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Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 10 Solutions Chapter 2 - Control and Coordination

Last updated date: 18th May 2024
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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology Solutions Chapter 2 - Control and Coordination - Free PDF Download

Vedantu – No.1 online tutoring company in India provides you the Free PDF download of Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 10 Solutions Chapter 2 – Control and Coordination solved by expert teachers. The textbook solution is to help students to complete their homework and prepare to score more marks in their exams. Register for our online tuitions with the best Biology tutors across India. 

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology Solutions

If we touch a hot cup of tea by mistake, our hand automatically moves away from it at a fast pace, this fast response happens in order to save ourselves from the possible damage. Upon carefully thinking about it, we can understand that all these sudden movements in response to the environment are carefully controlled. Any change that occurs in an environment results in an appropriate movement corresponding to the occurred phenomenon. From such instances, we can say that our as well as the animal’s movements get triggered when a change occurs in an environment around us. In scientific terms, such movement happens because of control and coordination. There are general principles that the living body follows, with the help of which it behaves in a particular manner, or it responds to the environment in a particular manner.

Chapter 2 of the Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology, which is Control and Coordination, explains how this system of control and coordination works in the living creatures, such as humans, animals, and also plants. The chapter discusses reflexive actions, what happens in the human brain at the time of reflexive actions, immediate response to stimulus in plants, etc.

In short, Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology Chapter 2, Control and Coordination, discusses the nervous system which enables the living creatures to react to the changes that take place in the environment. To put it in an even simpler manner, when your friend talks with you in a library, then you two speak in a low voice, instead of shouting, because you know you should not shout in a library. In a similar manner, our brain knows a variety of things, and also how to react to those things. And the same is discussed in a detailed manner in the Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology Chapter 2 Control and Coordination.

List of Exercises in Chapter 2 – Control and Coordination

Exercise 2.1 – 16 questions


Exercise 2.2 – 21 Questions


Exercise 2.3 – 15 questions


Exercise 2.4 – 31 questions


Exercise 2.5 – 9 questions


Benefits of Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 10 Biology Chapter 2 – Control and Coordination

Vedantu gives advanced techniques to study on the internet. Because of this, it stands apart from others. A portion of different advantages given here are as per the following:

  • We have re-purposed the learning system and refreshed it such that it can help you inside and out.

  • We give all the answers for every one of the exercises given in Class 10 Biology Chapter 2 according to the most recent CBSE rules.

  • Our Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 10 Biology, planned by professionals, simplify it for you to learn Chapter 2 without any problem.

  • The solutions presented by Vedantu are refreshed consistently, which is forthright, definite, and simultaneously gives a top to bottom outline of the chapter.

FAQs on Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 10 Solutions Chapter 2 - Control and Coordination

1. What does the chapter explain about the central nervous system?

The central sensory system of the human body comprises the mind and the spinal cord. The mind has various parts. Elements of those parts include the following:

  • The frontal cortex is responsible for feelings, thinking, rationale, memory, discourse, visual handling, and so forth. 

  • Pons communicate messages from hindbrain to forebrain.

  • Medulla Oblongata controls autonomic activities like yawning, sniffling, heartbeat, circulatory strain, breathing, and so on. 

2. How many chapters are there in Class 10 Biology?

Basically, science includes the investigation of living creatures, from single-celled organic entities to multicellular plants, creatures, and people. Some fundamental subjects of the science illustration might incorporate cell design and capacities, natural evolution, heredity and hereditary qualities, and ecosystem. So, to cover these aspects from basic to advanced level, Biology has six chapters in total that explain each and every aspect of Biology thoroughly. The chapters are: 

  • Life Process

  • Control and Coordination

  • How do Organisms Reproduce?

  • Heredity and Evolution

  • Our Environment

  • Management of Natural Resources

3. Should Class 10 students refer to Lakhmir Singh books?

Lakhmir Singh's book for Class 10 science is sensibly quite possibly the most reliable book, which helps you to outperform in the examinations. Likewise, It helps you to comprehend the ideas and furthermore in learning the craft of composing answers. Subsequently, it makes an ideal read for the board tests in contrast with other books. The students will observe the syllabus fascinating and will actually want to develop their ideas all the more without any problem. The themes are clarified in simple language to plan pleasantly for their final board assessments.

4. How can I study the Biology of Class 10?

To start with, comprehend the ideas; science isn't about pursuing but comprehension. Peruse the NCERT cautiously and make out your notes. Writing is more useful and valuable than examining. The fact is writing whenever what you've discovered resembles pursuing exactly the same thing 4–5 times. Comprehend and practise the charts well. Outlines are the way to get great imprints in science. Reexamine every topic of your chapters routinely. Many individuals imagine science as a hypothetical subject that doesn't require useful questions, but it actually does. 


Vedantu furnishes a professional intent to focus on the 10th Biology Class adequately since there are a bunch of things that should be learned effectively. We have isolated the tremendous syllabus based on chapters for the simplicity of students. These Class 10 science concentrates on material that could likewise be used for learning. The chapter's content has been divided into the most significant themes and general understanding points. The students who had missed a few sections while learning in class can allude to our review material. This review material has been concocted so that it could be helpful to concentrate just as quickly as revision.