the country appear for the exam every year, but only a few qualify. Students who aspire for the exam must put in a lot of dedication and prepare a smart study plan to crack the exam with good marks, followed by proper time management. Candidates must have the best “how to crack IIT JEE in 3 months?” tips to crack the exam with good marks. Let’s look at them:

1. Get Familiar With The Exam Pattern And Syllabus 

The very first and foremost step towards IIT JEE preparations in 3 months is getting well-versed with the JEE Main exam pattern and syllabus. It will help you know the key details such as the Marking Scheme, Exam Duration, Total Number of Questions asked etc. 





Total Number of Questions 

90 Questions

82 Questions

105 Questions

Total marks

300 Marks 

400 Marks

400 Marks


Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Mathematics, Aptitude and Drawing

Mathematics, Aptitude and Planning

Number of Marks per Section

  • Physics- 100 Marks

  • Chemistry- 100 Marks

  • Mathematics- 100 Marks

  • Mathematics- 100 Marks

  • Aptitude- 200 Marks

  • Drawing- 100 Marks

  • Mathematics- 100 Marks

  • Aptitude- 200 Marks

  • Planning- 100 Marks

2. Keep High-Weightage Chapters on Priority

If you are wondering, “Can I crack JEE in 3 months?” you should be well-acquainted with the topics and chapters carrying high weightage for the exam. Since the JEE Main syllabus is similar to the Class 11th and 12th syllabus, it will be a plus point for your preparation as you don’t have to consider two different syllabi. Keep those on priority and make a study plan accordingly. Focus on weak areas and strengthen the good ones.

3. Get Hands-On Best Books 

While NCERT books are strongly recommended reference books to strengthen your core concepts, the selection of the best books is essential for your overall JEE mains preparations. The market is flooded with a plethora of JEE books but you should avoid trying all those books. Here are the best books that you can refer to prepare for JEE Main in 3 months:



  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and walker

  • Concepts of physics (Vol. 1 and 2) by H.C Verma

  • Pradeep’s fundamental for Physics


  • R. D Sharma

  • Organic Chemistry by O P Tandon

  • Inorganic Chemistry-J. D Lee


  • R. D Sharma

  • SL Loney for Trigonometry

  • ML Khanna for IIT Mathematics

4. Make a Realistic Study Plan

If you are wondering, “How to complete the JEE syllabus in 3 months?”, you should probably go for a strict timetable. With just three months to prepare your hands, go through all the important chapters and books and create a genuine timetable accordingly. It is recommended to keep your goals short-term ie. weekly or daily, instead of long-term like monthly or quarterly. It will help you cover your syllabus within the stipulated time period.

5. Revise Regularly 

Don’t forget to revise everything that you've learned throughout your JEE preparations as it will clear your doubts and confusion as well as help remember the concepts for longer. You can go for a weekly basis revision and inculcate a habit of making notes so that you can save time during exams. Note down all the formulas, equations and important concepts and revise them frequently.

6. Effective Time Management

The answer to “how to crack IIT JEE in 3 months?” lies in none other than effective time management. To succeed in the exam, you must devise a strategy to cover all of your syllabi on time and the syllabus. It is suggested to study for at least 3-4 hours daily. Three months before the exam are crucial for aspirants, so they should only focus on covering the entire syllabus based on concept-based learning. Practice at least 100 questions from each chapter and evaluate yourself.

7. Practice Mock Tests and Last Year's Question Papers

The best way to evaluate yourself is to practise as many mock tests as possible during your JEE preparations. Mock tests are a great source to get prior exam experience as it gives you an idea about the type of questions being asked in the exam. Solving mock tests also helps you improve the speed of attempting questions. Additionally, collecting and solving last year’s question papers will also help boost concepts.

8. Stay Motivated and Positive

While having a study plan for JEE Main in 3 months, it is extremely important for the candidates to stay motivated, and focused as well as maintain a positive state of mind. Many students panic or experience anxiety, looking at the short span of time. But instead of getting upset, calm down and follow these JEE Main preparations tips.

Summing Up

Though a period of three months doesn’t leave you with so much scope to prepare for IIT JEE, it's possible to crack the exam with good marks following a good strategic study plan. Students get anxious about maintaining the boards along with their JEE preparations simultaneously, an in-depth knowledge of concepts and frequent revision can help them produce productive results.

FAQs on How To Prepare for JEE Main in 3 Months?

1. What is the marking scheme for JEE Main exam 2023?

There is a negative marking scheme of 1 mark for each incorrect answer while candidates will be given 4 marks for each correct answer.

2. What is the duration of the JEE Main exam?

The duration of the JEE Main exam is 3 Hours.

3. Are NCERT books enough for JEE Main Exam?

Though NCERT books cover a large portion of the JEE Main schedule, it is advised to consider other reference books to prepare for the exam.

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