IBO 2021 Exam Results

The IBO 2021 exam is scheduled to be conducted from July 18 - 23.  The results for the same are announced a few weeks following the exams. Students are able to check the IBO 2021 results by visiting the IBO official website. The IBO result includes codes, name of the candidate, rank, practical marks, theoretical marks, etc.

IBO 2021 Results

The IBO exam consists of both practical exams and theoretical exams. The host country forwards the raw scores of the students to the International jury. After the student's raw scores are approved by our country’s coordinator, the host country calculates the final result based on the T- score for both practical and theoretical marks (50% + 50%). The final ranking of the students determines the gold, silver, and bronze medals as well as the certificates of merits.

How Does The Host Country Calculate IBO Results?

The final ranking of the students is based upon their equally weighted results of the IBO theoretical exams and IBO practical exam according to the t-score method. This can be done by calculating the average of the four standardized scores of the practical task and taking the t-scores of the total result of the competitor on both the theoretical parts. The final score of the candidate is the sum of these two.

At last,  the scores are rescaled as follows: final score (50 + 10) × final t-score.

Applying an unequal balance between the theoretical and practical marks requires the approval of the International Jury.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Where Can I Check My IBO 2021 Result?

Ans. Students are suggested to check their IBO 2021 result by only visiting the IBO official website. The IBO official website will release the authentic result of the IBO 2021 exam. Students are advised to keep visiting the IBO official website for any further updates regarding the IBO results. Also, you can visit Vedantu's official website for getting any further information related to the IBO exam result 2021.

Q2. Who Announces the Final Official Results Along with the Awards to the Individual Students?

Ans. The International Jury announces the final official results along with the awards to the individual students. The number of gold medals will be limited to approximately 10% of the number of participants, silver medals will be limited to approximately 20% of the number of participants, and the number of bronze medals will be limited to approximately 30% of the number of participants.  Furthermore, after the distribution of bronze medals, approximately 10% of the total number of candidates will be awarded as a certificate of merit. The exact cut will be the largest gap within the 3 possible cuts after the limits mentioned in the percentage.

Q3. What Does the Final Result of the Candidates Determine?

Ans. The final result of the candidate determines the distribution of gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals, and certificates of merit as per their rankings in the exam.

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