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TSBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Class 12 Economics TSBSE Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

Students are instructed to answer all the questions as per their choice. They can draw suitable diagrams for respective questions as well. Long answer type questions are from serial nos. 1 to 5 in section 'A'. Students can answer any three questions out of the five given questions. Every answer may be limited to 40 lines. For every question, the marking is ten marks. Short answer type questions are from serial nos. 6 to 17 in section 'B'. 

Out of twelve given questions, any eight questions may be answered. Every answer may be restricted to 20 lines. Each question carries five marks. Very short answer type questions are from serial nos. 18 to 37 in section 'C'. Out of twenty given questions, any fifteen questions may be answered. Every answer may be restricted to 5 lines. Each question carries two marks.

How to Download TSBSE 12th Economics Question Paper 2020?

Vedantu is inviting the interested students to log in to the website so that they can avail of their requirements and select the respective subject to learn about it. 

Salient Features Of TSBSE Syllabus

The TSBSE syllabus for Economics has its feature of giving education to the students. 

  • There are many choices available in this state board so that the apprentices can select their particular branch for their future studies.

  • Vedantu is also following the guidelines prepared by the state board (TSBSE) so that it will be very much easier for the students who are in TSBSE. 

  • Scholars can avail of the best training and direction in their particular focuses.

TSBSE Economics Model Paper 2020

We have collected some information that is satisfying about the TSBSE Economics question paper 2020 solved for Class 12.

Q1. What Are the Major Problems in the Development of the Transport System in India?


The major problems in the development of the transport system in India are

A. Defective Preparation of Transport System

In India, it has been tested that we have unbalanced development of transport systems. In certain cities and regions like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, there is heavy pressure on road and rail transport.

To develop a balanced transport system; substitute courses should be industrialized, such as the metro in Delhi has cut the pressure on road transport.

B. Deficiency of RailRoad Coordination

In a country like India, Road and Rail transport systems are the chief transportation. They both should work coordinately. Due to the lack of rail transport, people choose the road transport.

Back in the year 1951, the coordination between road and train transport was not the same. A ratio had been developed between road transport in freight traffic and passenger traffic. The ratio was (11: 26) %. In the present day, the ratio is 60% and 80%, respectively.

C. Worn out and Obsolete Assets

As we have some worn out and obsolete assets, it is a vital issue in the transportation system. In India, we still have some old and worn out infrastructure for transportation. 

For the renewal purpose, our railway department must replace the 25% of the route length and 75 to 80% of machinery in railway workshops. 

Many buses that plied by State Road Transport Corporations are outmoded and out modelled. The quantity is around 80% and above. They need to be replaced immediately. 

D. Improved Technology

The latest technology is the need of the hour. Modernization in the transport system is very much required to balance the transportation ratio. Our workers are using age-old technology in the rail and road transport system; that is why our progress is slow.

The construction of roads is substandard. The road transportation upsurges wear and tear of vehicles and overhead spending. 

The main problem of railway transport is engine design, old signalling systems, multi-axle vehicles, and worn-out tracks.

Q2. Describe the Cause of the Rapid Growth of the Population in India?


This is the most important headache for our country, and some important points about the rapid growth of population in India are:

  1. High Birth Rate

  • Early Marriage System

  • Universal Marriage

  • Joint Family System 

  • Poverty 

  1. Low Death Rate

  2. Migration

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Some benefits can be acquired by the students with the help of Vedantu’s TSBSE Class 12 Economics.

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FAQs on TSBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2020

1. Is Class 12 Economics Difficult?

For Class 12, Economics can be a very stimulating major. It needs a solemn commitment to complete the course outline. 

The TSBSE board bids the best syllabus in the subject of Economics so that with correct direction and information, they can challenge the hard part and score well.

2. Are TSBSE Economics Solved Papers Enough for Class 12 Boards?

Answering the sample papers can be cooperative for the TSBSE Class 12 Economics subject. This can bring you transitory knowledge about the future examination’s design, method of question preparations, along with marking plans. 

The explained papers are available on the Vedantu website. Scholars can download them and exercise with ease.

3. Is the Vedantu App Helpful for Scoring Good Marks?

Here are some features that are helpful for the apprentices who have downloaded the Vedantu app.

  • They can access any content as per the latest TSBSE syllabus.

  • Suitable app layout which makes the learning easy for every student.

  • Aspirants can download the pdf files of individual subjects for further learning.

4. How Do I Score Well in the TSBSE Class 12?

Securing good marks in the TSBSE is pretty easy. All you want is a precise plan. Scholars can give their time to every subject and cover the syllabus within the perfect time.

Also, students must be clear about the perceptions of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, mathematics, and good in literature as well.