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Sample Paper for the IOAA Exam

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Sample Paper with Solutions IOAA

The International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) is a biennial competition for top high school students from around the world. It was established in Thailand in 2006 by five countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, China, and Poland, with the aim of spreading astronomy among high school students, fostering friendship among young astronomers at an international level, and fostering potential cooperation in the field of astronomy among young scholars.

Data Analysis Exam

It is a four-hour task that requires the use of paper or a computer to analyze real data collected from experienced astronomers. It's worth 25%  of the marks.

Instructions to keep in mind while writing the exam: 

  1. The data analysis test is 4 hours long and worth a total of 150 points.

  2. For writing your responses, IOAA Summary Response Sheets are given. Fill in the blanks on the accompanying Summary Answer Sheet with your final responses. On each Answer Sheet, please fill in Student Code (Country Code and 1 digit)

  3. Your solutions will need graph paper.  On each Graph Paper, please fill in

    • Student Code (Country Code and 1 digit)
    • Question no.
    • Graph no. and the total number of graph papers used.
  1. Answer Sheets are given for completing detailed/rough work. On each Answer Sheet, please fill in

    • Student Code (Country Code and 1 digit)
    • Question no.
    • Page no. and the total number of pages.
  1. On a separate Answer Sheet, begin each problem. Please just write on the sheet's printed page. Do not use the backside of the document. If you've written something on a sheet that you don't want to be assessed, cross it out.

  2. Use as many mathematical terms as you believe would help the evaluator's understanding of your solutions. It's possible that the evaluator doesn't understand what you're doing. If you must clarify something in words, please do so in short phrases (if possible in English).

  3. Without permission, you are not permitted to leave your workstation. Please use the signature card to attract the attention of the invigilator if you need any assistance (broken calculator, need to use the bathroom, need more Response Sheets, etc.).

  4. A long sound signal can signal the beginning and end of the test. Additionally, fifteen minutes before the end of the test, a buzzer will sound (before the final sound signal).

More Information About IOAA

However, the sample papers of IOAA are easily available on the official site. These papers should be downloaded and candidates should make sure to practice all of these questions before sitting for the examination. This will give them an overall idea of the pattern of the paper as well as the steps required to solve these papers. 

Once downloaded, these papers can also be accessed offline on the Vedantu platformThus, it tries to make the learning process easier for candidates as they get all the information handy just in front of them. The solutions of these sample papers are prepared by subject-specific experts after thorough research on the subject. Therefore, candidates should make it a point to follow these sample papers for better analysis of the subject.

Candidates are also advised to go through the previous year papers to understand the frequency of a question being repeated. This helps in identifying the important topics and paying more stress on the same. The solutions to these questions are also available online on the web page for candidates easy accessibility and understanding of the subject. This will also help them in evaluating their own performance and focus more on their weaker areas for better results. 

FAQs on Sample Paper for the IOAA Exam

1. What is the NSEA Exam Pattern?

Ans: There will be a total of 80 questions on the NSEA question paper. In NSEA 2023-24, each correct answer is worth 3 points, while each incorrect answer is worth 1 point less; negative marking is used. The following table shows the exam trend from last year's NSEA Olympiad:


No. of Questions

Total Marks










Grand Total



2. What is the Objective of NSEA?

Ans: The National Standard Examination in Astronomy's main goal is to identify students who are talented enough to represent India at an international level. The top 300 students from NSEA 2023-24 will advance to the Indian National Astronomy Olympiad, the second round of the Astronomy Olympiad.

3. How to Get the NSEA Application Form?

Ans: The first step is to find an NSE Centre in your area. In the last decade, IAPT has opened thousands of centres. Please keep in mind that the centre where you apply for your application form will also be your review centre. After you've successfully found the examination centre, you can collect NSEA Application Form 2023-24 and fill it out completely before submitting it.

4. What is the benefit of sample papers?4

Ans: By solving sample papers, candidates can come to know about a variety of questions which helps them in understanding the pattern of the question paper and practice accordingly. It will also help them in understanding the marks division as per the pattern of the examination. This will help them in identifying the important questions and also check their progress by solving multiple such questions. Through Vedantu, one can also access these pages in the offline mode and thus solve these papers at one’s convenience. 

5. How can one ace the examination?

Ans: Candidates who are willing to perform well in the examination should start their preparation right from the initial stage. They should make a time-bound approach and strictly adhere to it. This will help them in touching upon all the important parts of the examinations and thus prepare well for it. Regularly solving previous year papers will also help them to enhance their ideas on the subject and develop new insights on the same. This will also help them while taking part in competitive exams in near future.