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IAO Exam Result 2023 - Important Details

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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International Astronomy Olympiad 2023 Exam Result

The International Olympiad of Astronomy's main motto is to encourage young people's interest in astronomy. It's an astronomy-themed science competition that takes place on a global scale. Students in high school under the age of 20 will participate in the event to solve observational and theoretical problems, do data analysis, and other activities. Individually or in groups, they may take part. The Olympiad's core subjects are mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Continue reading to learn more about the results of the International Astronomy Olympiad.


After all of the stages have been completed and the final competition has taken place, the results of the International Astronomy Olympiad 2023 will be announced. The outcome will be made public on the official website. The candidates' scores, ranks, and other important information will be displayed in the IAO 2023 results.


The International Astronomy Olympiad 2020 was postponed to October 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic situation. But it was again, further postponed to 2022. As of now, there has been no official update as to when IAO 2023 will be conducted. Hence, students are advised to visit the official website regularly to know about any latest updates. They can also visit this page to know about IAO Exam Dates.


Calculations of the Rewards 

The international board reserves the right to change the cut-off spot in each of the categories listed by up to two places based on popular vote. This means they have the authority to add or remove two students at the category's boundary.

  • The final number of points scored by the three best contestants is considered 100%.

  • The first prize is awarded to the contestants who score at least 90% of the points. They are awarded diplomas and gold medals.

  • Contestants who score 78 percent or higher but less than 90 percent will receive diplomas and silver medals as the second prize.

  • Honourable mentions and diplomas will be given to contestants who earn 50 percent or more but less than 65 percent of the vote.

  • Contestants who earn fewer than 50% of the total points will receive participation certificates.

  • A special reward and certificate will be given to the participant with the highest score.


Marking Scheme of IAO Exam 

The practical solutions written by the candidates in the IAO must consist of theoretical analysis, pragmatic execution and complete justification, below has been explained in a detailed manner:


Marks Allotted


50% of the total marks


Makes the remaining 50% of the full marks.

  • 25% of the marks are kept for data analysis.

  • 25% of the marks are for observation.


Students who are willing to participate in the upcoming IAO Exam should prepare themselves well in Mathematics and Physics since most of the questions are asked based on these two subjects. It is important to have the basics clear in order to solve these questions easily. 

FAQs on IAO Exam Result 2023 - Important Details

1. How to Register for IAO 2023?

You must first register for the National Standard Examination in Astronomy in order to participate in the IAO. The first step toward participation is to complete the IAO 2023 registration application form. From September onwards, the application form will be open to the general public. The form is available at the NSE Centres located in the participating countries.


  • The first step needed for IAO 2023 registration is to find the nearest NSE Centre.

  • After you find your centre, you take up the step of filling out the form.

  • Send the IAO 2023 registration form to the NSE Centre's office after carefully filling it out. 

2. When Will the First Stage of IAO Begin?

The dates have been postponed due to the COVID pandemic's uncertainty. The deadline for NSE registration has been pushed back to September 15, 2022. The International Olympiad of Astronomy was originally scheduled to begin on September 13th and end on September 21st. The dates have been put on hold due to the current difficult times. Students should keep an eye on the official websites of both exams to learn about the final dates. Make sure you don't miss the registration deadline. 

3. Which Countries Can Participate in the IAO?

Any country that has hosted an ANRO in the last ten years or sent a team to the IAO in the previous five years is qualified to compete in the International Astronomical Olympiad. The Olympic Coordinating Council determines whether or not to accept an invitation to enter IAO from a new nation. The new countries must follow the defined laws. Every year, the IAO's host organisation sends important information to previous participants' National Representative Persons. The countries would then request an invitation to participate from the host organisation. After gaining approval, they will participate in the Olympiad.