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INMO Exam Mock Test 1

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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About Mock Test 1 for INMO

INMO stands for The Indian National Mathematical Olympiad. This is an Indian National Mathematical Olympiad. The Indian National Mathematical Olympiad is the third stage of HBCSE IMO. This Olympiad is held for high academy students in India. INMO is also known because it is considered the alternate stage in the Indian platoon selection procedure for the International Mathematics Olympiad ( IMO). IMNO is organized by Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education ( HBCSE ). Scholars who qualify IMNO get the chance to attend the training camp at the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education and this session is supported plus maintained by the National Board for Higher Mathematics. 

The INMO  is a platform for academically high students' selection for the International Mathematics Olympiad as INMO is a gateway to get into IMO. Hundreds and Thousands of scholars partake in this olympiad but only 45 scholars are shortlisted across the country. Once these campaigners are named, they are trained at the International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp ( IMOTC ). After students have the training,  six scholars are chosen to represent the country globally.

INMO Exam Mock Test 1 Exam Pattern

Before starting the preparation for the INMO students should get adequate knowledge about the exam pattern. The exam pattern for the Indian National Mathematics Olympiad is stated below:

  • INMO exam will last for 4 hours. 

  • Students will be expected to solve six very difficult questions in the time frame. 

  • Written exams in an offline manner will be done. 

  • Questions provided on the examination have to answer in an answer sheet.

  • Students will have to submit an answer sheet along with a rough sheet.

Students will have to have awareness of the syllabus for clearing the examination. Students who will be successful in clearing the exam will receive a certificate and will also get an invitation to the training camp that is held at HBCSE Mumbai. All the expenses of students from food to lodging plus other expenses will be covered by the government. Scholars will have to qualify NHBM to participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad ( IMO ). To clear INMO students will have to do extensive practice, referring to additional study material provided by Vedantu and by giving mock tests it will get a bit easier for students to gain confidence for the main examination. 

Exam Dates for INMO 2023 

The Indian National Mathematical Olympiad’s ( INMO ) session for this year has already been conducted by the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, HBCSE is the abbreviation. It was sponsored by the National Board of Higher Mathematics ( NBHM ). It was the third stage and students who cleared IOM was shortlisted for the INMO examination this year. 



IOM exam date 

23 November 2023,

20 December 2023 

Registration for the INMO begins 

The INMO 2024 Registration date will be announced after the declaration of the IOQM 2023–24 results.

The last date of registration 

The INMO 2024 Registration date will be announced after the declaration of the IOQM 2023 – 2024 results.

Admit card for INMO  

Not announced 

tie-breaker TC

27 February - 4 March 2024

INMO date 

Sunday, 21 January 2024

Results for INMO will be announced on 

Not given

Date for the Re-evaluation request 

Not announced 

The final score of the 2023 examination 

Not announced 

Students, please keep in mind that the further dates for INMO might get changed due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Eligibility Criteria of INMO for Session 2023 

The eligibility criteria for INMO is mentioned below: 

  • For selecting students for INMO performance of students in RMO ( stage 2 ) is considered. 28 students are selected from class 8th to class 11th and only the top 6 students are selected for 12th standard for participation in INMO. 

  • PROMO scores of students are used as the tie-breaker when two or more students have the same marks. If PROMO scores do not work then the final list is sent to the HBCSE  mentioning all the candidates who had the same marks. 

  • Just five students are selected from non-KV CBSE schools outside of India. Only CBSE and KVS are responsible for the selection of students who fall in the category of non-KV CBSE and KVS schools abroad. 

  • Additional five girls are selected excluding each region’s students. These students are from Class 8th to Class 11th. 

Registration for INMO 2023 

The registration details for the INMO are mentioned below 

  • A particular way for registration for INMO does not exist. Scholars should know that direct entry is given to students who clear the previous stages that are IOQM and INMO students from the last year. If we look at all the criteria then almost nine hundred students are shortlisted for the INMO examination. 

  • If a student is interested in participation then they will have to qualify for the Regional Mathematics Olympiad 2023 and will have to be in the top 30 scores of the region. 

  • The RMO or Regional Mathematics OLympiad is conducted in 25v regions all across the country with help of three conduction bodies namely NVS ( Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti ), KVS ( Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan ) and CBSE ( Central Board of Secondary Education )

INMO Syllabus for 2023 Sansweression 

This examination can be cracked by having proper knowledge of the syllabus and practicing adequately. The question paper will be of descriptive manner and the syllabus will be of pre-degree college mathematics that means the continuous practice will be needed. The exam of 2023 will be of high difficulty for the group of grade 10th to 12th. 

Topics to be covered for INMO 2023 session are listed below: 

  • Arithmetic of Integers

  • Geometry

  • Quadratic Equations & Expressions

  • Trigonometry

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • System of Linear Equations

  • Inequalities

  • Elementary Combinatorics

  • Probability Theory

  • Number Theory

  • Finite Series & Complex Numbers

  • System of Linear Equations

  • Elementary Graph Theory

  • Permutations & Combinations

  • Factorization of Polynomial

Giving mock papers will help students in self-assessment that should be done from time to time for checking the progress. 


About INMO 2023 Results

The results of IMNO 2023 have not been released yet by the conducting body. Students can expect results by end of March. Students can check their INMO 2023 results by visiting the official website and to get the information they desire. 

Students will have to look for all the updates mentioned on the official website from time to time. 


About Some Important INMO Books

This examination is not only important but also give students a platform to explore themselves at the pre-college level. Questions that will be mentioned in the examination will be of a higher level and thus students are advised to stick to the syllabus and practice as much as they can. 

The question paper of this examination will come with six very challenging questions. This examination will be for four hours and thus students need good books that will also help in resolving the doubts of students by giving relevant examples. We are mentioning some books that will help students in the preparation: 

  • Arthur Engle’s Problem Solving Strategy 

  • Mathematical circle by Dimitri Fomin 

  • An Excursion in Mathematics 


Instruction for Students Regarding INMO 2023

Students who clear the IOM will be eligible for the INMO exam. The timing will be from 12 pm to 4 pm. The instructions are as follows:

  • Students will have to reach the 30 minutes before the exam. 

  • Students can not enter after 12:30 pm.

  • Students will not be able to leave the consultation room until the 4-hour time limit will be over. 

  • Students will have to carry all the papers like Aadhar card, passport and admit card mandatory.

  • Students can carry geometry box but limitations will be there for using a ruler and compass.

  • Use of blue and black should be done. 

  • Diagrams should be drawn by pencil and they should be properly marked. 

  • Calculators and cell phones are not allowed. 

  • Answer sheets will have to be submitted. 

  • Students can hold the question file.

FAQs on INMO Exam Mock Test 1

1. How to Prepare for INMO?

Before preparing for the INMO 20231, students should know that this examination is one of the steps to be passed for taking part in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Since many students will participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad, the competition will be very high.

The question paper will contain six very tricky questions and students will get only four hours to solve the same. The syllabus is very vast and thus students will need to start the preparation from a very early stage. A specific timetable has to be followed by the students and not even a single practice day can be skipped for scoring good in this examination. Students are recommended to solve as many books as they can to gain the proper knowledge of a particular topic.

2. How to Apply for INMO?

Students who want to take part in INMO have to understand that there is no specific registration process that can be taken into consideration. INMO is given by the students who qualify for IOQM that is a previous level examination before INMO.

Also, students who are INMO merits of the previous year will be eligible for this examination as well. For any further information or details on INMO, head over to the website of Vedantu, where students have the options to choose from a variety of options that are provided to them by Vedantu.

3. Is INMO Tough?

Being the third stage for the IMO selection process, we can say that INMO is a rightly difficult examination. For participating in the IMO, students will have to clear this Examination without any exceptions. This exam is four hours long, which is more than the general examination time of three hours. Though only six questions will be asked, these questions will be in a descriptive manner. The syllabus is vast and hence should be covered as early as possible.

4. How Do You Qualify for INMO?

The following options listed below will explain how one can qualify for INMO: 

  • For INMO, students will have to pass RMO. RMO is the 2nd stage and the top 28 students from grade 8th to 11th are selected and the top 6 students from 12th grade are selected for the INMO examination. 

  • In case there is a tie, then PROMO scores are considered and are used for breaking the tie between students. If PROMO does not help then all the students with the same marks will be included in the final list. 

  • 5 students who belong to the category of non-KV-CBSE can be selected by the managing body. 

  • Five girls are selected from grade 8th to grade 11th.

5. Where will IMO 2021 be Held?

IMO 2021 will be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This will be the 62nd International Mathematical Olympiad. The previous 61st IMO was also held in the same place, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The process for representing India at IMO is difficult and thus students should practice as much as they can and should be aware of the syllabus as well. Sample papers, important questions, mock tests and doubt sessions should be taken by the students and here, Vedantu can help students by providing them with all the Sources and study materials they will need for the examination.