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TSBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Class 12 Chemistry TSBSE Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

Telangana Board is the state board of Telangana state and they also follow the same 10+2 system which was followed by CBSE. Telangana board organises exams under the control of the Directorate of Government Examinations. Both class 11th and 12th exams are conducted by the Telangana Board of Intermediate Education, TSBIE. They offer two types of courses to the students i.e. regular and vocational, and they mainly start their 12th board exam in the month of March or April. 

Vedantu believes is practising more and more questions, to make your concepts stronger and for enhancing your learning ability we provide you with last five year chemistry solved papers. As chemistry is always considered a trickier subject than others. So keep practising from Vedantu solved papers with the best-explained solution. 

Class 12 Chemistry TSBSE Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

Information About Science Stream

If you are from the science stream i.e from maths or biology then chemistry will be considered as a puzzling or confusing subject as it is based on the concept and analytical topic. If all concepts are clear in your mind then you can easily score above 90+ marks in chemistry. But students have to put their efforts so that they can get a good percentage in their state board exam.

About Telangana Board

The Telangana board exam of class 12th is similar to other state board exams, and the language of the question paper is in Telugu, English, Hindi, Urdu.  TSBSE class 12 chemistry is an important subject for the science stream as per the Telangana state board’s point of view. Students should give their extra efforts so that they can get a good percentage in their Telangana board exam of class 12th. 

Strategies Needed To Perform Well In Telangana Board

Apart from clearing your concepts on different topics, you have to practice more number of set papers and previous year question paper by which you will develop an attractive answer framing skill which will make your answer more attractive and illustrative and you will also learn time management skill i.e how much time should be devoted to that particular question as each question has their different time demand. Students should devote their full concentration to chemistry subjects as it has so many confusing concepts that make it more difficult in getting them so the only way by which we can grasp and understand all these concepts easily is by going through all the concepts or topics again and again as this revising habit will make your concept more clear. We all know that practise makes a man perfect, so to make yourself perfect in chemistry you have to solve more and more practice papers. You can solve more practice papers from Vedantu in both offline and online mode. Consistency or command in the subject is a very important part of preparing for the Telangana board exam as Telangana is a state board exam and the state board is always considered tougher than the CBSE board. Telangana board offers you the choice of answer writing as the mode of answering the paper is in four languages i.e Telugu, English, Hindi, Urdu and you can choose any among them.

For scoring an appreciable percentage you need to be regular in your studies and other schedules as you can't score well by preparing for the last month of the exam. An achievement always needs an effort and achieving the best score on the Telangana board also needs practice and full concentration on your studies. 

About Chemistry Subject Paper Pattern

Chemistry class 12th paper of Telangana board has three sections; section A, section B, and section C. The chemistry subject itself is divided into three sections i.e organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry and all these sections have equal weightage in the question paper. So, based on these sections, the question paper of the Chemistry Telangana board is set. Questions are mainly divided into three sections: section A which has five questions and all these questions are in objective form and are compulsory to attempt, in section B you have to attempt only six questions out of given questions and at last in section C you have to attempt only two questions of your choice.  

FAQs on TSBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020

1. Explain the Weightage of Individual Chapter In Board Paper?

Section-wise weightage of each part of chemistry i.e organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry is discussed here. Chapters which come in physical chemistry are  Electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Solutions, The solid-state, Surface chemistry comes under this category. This consists of 23 marks and has 33% of the weightage of the whole paper. Organic chemistry deals with compounds that we will see around us i.e in our environment. Chapters that are covered under organic chemistry are haloalkanes, haloarenes, aldehydes, ketones, etc. Organic chemistry is asked for 28 marks in the board exam. Whereas inorganic chemistry is considered to be the toughest part of chemistry as it is almost a theoretical part, which students find difficult to mug up.

2. Explain the Advantage of Solving Previous Year Papers?

If you are in the habit of solving previous year’s question papers then definitely you will see positive outcomes of that. The more you solve the previous year question paper the more you revise the entire syllabus of chemistry and you also learn about the weightage and pattern of the question paper as some of the questions are repeated year over year, so from this only you will get command over various topics as practising thing, again and again, makes you perfect from every angle.   

Link of Solved Practice Paper

Below is a link to the PDF of the chemistry set paper from where you can download the practice paper and practice as many questions as you want, this will increase your accuracy and writing skills and by this, you will score good marks in class 12th board exam. The best educators of Vedantu are preparing a practice set paper for you as they give their best to bring the quality of questions in practice set paper. Download the Vedantu app and get ready to practice.