Thermometer Reading Temperature

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We all have been there when we are not feeling like going to school due to the homework which we haven’t done. We try everything possible to make our parents believe that we have a fever and there is nothing we are going to miss today. Then our farther brings up the ultimate testing weapon, the thermometer, and all our dreams of having a rest day from school went up in smoke. Today we are going to talk about the technology behind thermometer and how one needs to read the thermometer correctly. 

What Is The Correct Reading Of The Thermometer?

Before we look at how to read a thermometer, lets first see how thermometer finds out the body temperature. On which mechanism does it work and what makes it provide us with accurate body temperature. In most of the cases, we see thermometer using Mercury as a liquid to measure the temperature. The thermometer is made from a glass tube that is sealed from both ends so that no fluid can escape it. When the temperature around the glass tube increases, the liquid starts to expand in the tube. As a result, we see the liquid go up and reach the higher units of temperature. 

The glass tube has a backboard inside in which the unit to measure temperature is marked. In everyday thermometer reading temperature, we have Fahrenheit unit of measurement. We measure the temperature by checking the level of the liquid on the backboard, which has degrees written on it. 

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Furthermore, Alcohol is also used in lots of thermometers as it remains in liquid form in most of the temperature that we have on earth. It is easy to find an alcohol-based thermometer in school with the colour red or green to show us the temperature. On the other hand, Alcohol is not used when it comes to measuring high temperature as it starts to boils at 80 degrees Celsius. So in these cases, industries use Mercury as the base for thermometer liquid. 

Types of Thermometer

There are several ways to check the body temperature of an individual with the advancement in technology. Scientists and doctors have created a wide variety of thermometer which can be used to measure the body temperature. Given below is the list of different types of thermometer. 

Digital Thermometer 

This is not the latest thermometer that has been developed. But it is the most accurate one among all the temperature measuring thermometers out there in the market. Just like an old school thermometer you need to insert it in your mouth and put it under your tongue to measure the temperature.

Or you can put it under your arm to measure the temperature. You can find them in your local drug store, and they can be used both in the public and private environments. 

Forehead Thermometers

These are the latest thermometers that we see today, and they are pretty convenient as you don’t even have to get in contact with the patient. As a result, it is not as accurate as of the first one on our list. They read the heat signal using infrared technology. 

Plastic Strip Thermometers

If you want to know if the patient has a fever or not, you can use this thermometer. It’s more of the test then a thermometer, but still, a lot of doctors considered it to be one. You won’t be getting an exact temperature reading from this machine. It merely provides you with an indication of whether the person has a fever or not. To use it, all you need to do is put the strip on the forehead of the patient, and if the color changes to danger, the person might have a fever. 

Pacifier Thermometer

These are used in case of babies that are older than 3 months, and this thermometer requires a couple of minutes to provide you with an accurate reading.

Glass And Mercury Thermometer

Our last pick is glass and Mercury, this is the old combination, and it works like a charm, this thermometer configuration gives you the most accurate reading of the temperature. You need to place it inside your mouth, or you can put it in your armpit to measure the temperature.  

How To Measure Body Temperature By Thermometer?

Given below are the step that you need to follow to measure temperature from thermometer reading

  1. First, wash your hands with soap and water. In addition to this, clean your thermometer sensor with rubbing alcohol and then rinse it.

  2. Before taking the temperature, do not eat or drink for about 5 minutes at least. 

  3. Now place the sensor of your thermometer under your tongue. 

  4. Please keep it in the same position for roughly 50 seconds. 

  5. If you have a digital thermometer, it will make a beeping noise once the reading is complete.

  6. Otherwise, you can take it out after 50 seconds and note down the reading of liquid alongside the degrees.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why the thermometer is kept under the tongue?

The intense heat which is used to measure the temperature of our body is present under our tongue. As a result, it is generally required to put the thermometer’s measuring sensor under your tongue. in addition to this, the underside of our tongue has the most blood flow and provide the most accurate measurements. If we keep it underarm, as it gets in contact with air, the senor will cool down, and the reading will be falsified.

2. Why are Children not given a thermometer to put in their mouth?

If you have a glass thermometer, it is not advisable to use it to measure the temperature of a child. Because children are innocent, they don’t know much about things, and when something is in their mouth, they try to eat it. Thus, the glass can break, and the mercury present inside can get in your child's body, which is poisonous.