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IOQJS Previous Year Paper

Last updated date: 20th Apr 2024
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The Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science (IOQJS) is a type of olympiad for excellence in science. The Indian Association of Physics Teachers and the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) jointly organise the IOQJS. It’s a three and a half hour two-part examination. IOQJS is a combination of two exams - Part 1: National Standard Examination – NSE and Part 2: Indian National Olympiad.

Importance of Previous Years’ Question Papers

The Previous Years’ Question Papers are available for download on our website, but before downloading the previous years’ question papers, you should know why you should download them. It is very important to understand the importance of the previous year's question papers. One importance is that it gives you the full insight of the examination - number of questions, difficulty level, sections, time etc. To crack any exam, knowing the exam is very important. Previous Year papers help you in that. If you solve previous year's question papers, you will understand how much time you have for each question and how to complete the paper on time. 

By solving the previous year's papers, you will understand which are your strong and weak parts of the syllabus. You can easily identify the parts where you need to work a little more. This will boost your confidence as well. You can assess yourself and prepare well for the exam. 

Download the Free PDF of IOQJS Previous Year Papers

IOQJS previous year's question papers are now available on our website for free download. These question papers are curated and solved by our team of subject matter experts in a simple and explanatory manner. Students can download the IOQJS previous year question papers PDF and practise them at their own convenience. By solving these previous year's question papers for the Indian Olympiad Qualifier, they will develop a thorough understanding of the exam pattern, thereby, enhancing their preparation.

Strengthen your IOQJS preparation with India’s leading Olympiad mentors, under one roof. Get the guidance based on the new IOQJS pattern, cover all the PYQs of important topics & enhance your marks with performance booster revision for both IOQJS Part-1 & Part-2. 

FAQs on IOQJS Previous Year Paper

1. Can I download the IOQJS Previous Years’ Question Papers for free?

Yes, you can download the IOQJS previous years’ question papers for free from our website. These question papers are available in PDF format on the official website and mobile app of Vedantu. Also, The IOQJS previous years’ question papers are solved by the subject experts at Vedantu, in a self-explanatory manner, so that students can learn them on their own.

2. Are questions repeated from the Previous Years’ Question Papers in IOQJS?

No, questions from previous years’ question papers are not repeated in IOQJS. However, by solving and practising the previous year's questions papers students can get an idea of the important topics for the exam.

3. Is it necessary to practise the IOQJS Previous Years’ Question Papers?

Yes, it is necessary to practise the IOQJS previous years’ questions papers for a better understanding of the exam format. While solving and practising these question papers, students will get to learn the types of questions asked in IOQJS, the marks weightage for various types of questions, and the difficulty level of the question paper. Therefore, students will be well prepared and confident on the exam day.