Learn About Functions of Political Parties

In India, there are so many different political parties that tend to stand for all the elections that happen for the selection of a particular government. With the presence of these political parties, democracy in India has been in a very good and healthy place over the years. So, it can be said without a single speck of doubt that having political parties means a proper and healthy situation for any nation. Here we are going to learn about the functions of political parties and much more. Students will also get to learn the different features that make up a political party and what role it plays in democracy.

Introduction to Political Parties: What Are the Functions of Political Parties?

Political parties are basically created in order to make sure that the country has a group of people to rule over it. Not to mention that it provides the people of the country with a particular choice to make an effective and more evolved decision for the government that they have. Apart from that, the drive to win an election also drives other political parties to perform well and gather more votes than their competitors. So, it can be said that the functions of political parties are certainly very important for the betterment of the country. The party that ends up getting most of the votes will be the one winning the elections. But why do we need to have a political party in the first place? This is exactly what we are going to find out right now.

When it comes to discussing a political party, it can be said that this party is made up of a particular group of people. The people then come together to compete in order to win the elections so that they get a major share of the power while running the government. Apart from that, political parties also enable voters to support common goals and interests in the country.

The main role of political parties in India is to make sure that several political policies and agendas are being created and fixed for the betterment of the country. So, that is one of the main reasons why every single political party tries to ensure the people take claims of their policies and end up voting for them.

If seen from a broader view, with the help of a political party, the people will be able to send their messages to the government on the needs and requirements of the country. Every single political party must have some important components:

  • Leaders

  • Members that are active

  • Followers

What are the Functions of Political Parties

When it comes to the functions that a political party has, there are quite many. It is important for the parties to perform these functions so that they can be considered a political party in the first place. We are going to list some of these functions and features of a political party so that you can understand them in a better way.

  • It is the function of a political party to put up certain candidates that can help in the elections.

  • For countries such as the USA, members, as well as the supporters of the parties, tend to select the candidates.

  • However, in India, the top leaders of the party are responsible for the selection of the candidates.

  • There are different programs and policies of every single party. Voters have to make the selection on the basis of their like and dislike for certain policies.

  • If it is a democratic country, a political party would consist of people who have similar opinions and views regarding the running of the government.

  • The parties that don’t win an election are known as the opposition. These parties have different policies and views. The opposition is often seen to criticize the policies and views of the government in case there is a failure anywhere.

  • Another one of the major functions of political parties is that they tend to shape the opinion of the public. There are certain pressure groups that help in the launching of movements in order to solve the problems that people are facing.

  • Political parties also have access to different welfare schemes and machinery of the government.

What is the Need For Political Parties?

Without having a political party, there cannot be an existence of democracy in a country. So, in case there aren’t any political parties, then the candidates would be independent and they wouldn’t have the efficiency to make any major changes to the country or the people. So, there will be no responsibility for running the country. One of the major features of political parties in India is to ensure that the country has proper schemes of welfare. So, it can be said safely that having a political party is really important.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Main Functions of Political Parties?

Ans: Some of the main functions of political parties include:

  • Conducting elections to select a winning party that would be responsible for running the government in a democratic country

  • Coming up with political views and policies that need to be implemented in order to ensure the betterment of the country

  • Planning and thinking up of decision-making schemes in order to execute

  • Fixing all of the agendas and policies to ensure that the government runs smoothly and without any hassle

  • Providing schemes and welfare associations so that the people of the country have the best possible lives

In order to explain the function of political parties, these are some points which are going to be really important.

2. Define a Political Party?

Ans: In order to define a political party, it can be said that it is basically a party that consists of a certain group of people who need to win an election in order to get the power so that they can rule the government without any hassle. One of the most important things to keep in mind about the political parties is that they should consist of people who have the same views and policies regarding the running of the government and the welfare of people. There are more than one political parties that tend to compete against one another so that they can win the election.