IAO Exam Registration

IAO School Registration 2020-2021

The International Astronomy Olympiad is a renowned annual scientific education event. It is organized by the Euroasian Astronomical Society. Students of age 14-18 years can participate in the Olympiad. They are divided into two groups named Alpha and Beta. The intellectual completion between the students is designed in a manner to test their imagination, independent thinking and creativity and also their concepts related to the cosmic world and the universe. 

Students enthusiastic about Astrophysics must read this detailed guide for the registration process of International Astronomical Olympiad. The detailed guide for the registration process of International Astronomical Olympiad is explained thoroughly to help students get to this prestigious platform for astronomical studies. 

International Astronomy Olympiad Registration

The process of registration for the International Astronomy Olympiad is determined by the parent body that holds the Olympiad. Knowing the registration process thoroughly is essential for the participants. Key points to remember while going to register for the International Astronomy Olympiad are as follows.

  • Students cannot directly register for the International Astronomy Olympiad. 

  • The respective country of the student must apply for the registration process.

  • Students must first qualify at the national level Astronomy Olympiad to register for the International Astronomy Olympiad. 

  • Students must belong to participating, permanent and the visiting countries of the International Astronomy Olympiad. 

  • Students must be accompanied by team leaders and participate in groups. 

  • Students must meet all the eligibility criteria to register for the IAO registration.

The Registration Process For International Astronomical Olympiad in A Nutshell 

  • There should be an Authorized National Representative (Astronomical) Organization (ANRAO) in every state that wishes to participate.

  • The ANRAO of all the participating countries has to send an official application to the Olympic Coordinating Council. The application must be Chairman of the organization.

  • A national astronomical society is also mandatory. 

  • Send an official ANRAO observer to the coming IAO. 

  • Send a team to the next IOA-type event. 

  • Send a small team to the IAO organized at any of ‘historical territory’ or IAO.

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Aim of International Astronomy Olympiad 

Along with getting an idea about the registration process of the Olympiad, it is imperative to get an idea of the aim of the Olympiad. The examination is aimed at spreading astronomical knowledge amid students. The Olympiad also aims at improving scientific education of astronomy and the related sciences. It is a step forward from the conventional approach to astronomy and its studies. Students are encouraged to make an effort to explain their original ideas. The Olympiad is an effort to attract the most talented young students to the field of astronomy. Students participating in the Olympiad are school children, so it is also an effort to stimulate their creativity. 

The Registration Process for New And Old Members 

Every year, there is a list of countries that participate in the International Astronomy Olympiad. They have a permanent registration for the vent. India has got registration for the event every year. There are several other countries on the list. Currently, 29 countries are permanent members of the International Astronomy Olympiad, each edition of the competition sees an increase in the number of either participating or observing members. The old members may renew the registration process whereas the new members have to register afresh for the educational event. 

Since each year, the International Astronomical Olympiad is held in one of the member countries, the participating countries must send for registration to a particular country which is hosting the event. It is only after thorough examination and completion of the registration process that the countries are eligible for participation. Make sure that you read all the terms and conditions before registering for IAO school registration 2020-2021.  

International Astronomy Olympiad 2020 Registration 

The International Astronomy Olympiad 2020 registration was initially opened for conducting the event at Matera, Italy. However, considering the current pandemic situation in the whole world, the international committee has decided to cancel the event for 2020. The next International Astronomy Olympiad would be held in Matera, Italy. It has been informed that the next Astronomy Olympiad would be held in autumn 2021.

The registration and the dates for the same would be available early next year. It has been informed that the next Astronomy Olympiad would be held in autumn 2021.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which Countries Can Participate in The IAO?

The committee allows participation of any country that has organized an IAO in the last ten years. The countries that have sent an official team for the IAO during the last five years are also eligible for participation in the coming International Astronomical Olympiad. The Olympic Coordinating Council reserves the rights for accepting the registration request by any country for the event. 

The host country must send the requisite information to the previous participants. The countries may then respond to it by sending their official registration for the designated event. On fulfilment of all the criteria, the registration is approved. The invited countries are expected to confirm their participation.

2. What is the Role of the Authorized National Representative Organization (ANRAO) and the Ministry of Education for Participation in IAO?

Most international science Olympiads require the active participation of ANRAO. According to the international rules, the International Astronomy Olympiad also demands the Authorized National Representative (Astronomical) Organization of the respective participating countries by preparing and sending the team along with the team leaders. The ANRAO is expected to be acquainted with the rules of the International Astronomy Olympiad and thus prepare the team accordingly. 

The ANRAO also selects the national coordinator of the IAO. It is also called the National Representative Person. It is responsible for the official communication to the Olympic Coordinating Council, about the name and address of the designated person who will respond to all the OAO matters. In short, the onus of managing the ANRAO is designated with the duty of managing and sending the National delegation to the International Astronomy Olympiad.