Solar Car Project

The Solar Car Project 

A solar car is a vehicle operated with the energy produced from sunlight. Solar cars work on solar power. Hence,  they do not require diesel or any other fuel to start. The sunlight which we receive is stored on a panel that can later be used. This is known as “solar power”. This car charges its battery with the help of the sunlight and solar panels. It can be used for transportation. Most of the solar cars are built for the purpose of solar car races. A solar car depends on a solar array that uses a photovoltaic (PV) cell that converts sunlight into electricity. 

When the rays of sunlight strike the photovoltaic cell, the electrons get excited and start to flow. This generates an electric current. PV cells are made up of semiconductor material.

Steps on How to Make a Solar Car 

Here's how a small solar car project can be made at home.

Material that is required to make the solar car are:

  • Solar panel

  • DC motor

  • Motor mount

  • Four wheels

  • Straw

  • Hot glue

  • Soldering machine

  • Craft knife

  • Cardboard

  • Steel wires

  • Tubes

  1. First, connect the most crucial part of the vehicle that controls the wheels of the car, which is a DC motor. Solder the wires from DC motor directly to the wheels of the car as a gear.

  2. After that, take cardboard and cut it properly in the form of a rectangle.

  3. Now stick the tubes on the cardboard by the glue stick which we have cut down.

  4. A small space is made on the cardboard for the gear.

  5. Now the wheel with gear attached is inserted inside the tube. Wheels are connected to the shaft.

  6. Now adjust the wheels, shaft, and the motor.

  7. The last step is to attach a solar panel on the top of the cardboard with the help of the glue so that it does not fall.

  8. Then connect the solar panel by the DC motor using the soldering.

  9. Note that the solar panel must be kept in a slanting position.

  10. After that take the solar car to a sunny location so that it can absorb sunlight.

Working on The Solar Car

When the solar car project is ready, take it to a location where there is ample sunlight.

Place the car on a flat surface and make sure that the solar panel is faced with sunlight. After absorbing the sunlight, the car will start to work.

We can similarly try this inside our houses by replacing the sunlight with a high-power bulb. We can expect a result(which will be the same as observed by sunlight).

In this solar car project, we will get to learn about the working of the DC motors, the solar panels, and we can make such more projects with the help of them.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Car 


  1. A solar car is an eco-friendly vehicle because it has zero emission levels. They do not burn fuels. The motors generate electricity that does not emit any toxic gases or produce any pollution in the environment.

  2. The solar car makes less noise pollution when compared to the vehicles powered by conventional fuel.

  3. Solar car vehicle has no fuel cost and it requires a low cost for maintenance.

  4. Since the solar car is made of light-weighted components, the car runs faster and smoothly as compared to normal vehicles.

  5. In the solar car, solar panels derive the energy from the sunlight/bright bulbs and store them. This stored energy can be used in the future as well. 


  1. The solar panels or the photovoltaic cell can only convert 20-30% of the sunlight into electricity depending upon the material that has been used.

  2. The solar car does not have driver safety features and any other equipment like headlights, rearview mirror, etc.

  3. The solar car requires a large surface area to mount the solar panels.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do Solar Panels Work in The Rainy Season?

Photovoltaic cells used in solar cars can absorb direct or indirect sunlight to produce energy. Even though they are most effective in direct sunlight, solar-powered devices can still function when the sunlight is partially blocked by clouds. The rain might actually be helpful, to keep the panels operating efficiently by washing away any dust or dirt stuck on the solar panel. If you live in an area where there is maximum sunlight, excess energy generated by the panels during sunny hours will be stored. This energy can be utilized in the absence of sunlight. 

2. What are The Uses of Solar Cells?

A solar cell is used for many applications some of them are,

A solar cell in calculators – Solar cell calculator uses photovoltaic cells. This calculator works with solar energy. The light is absorbed from the sun and the operation is done.

Solar cell panels – We can place the solar cells on the top of the roof. It can be used as a solar heater which will heat the water, we can use this water for bathing or any other work.

We can also store this energy and use it when there is a power cut to charge the phone. We can save the electricity bills also by using the solar panels on the rooftop.