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INMO - Are You the Next Gold Medalist from INDIA?

If you’re an aspirant of cracking Olympiad exams then you must be knowing about INMO (Indian National Maths Olympiad). A problem-solving competition usually held among the students of IX to XII class students. It is conducted & driven by India’s most prestigious science research center HBSCE (Homi Bhabha Science Center of Education) on the behalf of DAE( Department of Atomic Energy).

Who can be Enrolled for the 2021 INMO Examination?

INMO is the second stage exam of the International Mathematical Olympiad.  You can enroll for this exam, if you’ve qualified its first stage known as  IOQM (International Olympiad qualifier of Mathematics), and then only you can go for INMO.

  • Stage 1: IOQM (Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics) The IOQM will be a three-hour examination with 30 questions & each question having an integer answer in the range 00-99.

  • Stage 2: INMO (Indian National Mathematical Olympiad)  will be a four-hour examination with 6 questions. The INMO 2021 is tentatively scheduled to be held on March 7, 2021, from 12:00 – 16:00.

HBCSE conducts this exam at 28 different centers located all over India. The merit awardees of previous INMO are invited directly to give the exam (approximately 900 students qualify for the INMO).

This was all about INMO and its basic eligibility criteria. But hey! IOQM qualifiers, Are you ready to rock the next level of the exam (INMO)?

As you know exam dates have already disseminated and your fellow 539 merits are practicing hard just to beat you because the fact is your competition is with the rest of the 539 students.

Thus, just to take your preparation to the next level VOS (Vedantu Olympiad School) has come up with a special INMO preparation CAMP.

Here you with the brief details about it,

Vedantu INMO Camp - En routing Mathematical Genius

To utilize every second of your preparation strategically and strengthen your mind with our Master Teacher’s tips & tricks, Vedantu’s Olympiad School is bringing you one step closer to your goal, which is to bring back the GOLD MEDAL for INDIA at IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad).

As we said every second is important, so without wasting your time we’re going to start the camp from 21st of January 2021. So what are you waiting for? Register yourself in Vedantu’s INMO Camp and start utilizing your precious time strategically.

Register for Vedantu’s INMO Training Camp 2021

Highlights of Vedantu’s INMO Camp

  • Topic-wise Live Video lectures. 

  • Immensely Experienced MasterTeachers (IIT’ians).

  • Mog test, quizzes & Revision Notes.

  • Solve Previous Question papers.

  • Tips & Tricks to solve equations.

  • Before Exam GURU Mantra.

  • One-on-one Personalised Interaction.

Learning Outcomes with VOS INMO Camp

  • You’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses in the subjects and get exposure to compete with your peers.

  • Learning through the latest exam material based on current guidelines curated by the very best experts.

  • Enhanced aptitude skills in non-routine mathematics.

  • Introduction to a competitive environment in our topper’s ambiance.

  • Training by our experts in non-routine maths.

  • Daily 2 hours long comprehensive live video classes.

7th of march is the tentative date decided for the INMO examination. You’ll be thinking, “I have a lot of time to prepare for the examination”. But always remember, for competitive examinations every second of your preparation is the prerequisite of your good result.

So, start your preparation now by downloading our booklet, Which includes comprehension discussion of several important topics, Sample papers, Mock-tests, revision notes and much more.

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