7 Ways to Stay Motivated for JEE Preparation During the Lockdown

by Gowthamy, July 15, 2020

Top Ways to Stay Motivated For JEE Preparation During The Lockdown

With the declaration of countrywide lockdown, medical aspirants need to be juggling for solutions to ‘How to stay motivated during the lockdown period for JEE 2020 preparation?’. As now candidates require to spend their time sitting at home, it is counseled that they gratify themselves in innovative techniques of learning. JEE preparation suggestions in the direction of lockdown are something candidates need to be conscious of. All the do’s and don’ts bearing on the preparations for JEE 2020 should be saved in thoughts and adhered to.

How to Keep Yourself Motivated for JEE Main 2020 All through Coronavirus Outbreak

  • Think of Your Destiny Plan

Basically, you need to wipe out your remembrance. Think generally about what exactly you want to acquire in eternity. Do you want to be admitted into a dividend or a reputable university to pursue your engineering passions? Then you may have to utilize the time bequeathed due to the ongoing pandemic. This additional time provided can be a blessing if used precisely.

  • Create a Schedule

This is one of the best techniques to inspire yourself for JEE Main 2020 throughout the Coronavirus outbreak is to design a schedule that exactly fits your choices and ability. Plan out your day whilst providing adequate quantities of breaks in among to recharge your self. Strive to formulate a program in order to include numerous subjects throughout the materials. This will assure that there is no boredom within the studies. By building a plan, you'll be able to observe it and be on track together with your direction and revision.

  • Learn from Your Mistakes

Humans tend to make mistakes and from each mistake, there'll be loads to learn. Stop regretting what has taken place and attempt to be given it and keep shifting ahead. Ignoring errors doesn’t help in any way, preserve in mind that, do now not fall into the identical mistake again. Pick up, dirt up and hold with the flow. Try mock tests of JEE Main to measure your progress in the preparation. You will be able to recognise what common mistakes are being made and as a result, fix it. Along with mock assessments, you may also solve sample papers of JEE Main.

  • Be Self-Driven

At the cease of the day, it is you who has to decide how you want to spend your time in the course of lockdown. Maintain proper ideas and work hard on accomplishing it. There can be instances whilst you wish to give up, nevertheless, if you want to achieve your dreams of cramming engineering, hard work is crucial.

  • Keep Contact with Your Pals and Teachers

Nothing can be a bigger motivation than expressions from your pals. Maintain a constant association with your buddies and examine what is to be studied and improved and share your plans. This will assist you to understand the progress of your buddies which in turn will make you more inspired to look at. Staying in contact with your tutors to get guidance about important topics and syllabus of JEE Main 2020 will also be a huge motivating aspect at the same time as studying.

  • Focus Only on One Thing

Make sure that you do not have any distractions whilst you are learning. Clear out your table before starting your learning and keep the handiest of the books and notes that you are reading at that time. This will let you informed on what's to be studied with no distractions.

  • Indulge in More-Curricular Activities

Along with studying, you could take a hobby in extracurricular activities during your studying consultation breaks. By performing some extracurricular sports, your thoughts might be refreshed and you may be able to observe well within the next sessions. Play board games together with your circle of relatives or cautiously concentrate on some good music. Extracurricular activities will simply lead you to look at in a greater encouraged style since you may be looking ahead to the breaks.


Students need to be more focused on Vedantu JEE Main 2020 question paper for the examination guidance. They shouldn’t lose their hope and keep a normal check on what they are preparing. They should recognition on major factors without missing anything. The self-analysis makes a big difference within the student’s mindset. Staying motivated all through the preparation and whilst giving the exam is the essential key to success.

7 Ways to Stay Motivated for JEE Preparation During the Lockdown