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IBO Registration

Last updated date: 01st Mar 2024
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IBO 2022 Challenge Registration

The IBO competition takes place every year in July in one of the member countries of the IBO association. The competition is organised by the Ministry of Education or any other recognized institution of IBO country. All the principles of Biology are acceptable for the IBO competition. More widely-oriented topics covered in the IBO competition enable the participants to not only apply their skills and knowledge but also enhance their ability to think independently and solve problems. 

In this article, we will discuss the IBO Challenge 2022 registration process.

IBO Challenge 2022 Registration - Eligibility

Due to the current COVID-19 epidemic, the 32nd International Biology Olympiad in Lisbon, Portugal, has been cancelled. The competition aims to identify, promote, empower, and support the next generation of biological research leaders while also expanding their global network.

Czechoslovakia hosted the first International Biology Olympiad in 1990, and it has been held every year thereafter. From July 18 to 23, the virtual IBO 2022 Challenge will take place.

Following are the Conditions To Participate in the IBO Challenge 2022:

  • You must be a member of the IBO Association in order to participate in the IBO challenge 2022.

  • You should have an ongoing National Biology Olympiad (NBO) that will select your competitors.

  • You must register your country by visiting the IBO Challenge 2022 official website.

Exam Pattern for IBO

The IBO test has a theoretical as well as a practical component. The theoretical tests encompass areas such as cell biology, molecular biology, plant and animal anatomy and physiology, ethology, genetics and evolution, ecology, and biosystematics. The marks are weighted so that each theoretical and practical component earns about half of the total.

All candidates are rated based on their individual scores. The top ten percent of students receive gold medals, the next twenty percent receive silver medals, and the next thirty percent receive bronze medals.

Note: Registration in the IBO Challenge 2022 will require a single fee of 150 (one hundred and fifty Euros). Each delegation can have up to 4 students and not less than 2 members of the Jury (There is no maximum limit for the Jury member. No extra will be required).

A delegation of a country or region consists of 1- 4 competitors (students selected by the National Biology Olympiad and a minimum of 2 members of the Jury). 

Note: Only NBOs who are regular IBO members are eligible to participate.

Enrollment for IBO challenge 2022 can only be made by the country coordinator.

Before May 31, 2022: Those NBOs who have enrolled must pay their IBO challenge 2022 fees, the amount of 150 (One hundred and fifty euros) to become an official participant. The payment information will be sent to the NBOs after the confirmation of their registration.

Before June 18, 2022: Participant NBOs must fill in the online registration including the names and contacts of all the participants (Competitors and Jury Members).

The 30th IBO Olympiad will be organised at Szeged-Hungary from 14th- 21st July 2022.

If your NBO requires an invitation letter, please select the option in the registration form. Further information will be asked when the confirmation of the registration is sent.

FAQs on IBO Registration

1. What is the goal of the IBO Competition?

The goal of the IBO competition is to encourage secondary students to promote their careers in Biology. In bringing together the intellectual genius, IBO challenges and encourages the students to expand their talent and promote a career in science. The objective of the IBO competition is to:

  • Encourage active interest in Biology studies.

  • Enhance networking and understanding between biology students.

  • Enhance and exchange ideas about Biology education

2. What is the responsibility of the International Jury in the IBO Competition?

Delegates from each participant country form the International Jury. The responsibility of the jury is to translate examination papers and approve the questions, answers, and marking scheme. The jury members verify and approve the marking process and final scores of the students. This information is kept confidential until the official announcement of the result.

3. What does the National Biology Olympiad (NBO) refer to?

NBO refers to the national organising body in any participating country or region.