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NEET 2022 Study Plan: Best Books, TimeTable, and Preparation Tips

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Introduction to NEET 2022 Study Plan

Hard work alone in NEET 2022 preparation does not always work, but hard work combined with a proper study plan yields better outcomes. Every medical aspirant must have a strategic study timetable for NEET 2022 in order to pass the exam.

Because the NEET exam necessitates strategic preparation, having a specific plan in place before taking the exam is essential. Every applicant has different study preferences; hence, the NEET study plan 2022 should be adjusted accordingly. In order to get a good rank in the exam, which is prepared by subject matter specialists, aspirants are recommended to draw out a NEET study strategy.

Let us look at the study plan, timetable, and a few tips and tricks for NEET 2022 study plan from this article.

How to Start an Efficient NEET Study Plan 2022?

Aspirants must go through the complete test pattern and syllabus before beginning the 1-year study plan for NEET PDF. The syllabus consists of the subject-specific topics that applicants must study whereas the test pattern consists of the NEET exam's format, duration, and marking. Every applicant is recommended to begin their preparations at least a year in advance. However, while there is no hard and fast rule, a minimum of one year is regarded as sufficient in light of the extensive NEET 2022 syllabus.

1. Make a Systematic Study Timetable for NEET 2022

Every NEET study plan should be customised to the aspirant's preferences; however, each subject must be given an appropriate time in the study schedule. Because Biology carries higher marks in the NEET syllabus 2022, a significant amount of effort should be spent studying this subject. Aspirants can refer to the NEET 2022 study schedule below for a better understanding.

  • Early morning studies have been shown to be far more productive.

  • By 9 a.m., you should have started studying.

  • Each day should be divided into three halves.

  • Start with some physics or chemistry fundamentals.

  • Begin answering questions and keep track of your time while you do so.

  • Before taking a rest, you should stretch for at least 2 hours.

  • Take a 10-minute break before starting the 2-hour session on the same subject.

  • Take a one-hour snooze after lunch.

  • The total break time will be 2 hours.

  • Begin the Biology section in the second half.

  • Concentrate on the principles first, then go on to the questions.

  • Split the second half into two sections. Each time slot should be one and a half hours long.

  • Take a half-hour power sleep to refresh your energies.

  • Relax by taking a walk outside (do not spend time watching TV). Begin the third stage by focusing on self-rejuvenation.

  • Begin working on documents and keeping track of your time.

  • This should last for about 2-3 hours.

  • Rest, plan the next day's subjects, and get a good night's sleep.

2. Study According to the NEET 2022 Chapter-wise Weightage

Because the syllabus is so large, aspirants should plan their study time for NEET 2022 according to the chapter weightage. Aspirants should always prioritise the NEET 2022 chapters/topics that carry the most weight. Aspirants can review the do-or-die NEET chapters listed below, which have been selected from the NEET 2022 chapter-by-chapter weightage. Candidates should keep in mind that studying simply these key chapters will not improve their grades, although they can concentrate more on them in the beginning.


  • Human Physiology

  • Genetics and Evolution

  • Diversity of Living Organisms

  • Reproduction


  • Thermodynamics

  • Coordination and Compounds

  • Equilibrium

  • Haloalkanes and Haloarenes


  • Optics

  • Electrostatics

  • Electronic Devices

  • Thermodynamics

3. Prepare with the Best Books

There are numerous books available for NEET 2022 preparation in the market nowadays, and applicants can obtain them both offline and online. The following are some of the top books for NEET organised by subject that experts recommend based on the NEET study plan 2022.

Subject-wise Best Books for NEET 2022


Best Books


  • NCERT Physics Class XI & Class XII

  • Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma

  • Objective Physics By DC Pandey

  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker

  • Fundamental Physics by Pradeep

  • Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov


  • NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class XI and XII

  • Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon

  • ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern

  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee

  • Dinesh Chemistry Guide

  • Practise books by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic), MS Chauhan (Organic), and N Awasthi (Physical)


  • NCERT Biology Class XI and Class XII textbooks

  • Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman

  • Objective Biology by Dinesh

  • Objective Botany by Ansari

  • Pradeep Guide on Biology

  • GR Bathla publications for Biology

4. Clear Your Doubt Mandatorily

Gustave Flaubert said, "Doubt is an illness that arises from knowledge and leads to madness." Aspirants who have doubts about any subject or concept during their NEET 2022 preparation should clear that first. The challenge for the NEET 2022 study plan will be a collection of unanswered questions. Candidates preparing for NEET 2022 can seek assistance from any teachers, seniors, or medical preparation institutions. Candidates should create a habit of writing down all of their questions and their answers, as this will assist them during the NEET 2022 revision period.

5. Revise Regularly

One of the most crucial aspects of the NEET 2022 study schedule is revision. Because the NEET exam covers both the 11th and 12th Grades, it is a thorough analysis. Many, but not all, medical students have taken the Board and have a good understanding of the syllabus and ideas, so they can set aside enough time for NEET topic revisions. After finishing each subject chapter, a quick review will help you improve your NEET 2022 preparation. As a result, applicants may simply assess their level of NEET preparation and focus on the areas where they need to improve. "Do not stop when you are exhausted," aspirants are instructed. Only to come to a halt when they're finished."

6. Practise as Much as You Can

The practice of question papers is a requirement of the NEET study plan once all of the revisions have been completed. Aspirants are recommended to practise as many NEET 2022 questions as possible, as practising more questions would assist aspirants to improve their efficiency in tackling NEET test difficulties. Mock tests help you prepare for the NEET 2022 exam. Aspirants would benefit from this in terms of time management and accuracy during the examination.

7. Figure out the Subject That Takes More Time


The most challenging topic in NEET is physics because all of the questions are mathematical and application based. You will undoubtedly require a significant amount of time to answer the questions. If you want to do well on the exam, you should be familiar with all of the formulas and how they are used. You can do this by practising more and more questions while studying.

Organising the subjects and topics by difficulty level can aid you in determining which ones require more time and practice. It will assist you in properly prioritising your tasks so that you do not waste time on things that are simply meant to be memorised. You'll learn about your strengths and shortcomings, and you'll be able to improve on them accordingly. For a more in-depth understanding of several areas, go through the key concepts of Biology, important concepts of Physics, and important concepts of Chemistry.


Physical, Organic, and Inorganic chemistry are the three major areas of chemistry for NEET. Physical chemistry questions tend to be more formula based, so you should be familiar with all of the formulas and question forms. They are entirely dependent on a student's understanding of organic chemistry. They're short and simple, therefore a candidate must memorise all chemical reactions as well as chemical names. While inorganic chemistry can be used to score well, if a candidate fully knows each idea, they will almost certainly receive full marks. Learn the periodic table and review it every day until you can't remember it.


When studying for NEET, you should be aware of the difficulty level of each subject and allocate your time accordingly. It's all about theory in Biology, and it doesn't involve critical thinking. Remembering facts, scientific names, diagrams, definitions, and concepts is all that is required. You should also be familiar with all of the diagrams and examples and be able to mark them appropriately. Because many of the questions in NEET are based on diagrams, you should memorise them all.

8. Make Notes While Reading

Reading books will not benefit you in the long run since you will not keep track of what you have learned. If you don't take notes as you read, you'll have a lot of problems when it comes to rewriting. If you write things down, you will remember them for a long time. Make it a practice to take notes side by side when you're reading a new chapter, subject, or topic. You can use a language that suits you best while making your own notes, and you can also add your own short forms and explanations. These concepts will get etched in your mind, and you will be able to swiftly review them when you are short on time.

9. Solve Previous Year's Question Papers and Take NEET Mock Tests

As we previously stated, practice is essential if you want to pass the NEET exam. Previous year question papers will assist you in gaining a better knowledge of the types of questions you will be asked on the NEET exam. Otherwise, if you only study and do not practise, you would take far too long to answer the questions. This will lower your chances of passing the NEET. However, if you practise thoroughly and examine all of your errors, you will be able to identify your weak places. This will offer you plenty of time to practise and prepare for the exam.

Our NEET 2022 Mock exams might also help you improve your NEET preparation by providing real-time stimulation. Mock tests are designed to resemble real NEET tests and will assist you in becoming acquainted with the examination environment.

10. Create a Doable Timetable

If you don't have a solid schedule, everything is up in the air. As a student, you must attend school while studying for the competitive examination; failing to plan ahead of time will only injure you in the long run. When studying a book, for example, you look at the units, number of chapters, and number of exercises, and then study everything in order. Consider what you'd do if there was no index: how would you figure out what was in the book? Similarly, if you don't have a schedule, you'll be unsure of what to study and when to study.

Key Points

A few of the key points that are to be followed during the preparation of NEET 2022 are as follows:

  • You know yourself better than anyone else, so don't follow a schedule mindlessly. Do your homework and make any necessary adjustments.

  • Remember to include breaks. It is critical to take breaks between studies because you cannot study for more than 8 hours at a time. In the long term, not taking breaks will be counterproductive.

  • When planning your study schedule, keep in mind the hours of your school and the NEET coaching centre.

  • Plan ahead of time how you'll divide the syllabus into sections and which chapters or topics you'll be studying.

  • Remember to plan ahead for holidays so that you can make the most of your time.

  • Don't forget to set aside some time for revision. It is critical to revise because if you study a material but do not revise it, your mind will forget it. To keep the information fresh in your mind, you should go over it again every now and then.

FAQs on NEET 2022 Study Plan: Best Books, TimeTable, and Preparation Tips

1. What is the significance of the NEET 2022 study plan?

Because NTA NEET is one of the most difficult tests, a strategic study strategy is required to pass the exam.

2. During the first NEET 2022 preparation, which topic should be prioritised?

Aspirants should always prioritise the NEET 2022 chapters/topics that carry the most weightage.

3. What should aspirants do to improve their NEET 2022 results?

Every student should have a solid NEET 2022 study strategy in place ahead of time.

4. Which behaviours should one develop during the NEET preparation period?

Candidates should develop a habit of writing down all of their questions and their answers, as this will aid them during the NEET 2022 revision period.