IAO Exam Syllabus


Astronomy Olympiad Syllabus

To solve the problems present in the IAO question paper, the candidate should have knowledge of the simple concepts of high school physics and mathematics which makes up the IAO 2021 syllabus. These concepts do not include differential calculus or integral equations, complex numbers, and spherical trigonometry. When the problem is provided to the candidates during the examination most of the details are removed and they will be provided with the various supplementary data tables which the candidates can use to solve the problems which are given. 

  • The problem text in the examination uses suitable units which are commonly used in astronomy and physical sciences. Candidates are required to use a suitable unit, apart from the usual SI system.

  • The candidates must use the right rounding off and answer the final results with the correct number of significant digits. 

  • The candidates are expected to use the units which are commonly used in astronomy and physics.

  • The candidates have to round off their answers correctly. 

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About IAO 2021 Examination

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Eligibility Criteria For the IAO 2021 Examination?

Ans: The ANRAO of any participating country has to send up to five students who have won their respective national olympiads which is three students for group Alpha with the age between 14-15 years old and two students for group Beta with the age between 16-18 years. They will be joined by two team leaders from their respective countries.

2. How to Register For the INO 2021 Examination?

Ans: There are three ways in which the candidate can register for the IAO 2021 examination

  • Send an ANRAO member to the upcoming IAO.

  • Send a team to the next licensed IAO-style case.

  • Send a small team to an IAO based on a 'historical territory' or to an IAO that applies the same rules.

3. What are the Books that are Recommended For the IAO 2021 Examination?

Ans: The student who is aspiring to participate in the International Astronomy Olympiad may find the following books very helpful while preparing for the examination. 

  • In any case, if the student wants to get the basic knowledge of astronomy then he or she might refer to the Astronomy: Principles and Practice Fourth edition by A.E.Roy and D.Clarke. 

  • The most recommended textbook for astronomy which is very well written and is recommended by everyone to a candidate to start preparing for the IAO examination is The Universe by the author’s Roger Freedman, Robert Geller, and William.J.Kaufmann. 

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