How to Crack JEE Main Without Coaching

by Asmita Kundu, April 28, 2020

JEE Main is organised by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission process into undergraduate programs like Architecture (B.Arch/B.Planning) and Engineering (B.E/B.Tech)  at various  NITs and IITs. Clearing JEE Main needs a lot of dedication from your side. Cracking JEE Main is a dream come true for many. Most people have a common perception that cracking JEE Main without coaching is next to impossible. However, this is far from the truth.  The truth is that JEE Main is a tough nut to crack with or without coaching.  Whether or not you have enrolled yourself in one of the coaching centres claiming high success rates the fact of the matter is that to crack JEE Main you need a well-structured study plan in place so that you can learn efficiently, effectively and Crack JEE Main effortlessly. A well-structured study schedule gives you ample time to work on your knowledge, speed, split-second decision-making skills, analytical skills and much more. Read on and know more about how to crack JEE Main without coaching.

Accumulate All the Details

Before you start with your preparation, you have to gather all the information regarding the exam. Information such as the syllabus, the exam pattern, weightage of each topic and the exam schedule.  You should also be aware of all the details and information beforehand. Knowing the details well beforehand will help you prepare a sound study plan.

Draw up a Prudent Study Plan

Prepare a timetable and follow it strictly. This will help you to stay focused on your preparation. Allocate a fixed time to study according to the JEE Main syllabus. It is always good to keep the syllabus handy to refer to. Take sufficient breaks in between, and study for a maximum of 3 hours at a stretch. Make a study plan that includes studying different subjects in a day. Ensure you keep some time for revising what you have learnt earlier before you start learning a new topic. Keep enough time for practising numerical and taking mock tests.

Start Your Preparation From Scratch

Having a good grip on the basic concepts will make your learning task easier. Start your preparation from stage 1 where you have to learn the basic things which you may or may not be already aware of. There is nothing wrong if you read the same thing again and again. With this, you can conquer the concept well. Once you are perfect with the basics, then you can start focusing on learning more complex topics. This way, by the time you will be done with your preparation, you will be thorough with the A-Z of the syllabus. 

Follow a Proper Guide or Study Material

If you want to Crack JEE Main Without Coaching you need to figure out the best textbooks and study guides to learn from. NCERT books are the best places to kick start your preparation. Once you have covered NCERT books and NCERT Solutions, then you can refer to the other books as well. Keep a proper track on books which you are preparing from. Research a little before you refer to any book.

Make a List of Important Topics

Prepare a list of important concepts which have a high weightage of marks and are more important from the exam point of view. It is important to cover the complete syllabus, but you must focus more on the topics that have more weightage on the basis of exam analysis. You’ll have to prepare the list subject wise. 

Stay Positive

Always focus on positive thought, and make sure you avoid negative thoughts to creep inside your head while preparing or before the examination. Staying positive will always keep you in good spirits and push you towards the goal. Staying positive will also increase your will power and energy to achieve your goals and motivate you through the tough times.


Prepare a Subject-Wise Strategy

Every subject is different from one another. Hence creating a subject-wise study strategy is a prudent and effective learning technique. This will make your preparation easier and efficient. Some subjects need you to focus more on the practical side of the subject, and some will really need you to emphasise on the theoretical aspect of the subject. Some subjects will have easier but lengthier concepts, and some subjects will have short yet tough to comprehend concepts. Unless you tweak your study strategy to match up to the subject requirement, you will not be able to successfully prepare and Crack  JEE Main from Home.

Revise Regularly

Revising on a regular basis will help you find your weaknesses and rigorously work on them till you overcome them. Once you understand where you lack, things will become easier for you to deal with. Revising on a regular basis will not only help you overcome your weaknesses but also strengthen your strengths. A good way of self-evaluation is taking regular mock tests. This exercise will keep you grounded and keep you aware of your preparatory levels.

If you religiously and diligently follow the above mentioned effective and proven study tips you are sure to ace your JEE Main exam.

How to Crack JEE Main Without Coaching