NSEA 2020 Exam Mock Test

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NSEA Practice Papers

Due to Covid 19 - The usual three-stage procedure for the selection of the teams to represent India at the International Olympiad that has been followed in prior years is now being shortened to a two-stage procedure as a one-time exception only for the academic year 2020 - 21. Read more about IOQ 2020-21.

If you are an NSEA 2020 candidate, here's something exciting for you!

With the NSEA 2020 exam approaching, the concern level of students is on the rise. So, what exactly needs to be done to make the examination process easier for the NSEA aspirants?

The path to success in the NSEA exam has always been ‘Practice’.

Have you practiced thoroughly for the coming NSEA Exam? You know that every year, 30000 students apply for this exam and only 30 students get selected for the next stage.  Hence, It is important that the time you give out before the exam should be used not merely to speed up your preparation in the right direction but also to enhance your confidence that will definitely help you to get an edge.

NSEA 2020 Exam Mock Test

Key Features of Vedantu’s Mock Test Series

The key features of Vedantu’s Mock test  Series are:

  • The test is organized similarly to the actual NSEA exam, to deliver students the experience of taking an actual exam which will help students in strengthening confidence and competency to answer accurately.

  • Students are given an option whether to attempt the NSEA mock test Online (Computer-based) or Offline (pen and paper).

  • The NSEA mock test by Vedantu is designed to provide students with an actual NSEA test environment. Apart from designing the test series, our experts' remarkable testing and analysis platform helps the students in their test preparation and also scales the performance of the most brilliant students throughout the country.

  • The test papers designed by our proficient team of faculties not only deliver subject knowledge to the students but also enable them to ‘think’ and virtually learn how to clear the actual NSEA exam.

What is the NSEA exam?

National Standard Examination in Astronomy or NSEA is an examination organized for the secondary school students usually conducted in the month of November. The exam is organized by the Indian Association of Physics teacher in association with Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. NSEA aims at the selection of ambitious and competent students for the Astronomy and Olympiad Program. Every interested student aiming to go through the successive stages of the NSEA programs and looking to participate in an International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics must enroll themself for the NSEA exam to be conducted in the month of November 2020.

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The National Standard Examination in Astronomy 2020 tentative dates are mentioned below:

NSEB Exam Dates 2020 (Tentative)


Starting Date

Ending Date

Registration For Centers

August 1,  2020

August 20,2020

Enrollment of Candidates

August 21, 2020

September 15,2020

Last date for the Payment of Fees by Center -in -charge through center login

18 September, 2020

NSEB Exam date

22 November, 2020

Display of NSEB exam marks

18 December, 2020

Announcement of list of candidates for martit Index and above Minimum Admissible Course

22 December, 2020

Final List of Selected Candidate for the Indian National Olympiad

25 December, 2020

NSEA question paper includes 80 questions. Each correct answer will get 3 marks and each incorrect answer will result in the deduction of 1 mark, there will be negative marking in the NSEA exam 2020. The NSEA exam pattern on the basis of last year's NSEA exam is discussed below.

NSEA Exam Pattern 2020


No. of Questions

Total Marks










Grand Total



NSEA Exam Awards

The main objective of the NSEA exam is to look for the students who are talented enough to represent India at the International level. Approximately, 300 top performers of the NSEA exams will qualify for the second stage of Astronomy Olympiad i.e. Indian National Astronomy Olympiad.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the NSEA Exam Mock Test?

Ans: The NSEA exam mock test is a replication of the actual NSEA  exam except that you are not appearing for the real exam yet. It is a practice test usually taken before the examination to know where you stand today in terms of the exam. The pattern of the mosque is quite similar to the actual NSEA exam whether it is the complexity level of questions, the topics, or the format. It is advisable to attempt a minimum 10-15 mock test before the actual NSEA exam because it provides you with a fair judgment of how well you prepared for your exam.

Q2. What is the Importance of the NSEA Mock Test Offered by Vedantu?

Ans: The experts of Vedantu design the optimum mock test series each year. Mosque text for the NSEA exam is one of the most important strategies while preparing to attempt the NSEA exam.

Here are some of the benefits of attempting the mock test offered by Vedantu:

  1. It is the most optimum strategy for evaluating your preparation level and your performance. It can be a guideline for your improved result and helps you to plan for your upcoming  NSEA exam accordingly.

  2. The more mock test you will solve, the better you will be at solving the actual question. This will not merely help you to review yourself with questions that you are likely to experience but also help you in management.

  3. Most of the students who have qualified the NSEA exam said that attempting mock texts is more significant than textbooks as it helps you avoid repeating similar mistakes again and again.

Hence, it can be said that it is important to practice quality mock text more and more and analyze your progress.

Q3. How to Take the NSEA Mock Test Offered by Vedantu?

Ans: Follow the below steps to take up the NSEA mock test:

  1. Take your seat in a private palace where you will not be interrupted.

  2. Set your alarm s according to the NSEX exam time duration.

  3. Download a sample OMR sheet available online.

  4. Take up an NSEA mock test and start solving, mark the correct answers in the OMR sheet ( if attempted office).

  5. If you have chosen to attempt a mock test online, you can move further and mark the answers directly.

  6. Your mock test result will be declared soon if you have chosen to attempt online.

  7. If you have chosen offline mode, you can verify your answers as per the NSEX exam marking schemes and allot marks accordingly.

  8. After completing the mock test, analyze your paper, make notes on weak points, and start practicing on them more and more.

Q4. Which Mode of NSEA Mock Test is Better Online or Offline?

Ans: If you are looking to get an immediate NSEA result without verifying your answer then an online mock test is the best mode. But if you want to have pen-paper based experience along with the marking on the OMR sheet as on the actual NSEA exam, then you can opt for offline mode.

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