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The National INMO Camp

Last updated date: 13th Apr 2024
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INMO - Are You the Next Gold Medalist from INDIA?

If you’re an aspirant of cracking Olympiad exams then you must be knowing about INMO (Indian National Maths Olympiad). A problem-solving competition is usually held among the students of IX to XII class. It is conducted & driven by India’s most prestigious science research centre HBSCE (Homi Bhabha Science Center of Education) on behalf of DAE (Department of Atomic Energy).

Who Can be Enrolled for the 2021 INMO Examination?

INMO is the second stage exam of the International Mathematical Olympiad.  You can enrol for this exam, if you’ve qualified its first stage known as  IOQM (International Olympiad qualifier of Mathematics), and then only you can go for INMO.

  • Stage 1: IOQM (Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics) The IOQM will be a three-hour examination with 30 questions & each question having an integer answer in the range 00-99.

  • Stage 2: INMO (Indian National Mathematical Olympiad)  will be a four-hour examination with 6 questions. The INMO 2022 is tentatively scheduled to be held on Sunday, 27 February 2022.

HBCSE conducts this exam at 28 different centres located all over India. The merit awardees of previous INMO are invited directly to give the exam (approximately 900 students qualify for the INMO). This was all about INMO and its basic eligibility criteria. But hey! IOQM qualifiers, are you ready to rock the next level of the exam (INMO)?

As you know exam dates have already been disseminated and your fellow 539 merits are practising hard just to beat you because the fact is your competition is with the rest of the 539 students.

Thus, just to take your preparation to the next level VOS (Vedantu Olympiad School) has come up with a special INMO preparation CAMP.

Vedantu INMO Camp - En Routing Mathematical Genius

To utilize every second of your preparation strategically and strengthen your mind with our Master Teacher’s tips & tricks, Vedantu’s Olympiad School is bringing you one step closer to your goal, which is to bring back the GOLD MEDAL for INDIA at IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad).

As we said every second is important, so without wasting your time we’re going to start the camp on the 21st of January 2021. So what are you waiting for? Register yourself in Vedantu’s INMO Camp and start utilizing your precious time strategically.

The Vedantu INMO camp is beneficial for candidates in many ways. It improves their hold on Mathematics and enables them to develop newer insights on the given topic. These will also help them to find new ways of solving a particular equation. Having said that, most importantly, it makes candidates optimistic and confident about dealing with numerical problems and questions related to Algebra and Geometry. The INMO camp, conducted by researched scholars, helps in showing the right way to candidates so that they find interest as well as the whole process becomes enjoyable for them. Some of the important highlights of the INMO camp are discussed below:

Highlights of Vedantu’s INMO Camp

  • Topic-wise Live Video lectures. 

  • Immensely Experienced MasterTeachers (IIT’ians).

  • Mog test, quizzes & Revision Notes.

  • Solve Previous Question papers.

  • Tips & Tricks to solve equations.

  • Before Exam GURU Mantra.

  • One-on-one Personalised Interaction.

Learning Outcomes with VOS INMO Camp

  • You’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses in the subjects and get exposure to compete with your peers.

  • Learning through the latest exam material based on current guidelines curated by the very best experts.

  • Enhanced aptitude skills in non-routine mathematics.

  • Introduction to a competitive environment in our topper’s ambience.

  • Training by our experts in non-routine maths.

  • Daily 2 hours long comprehensive live video classes.

Candidates are also advised to go through the previous year papers as soon as they grasp the contents of their syllabus. This will help them in their retention process as well as get them familiarised with the important questions. It is essential to divide time and make a routine for oneself so that all the parts of the syllabus are covered well in advance and in a systematic way. No two chapters have the same procedure, therefore, understanding the difference between the two and applying the right strategy is the key highlight of the subject.

One can take help from the various mock tests being conducted by Vedantu on their platform to learn new innovative ideas and also check their own progress. Mock tests prove to be an important step in the process and are beneficial as it upgrades students' performance every time they sit for the test. 

FAQs on The National INMO Camp

1. How do you qualify for INMO?

Ans: In order for the candidates to appear for INMO 2021 examination, the candidates should first write the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) of their respective state. This is usually held in the month of December, but due to the ongoing pandemic situation in our country, the dates announced for any INMO related examination could change in the future. When the candidates write the RMO test, around 30 students are selected from each region to write the INMO examination.Among the 500 students who write the INMO examination only 30 qualify for the INMO and then are sent to a month-long training camp at the HBCSE to prepare for the International Olympiad Math. At the end of the training, only six of the best candidates are selected to represent our country on the international platform.

2. Why should the student opt for the INMO 2021 Examination?

Ans: There are other benefits the candidates get besides a chance of appearing in the INMO examination. These benefits are listed below:

  • Candidates who plan to pursue a career in mathematics can apply for an NBHM scholarship of Rs 2,500 per month. Furthermore, if they have a special interest in Mathematics but do not study it as a subject, they are eligible for an annual cash award of Rs 9,000.

  • INMO qualifiers are also qualifying for the Kishore VaigyanikProtsahanYojana (KVPY) fellowship if they continue their scientific studies in India. This fellowship pays Rs. 4000 a month.

  • There are also cash prizes of Rs 5,000, Rs 4,000, and Rs 3,000 for those who win gold, silver, or bronze at IMO.

  • The candidates become automatically eligible to get a seat in the B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics course at the Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • The candidates can directly appear for the interview for B. Stat or B. Math courses at the prestigious Indian Statistical Institute (ISI).

3. What is the structure of the INMO 2021 Examination?

Ans: The INMO 2021 examination paper consists of six problems to be solved in four hours. The entire question paper is of 102 marks and the marks are distributed equally with all six questions. The six questions which are given are very difficult to answer and  These problems are in the fields of algebra, geometry, number theory, and combinatorics. Calculus is not covered in the test, but students are permitted to solve problems using calculus-based methods. Thus students are advised to have a stronghold on each topic before they sit for the examination.

4. Why is the INMO exam essential?

Ans: Students who have a high interest in Mathematics and wish to showcase their talent in the same must take part in the examination. This will not only help them in expanding their horizon and delving deeper but will also make them ever ready to take part in any high-level competitive examinations in future. They come to know about the pattern of questions followed in these examinations and also can have multiple sessions with experts through the platform of Vedantu. This makes them ready to face any standard of questions placed in front of them. 

5. How to be aware of the exam dates of 2022?

Ans: According to the latest update on the official website, the INMO is scheduled for Sunday, 27 February 2022. Given the pandemic situation that is still prevalent this date might be subject to change, so to be constantly updated on the latest updates on the starting dates of the examination for the year 2022, you should keep an eye on the official webpage of INMO. The dates will be posted well in advance so that candidates can begin their preparation early and also keep a track of the registration process as well as the release of admit cards. Candidates can also visit this site for compiled updates of information related to INMO.