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PRMO Previous Year Paper (25th Aug)

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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PRMO Past Papers

Solved PRMO previous year papers for 25th August 2019, are now available on Vedantu and you can download and practice them for free. The sums in the PRMO past papers are solved in a stepwise comprehensive manner by our highly experienced teachers. By following the PRMO previous year papers with solutions, you can address your doubts in any particular type of sum more effectively. These solved PRMO previous year papers are very helpful for your exam preparation, as our experts have put together various ground-breaking yet easy problem-solving approaches in them. 

Why is it Important to Solve the PRMO Previous Year Papers?

Solving the PRMO past year papers plays a pivotal role in your preparation for the Pre Regional Mathematical Olympiad. It is very important to be well versed with the question pattern, marking scheme, and the important topics for PRMO, when you plan to take the examination. The best way to understand and interpret the PRMO exam pattern is by referring to the Pre RMO previous year papers. When you solve the Pre RMO previous year question papers, you will get to know all the salient features of the question paper. The added advantage of these PRMO previous year papers with solutions is that they come with self-explanatory solutions, thereby, cutting down any wastage of time for doubt-clearance. So download the PRMO previous year papers today and gear up your exam preparation.

Why Vedantu?

You've probably heard the saying, "Practice makes a man perfect." Therefore, you must practise properly. Vedantu’s Previous Year Question Papers are very useful in the real world. You learn how fast you need to be in the exams. You study time management approaches and devise the finest methods for yourself. By completing these papers, you will also notice that there are many questions that are repeated in sample papers. So you know what you shouldn't ignore.

Aside from all of these advantages, solving papers also aids in topic revision. When you have finished your preparation, you can answer these questions. You may assess your own performance and improve on your flaws. Many of the questions—whether moulded or rephrased—are posed frequently in the tests. Simply trying to study the questions carefully in your test will show you how beneficial it has been. Self-evaluation is an essential component of the preparation process, and you should assess your grasp of the ideas you are studying for the test. So, if you wish to ace the PRMO and do well in RMO and so on – solve sample papers and previous year question papers.

FAQs on PRMO Previous Year Paper (25th Aug)

1. Is RMO Preparation Helpful for JEE or KVPY?

Ans: It's all about setting priorities. RMO might be a common aspect in studying for JEE or KVPY, no matter what you pick. It will help you pass both tests if you prepare for RMO.

  • Make a list of your priorities and decide which way you want to go.

  • Take RMO because it will help you enhance your math skills and boost your practice time.

  • Since you are in 11th grade, try to concentrate on your classes as well as your coaching centre to strengthen your concepts.

  • If you pick KVPY, begin preparing for it and RMO as soon as possible. For both, maths will be at a comparable level. In addition, KVPY offers an interview round in which you can only pick one subject.

  • If you pick JEE, prepare for RMO as well. Increase your practice sessions (take mock tests) and understand ideas after you reach class 12.

2. Who is Responsible for Conducting PRMO?

Ans: The mathematics olympiad is a five-stage competition organised by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM). The Mathematics Teachers' Association is in charge of the first stage of PRMO (India). For more information, you can visit PRMO official site. For different sample papers, mock tests and so on, you can visit the Vedantu site. All of these materials provided by Vedantu are absolutely free of cost. Different study materials regarding multiple topics can also be found on the Vedantu site.

3. What is the Duration of the PRMO Exam?

Ans: The PRMO will be a machine-correctable 30-question test lasting three hours. Each question has an answer, which is a one- or two-digit number. Here you may find sample PRMO questions as well as a sample OMR sheet with marked answers. Visit PRMO's official website for additional details. The Vedantu website has a variety of example papers, practice examinations and other resources. All of the resources given by Vedantu are completely free. You can also avail video lectures from our experts.

4. Can Registration be Done for My School for PRMO?

Ans: On or after December 15, 2021, the official website will publish a list of "PRMO/ IOQM registration centres."

All KVs, JNVs, and Atomic Energy Central Schools are eligible to become registration centres and receive PRMO/ IOQM registration forms from the students from other schools.

In case your school’s name is not on the list, it is advisable you discuss with your Headmaster and other officials of your school and/or go visit the nearest registered centre from the official list.

Students from open schools can register for exams immediately through the examination portal. This registration will be provisional and will be verified. All other students should go to the registration centres to register.

5. Will the Students Get the OMR Carbon Copy?

Ans: The pupils are given a carbon copy of the OMR sheet. The copy must be kept safe by the students until the end of the Mathematical Olympiad Program for that year. At various phases of the software, this is utilised for verification reasons. You can cross-check the solutions with the answer key. Having the OMR can be very helpful to the students for their reference. Hence, post your exam, you can avail yourself of the carbon copy of your OMR answer sheet.