PRMO Previous Year Paper (25th Aug)

PRMO Past Papers

Solved PRMO previous year papers for 25th August 2019, are now available on Vedantu and you can download and practice them for free. The sums in the PRMO past papers are solved in a stepwise comprehensive manner by our highly experienced teachers. By following the PRMO previous year papers with solutions, you can address your doubts in any particular type of sum more effectively. These solved PRMO previous year papers are very helpful for your exam preparation, as our experts have put together various ground-breaking yet easy problem-solving approaches in them. 

Why is it important to solve the PRMO previous year papers?

Solving the PRMO past year papers plays a pivotal role in your preparation for the Pre Regional Mathematical Olympiad. It is very important to be well versed with the question pattern, marking scheme, and the important topics for PRMO, when you plan to take the examination. The best way to understand and interpret the PRMO exam pattern is by referring to the Pre RMO previous year papers. When you solve the Pre RMO previous year question papers, you will get to know all the salient features of the question paper. The added advantage of these PRMO previous year papers with solutions is that they come with self-explanatory solutions, thereby, cutting down any wastage of time for doubt-clearance. So download the PRMO previous year papers today and gear up your exam preparation.

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PRMO Previous Year Paper (25th Aug) part-1
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