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Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 10 Solutions Chapter 5 - Our Environment

Last updated date: 21st May 2024
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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology Solutions Chapter 5 - Our Environment - Free PDF Download

Vedantu - No.1 online tutoring company in India provides you the Free PDF download of Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 10 Solutions Chapter 5 - Our Environment solved by Expert Teachers. The textbook solution is to help students to complete their homework and prepare to Score More marks in their exams. Register for our online tuitions with best Biology tutors across India. You can also register Online for Class 10 Science tuition on Vedantu to score more marks in CBSE board examination. 

Vedantu is a platform that provides free CBSE Solutions (NCERT) and other study materials for students. Math Students who are looking for the better solutions ,can download Class 10 Math NCERT Solutions to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 10 Biology Chapter 5 solutions explains what happens when we add our waste to the climate. The primary subjects of the chapter incorporate Ecosystem  - What are its parts, food chains  and networks, how do our exercises influence the climate, ozone layer, how the ozone layer is getting drained, and dealing with the trash we produce.


Chapter has 10 exercises with around 163 questions altogether. Every one of the questions are as per the most recent NCERT design. The Lakhmir Singh solutions given by the professionals of Vedantu assists with giving an unmistakable point of view about the critical thoughts of the chapters and will assist you to excel in your Board Exams. 


In the event of any doubts in these questions, you won't need to surge elsewhere as we have furnished you with the most appropriate solutions. Our experts have done careful research on the subjects to make these responses for you. Peruse them once and settle every one of your questions without a doubt.

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Important Topics in Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology Solutions Chapter 5 - Our Environment

Mode of Nutrition in Animals and Plants

Types of Components


Trophic Levels

Law of Conservation of Energy

Energy Flow

Food Chain

Characteristics of Ecosystem

FAQs on Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 10 Solutions Chapter 5 - Our Environment

1. What is the right approach to study Class 10 Biology Chapter 5 effectively?

  • Start early and make NCERT books as your essential course reading. Use NCERT solutions arranged by Vedantu.

  • When you go through the hypothesis of Class 10 Biology from the Vedantu theory section, you are especially mindful with regards to the concept which you study, then address the MCQ given in the work out.

  • Now try to solve at least 30 questions for every point, you will get 300 to 400 MCQ based questions in Class 10 science part of Vedantu.

  • Discover the problems and right down them your Notes book, color them with a red pen with highlighter.

2. What does Chapter 5 - Our Environment of Lakhmir Singh Class 10 include?

The chapter "Our Environment," includes the various kinds of components present in our surroundings. This illustration gives us point by point depictions of the biological system, food chain, food web and energy change starting with one organism then onto the next. We will also find out with regards to the various hazards occurring in the climate. The natural risks incorporate various types of contamination, global pollution, and animals getting extinct from the planet. This chapter also explains how to control these hazards and how to prevent them.

3. What is trophic level in Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology Chapter 5?

Trophic Levels allude to the various levels in a food web according to the progression of energy. The few trophic levels are recorded here:

  • Producers

  • Primary consumers

  • Secondary consumers

  • Tertiary consumers

  • Quaternary consumers

  • Decomposers

This chapter explains each and every aspect of trophic level in detail. Find these solutions and explanations in easy language at Vedantu. You can download the solutions in just a single click by signing up on the website. Vedantu provides easy solutions to all the Class 10 Biology chapters in a PDF form that is easy to read. Students of Biology Class 10 can get these solutions for free. 

4. What are some good tips to study well in Class 10 Biology?

Some of the good tips to study well in Class 10 Biology are as follows.

  •  Set up a time table for one week and attempt to follow and execute the pattern rigorously.

  • Divide the table on the regular routine, fix the objective on hour premise i.e number of questions ought to be finished specifically time period. Or on the other hand the specific subject ought to be covered in a specific time period.

  • By the end of the day's end discover targets which you accomplished. It will give you sure energy to finish the schedule and to follow your everyday targets.